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A matched cohort study of laparoscopy-assisted and open total gastrectomy for advanced proximal gastric cancer without serosa invasionRunning title: Laparoscopic gastrectomy for advanced gastric cancer
  林建贤,黄昌明,郑朝辉,Li ping,xie wei,wang bin,Lu jun
  2014,127(3) [Abstract(406)]  [View PDF]
In vivo detection of severity of Optic nerve crush using Manganese-enhanced MRI in Rats
  2014,127(3) [Abstract(361)]  [View PDF]


A study of functional magnetic resonace imaging in patients with optic neuritis
  2014,127(3) [Abstract(514)]  [View PDF]


Transplantation of bone marrow stromal cells overexpressing human VEGF165 enhance tissue repair in a rat model of radiation-induced injuryRunning title: VEGF165-BMSCs promote radiation-induced injury tissue repair
  2014,127(3) [Abstract(347)]  [View PDF]


Multielements of medical caring in gastric cancer
  Meng Hua and Zhang Zhongtao
  2014,127(3):401-402 [Abstract(840)]  [View PDF 267.28 K (567)]


A matched cohort study of laparoscopy-assisted and open total gastrectomy for advanced proximal gastric cancer without serosa invasion
  Lin Jianxian,Huang Changming,Zheng Chaohui,Li Ping,Xie Jianwei,Wang Jiabin and Lu Jun
  2014,127(3):403-407 [Abstract(1757)]  [View PDF 1.02 M (642)]
Biocompatibility, biodegradation, and neovascularization of human single-unit platelet-rich fibrin glue: an in vivo analysis
  Wu Xiuwen,Ren Jianan,Yao Genhong,Zhou Bo,Wang Gefei,Gu Guosheng,Luan Jianfeng and Li Jieshou
  2014,127(3):408-411 [Abstract(954)]  [View PDF 1.68 M (625)]
Role of polymorphisms of the IGF2 and IGFBP3 genes and risk of gastric carcinoma in China
  Gu Jun,Li Maolan,Dong Ping,Lu Jianhua,Tan Zhujun,Wu Xiangsong,Mu Jiasheng,Zhang Lin,Wu Wenguang,Ding Qichen,Yang Jiahua,Cao Yang,Ding Qian,Weng Hao and Liu Yingbin
  2014,127(3):412-416 [Abstract(1099)]  [View PDF 452.83 K (594)]
Effectiveness and safety of endoscopic submucosal dissection for intraepithelial neoplasia of the esophagogastric junction
  Wen Jing,Linghu Enqiang,Yang Yunsheng,Liu Qingsen,Yang Jing,Wang Shufang,Wang Xiangdong,Du Hong,Meng Jiangyun,Wang Hongbin and Lu Zhongsheng
  2014,127(3):417-422 [Abstract(845)]  [View PDF 772.47 K (1226)]
Role of paxillin in colorectal carcinoma and its relationship to clinicopathological features
  Yin Hongfang,Zhang Quanwen,Wang Xin,Li Ting,Wan Yuanlian,Liu Yucun and Zhu Jing
  2014,127(3):423-429 [Abstract(815)]  [View PDF 1.70 M (447)]
A single center experience: post-transplantation adjuvant chemotherapy impacts the prognosis of hepatocellular carcinoma patients
  Wu Junyi,Sun Hongcheng,Han Zhongbo and Peng Zhihai
  2014,127(3):430-434 [Abstract(776)]  [View PDF 490.76 K (477)]
Evaluation of para-aortic nodal dissection for locoregionally advanced gastric cancer with 1–3 involved para-aortic nodes
  Zhang Changhua,He Yulong,Roderich E. Schwarz,David D. Smith,Wang Liang,Liu Fakeng and Zhan Wenhua
  2014,127(3):435-441 [Abstract(1173)]  [View PDF 1.53 M (568)]
Inhibition of Notch1 increases paclitaxel sensitivity to human breast cancer
  Zhao Li,Ma Yongjie,Gu Feng and Fu Li
  2014,127(3):442-447 [Abstract(910)]  [View PDF 2.40 M (634)]
Construction of the Chinese Veteran Clinical Research (CVCR) Platform for the assessment of non-communicable diseases
  Tan Jiping,Li Nan,Gao Jing,Guo Yuhe,Hu Wei,Yang Jinsheng,Yu Baocheng,Yu Jianmin,Du Wei,Zhang Wenjun,Cui Lianqi,Wang Qingsong,Xia Xiangnan,Li Jianjun,Zhou Peiyi,Zhang Baohe,Liu Zhiying,Zhang Shaogang,Sun Lanying,Liu Nan,Deng Ruixiang,Dai Wenguang,Yi Fang,Chen Wenjun,Zhang Yongqing,Xue Shenwu,Cui Bo,Zhao Yiming and Wang Luning
  2014,127(3):448-456 [Abstract(810)]  [View PDF 542.05 K (594)]
