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In vitro and in vivo antibacterial activity of Pogostone
  Peng Fu,Wan Feng,Xiong Liang,Peng Cheng,Dai Min and Chen Jianping
  Published 12月 5日, 2014
  2014,127(23):4001-4005 [Abstract(1803)]  [View PDF 483.52 K (1187)]
Hippophae rhamnoides L. leaves extract enhances cell proliferation and neuroblast differentiation through upregulation of intrinsic factors in the dentate gyrus of the aged gerbil
  Ji Hyeon Ahn,Bai Hui Chen,Joon Ha Park,In Hye Kim,Jeong-Hwi Cho,Jae-Chul Lee,Bing Chun Yan,Jung Hoon Choi,In Koo Hwang,Ju-Hee Park,Sang-No Han,Yun Lyul Lee,Myong Jo Kim and Moo-Ho Won
  Published 12月 5日, 2014
  2014,127(23):4006-4011 [Abstract(1209)]  [View PDF 1.19 M (371)]
Ischemic postconditioning alleviates lung injury and maintains a better expression of aquaporin-1 during cardiopulmonary bypass
  Cheng Chi,Li Shanshan,Wang Yong,Chen Song,You Lu and Zhang Hong
  Published 12月 5日, 2014
  2014,127(23):4012-4018 [Abstract(1004)]  [View PDF 1.69 M (279)]
Effect of vitrification at the germinal vesicle stage on the global methylation status in mouse oocytes subsequently matured in vitro
  Yan Jie,Zhang Lu,Wang Tianren,Li Rong,Liu Ping,Yan Liying and Qiao Jie
  Published 12月 5日, 2014
  2014,127(23):4019-4024 [Abstract(372)]  [View PDF 791.48 K (319)]
Recombinant osteopontin attenuates hyperoxia-induced acute lung injury through inhibiting nuclear factor kappa B and matrix metalloproteinases 2 and 9
  Zhang Xiangfeng,Liu Fen,Zhu Guangfa and Wang Zengzhi
  Published 12月 5日, 2014
  2014,127(23):4025-4030 [Abstract(352)]  [View PDF 1.44 M (211)]
Correlation between molecular biomarkers and risk factors for the clinical progression of benign prostatic hyperplasia using tissue microarray immunostaining
  Ma Ding,Yang Bing,Zhou Zhe,Pan Dongliang and Zhang Xianghua
  Published 12月 5日, 2014
  2014,127(23):4031-4035 [Abstract(525)]  [View PDF 729.27 K (281)]
Association of renal function with cardiac reverse remodeling and long-term outcome in heart failure patients following cardiac resynchronization therapy
  Cai Chi,Hua Wei,Ding Ligang,Wang Jing,Chen Keping,Yang Xinwei,Liu Zhimin and Zhang Shu
  Published 12月 5日, 2014
  2014,127(23):4036-4042 [Abstract(318)]  [View PDF 617.33 K (227)]
Application of a new combined model including radiological indicators to predict difficult airway in patients undergoing surgery for cervical spondylosis
  Xu Mao,Li Xiaoxi,Wang Jun and Guo Xiangyang
  Published 12月 5日, 2014
  2014,127(23):4043-4048 [Abstract(327)]  [View PDF 916.