A two-year follow-up for Chinese patients with abdominal aortic aneurysm undergoing open/endovascular repair
  Sun Tao,Zhang Hongju,Cheng Yutong,Wang Su,Tao Ying,Zhang Donghua,Huang Ji,Zhang Jingmei and Li Zhizhong
  2014,127(3):457-461 [Abstract(683)]  [View PDF 574.87 K (438)]
Automated brain tumor segmentation in magnetic resonance imaging based on sliding-window technique and symmetry analysis
  Lian Yanyun and Song Zhijian
  2014,127(3):462-468 [Abstract(923)]  [View PDF 3.72 M (433)]
Cigarette smoking contributes to idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis associated with emphysema
  Ye Qiao,Huang Kewu,Ding Yi,Lou Baohui,Hou Ziliang,Dai Huaping and Wang Chen
  2014,127(3):469-474 [Abstract(1111)]  [View PDF 553.08 K (686)]
Allogeneic compact bone-derived mesenchymal stem cell transplantation increases survival of mice exposed to lethal total body irradiation: a potential immunological mechanism
  Qiao Shukai,Ren Hanyun,Shi Yongjin and Liu Wei
  2014,127(3):475-482 [Abstract(1160)]  [View PDF 4.40 M (617)]
Effect of two volume responsiveness evaluation methods on fluid resuscitation and prognosis in septic shock patients
  Xu Qianghong,Yan Jing,Cai Guolong,Chen Jin,Li Li and Hu Caibao
  2014,127(3):483-487 [Abstract(1631)]  [View PDF 480.23 K (925)]
High expression of follicle stimulating hormone receptor in testicular tissue of idiopathic azoospermic patients with severe spermatogenic defects
  Wang Liquan,Huang Hefeng,Jin Fan,Zhou Caiyun,Qian Yuli and Chen Jianhua
  2014,127(3):488-493 [Abstract(1712)]  [View PDF 671.75 K (564)]
Shortening of the 3′ untranslated region: an important mechanism leading to overexpression of HMGA2 in serous ovarian cancer
  He Xiangjun,Yang Jing,Zhang Qi,Cui Heng and Zhang Yujun
  2014,127(3):494-499 [Abstract(1049)]  [View PDF 650.38 K (646)]
Advancement of maxillary anterior segment by distraction osteogenesis for severe maxillary retrusion in cleft lip and palate
  Gao Feng,Yang Minlie,Zhao Zhenmin,Sun Xiaomei,Yin Ningbei,Wang Yongqian,Song Tao,Li Haidong,Wu Di,Yin Jiapeng,Cao Yimei and Tong Haizhou
  2014,127(3):500-505 [Abstract(1373)]  [View PDF 991.94 K (850)]
Current status of pediatric kidney transplantation in China: data analysis of Chinese Scientific Registry of Kidney Transplantation
  Liu Longshan,Zhang Huanxi,Fu Qian,Chen Liping,Sun Chuanhou,Xiong Yunyi,Shi Bingyi and Wang Changxi
  2014,127(3):506-510 [Abstract(829)]  [View PDF 916.60 K (627)]
Resolvin-D1 inhibits interleukin-8 and hydrogen peroxide production induced by cigarette smoke extract in 16HBE cells via attenuating NF-κB activation
  Dong Jiajia,Zhang Mingke,Liao Zenglin,Wu Wei,Wang Tao,Chen Lei,Yang Ting,Guo Lingli,Xu Dan and Wen Fuqiang
  2014,127(3):511-517 [Abstract(1081)]  [View PDF 1.03 M (794)]
Optimal time to use low molecular weight heparin on prethrombotic state of rat chronic obstructive pulmonary disease model
  Wang Yanqing,Sun Nina,Cheng Zhaozhong and Tong Li
  2014,127(3):518-521 [Abstract(756)]  [View PDF 744.80 K (508)]
In vivo detection of severity of optic nerve crush using manganese-enhanced magnetic resonance imaging in rats
  Feng Yun,Luo Lisha,Ma Zhizhong,Sun Xiaodong and Hu Yuntao
  2014,127(3):522-527 [Abstract(829)]  [View PDF 1.20 M (398)]
Emergence of Klebsiella pneumoniae carbapenemase-producing Escherichia coli sequence type 131 in Hangzhou, China
  Lou Zhengqing,Qi Yan,Qian Xiang,Yang Wei and Wei Zeqing
  2014,127(3):528-531 [Abstract(1001)]  [View PDF 500.95 K (678)]
Age-related white matter degradation rule of normal human brain: the evidence from diffusion tensor magnetic resonance imaging
  Zhang Xiang,Li Baoqing and Shan Baoci
  2014,127(3):532-537 [Abstract(791)]  [View PDF 3.42 M (504)]


Efficacy and safety of first-line chemotherapy plus bevacizumab in patients with metastatic colorectal cancer: a meta-analysis
  Wang Ming,Zheng Xiaofeng,Ruan Xiaojiao,Ye Bailiang,Cai Long,Lin Feizhuan,Tu Jinfu,Jiang Feizhao and Li Shaotang
  2014,127(3):538-546 [Abstract(1511)]  [View PDF 1.01 M (869)]


Current practice of gastric cancer treatment
  Yoon Young Choi,Ji Yeong An,Hyung-Il Kim,Jae-Ho Cheong,Woo Jin Hyung and Sung Hoon Noh
  2014,127(3):547-553 [Abstract(1328)]  [View PDF 402.60 K (778)]
MicroRNAs are implicated in the initiation and progression of gastric cancer
  Song Jianning,Bai Zhigang and Zhang Zhongtao
  2014,127(3):554-559 [Abstract(2890)]  [View PDF 433.80 K (865)]
Lymph node metastasis in early gastric cancer
  Chen Rong,He Qingsheng,Cui Jianxin,Bian Shibo and Chen Lin
  2014,127(3):560-567 [Abstract(1326)]  [View PDF 445.11 K (835)]
Helicobacter pylori infection: an overview in 2013, focus on therapy
  Cui Rongli and Zhou Liya
  2014,127(3):568-573 [Abstract(1989)]  [View PDF 436.74 K (1214)]


Total mesoesophageal esophagectomy
  Yuji Tachimori
  2014,127(3):574-579 [Abstract(1437)]  [View PDF 967.45 K (560)]
Advances in diagnosis and management of chronic heart failure in China: reference limits of N-terminal-pro-B-type natriuretic peptide, pharmacal management, and community care
  Jiang Hong,Yu Ying and Ge Junbo
  2014,127(3):580-585 [Abstract(999)]  [View PDF 358.52 K (624)]


Incidence and factors influencing postpartum bacterial vaginosis: a controlled study
  Zhang Dai,Mi Lan and Yang Huixia
  2014,127(3):586-587 [Abstract(1362)]  [View PDF 337.70 K (506)]
Functional magnetic resonace imaging in patients with optic neuritis
  Shen Xuzhong,Tao Chenghua,Sun Li,Lu Zhaoceng,Ye Wen and Tang Weijun
  2014,127(3):588-590 [Abstract(875)]  [View PDF 592.99 K (384)]


Late recurrence and metastasis of an appendiceal goblet cell carcinoid 24 years after appendectomy
  Tang Min,Ai Bin,Ding Li,Du Jun,Cheng Gang and Zhang Yongqiang
  2014,127(3):591-592 [Abstract(904)]  [View PDF 873.23 K (506)]
Reproductive outcomes after operative laparoscopy of patients with tubal infertility with or without hydrosalpinx
  Xiao Li,Liu Dong,Song Yong and Huang Wei
  2014,127(3):593-594 [Abstract(879)]  [View PDF 302.18 K (504)]
Emergency scenario of fentanyl induced faciocervical rigidity and complete upper airway obstruction during anesthesia induction
  Liu Xiaowen,Zou Yue,Zhao Jing and Huang Yuguang
  2014,127(3):595-596 [Abstract(1163)]  [View PDF 297.33 K (610)]
Laser confocal microscopy findings of Thygeson superficial punctate keratitis
  Li Jin,Qiao Junbo,Cai Meng and Wang Liya
  2014,127(3):597-598 [Abstract(1290)]  [View PDF 565.63 K (507)]


Acute graft occlusion caused by heparin resistance during on-pump coronary artery bypass graft surgery
  Li Tong,Huang Lei,Duan Dawei,Hu Xiaomin,Wu Peng and Zhang Qiang
  2014,127(3):599 [Abstract(777)]  [View PDF 413.70 K (367)]
Tuberculoid leprosy presenting as unilateral big toe drop
  Yang Chunsheng,Zong Jun and Zhou Wujun
  2014,127(3):600--1 [Abstract(764)]  [View PDF 444.14 K (471)]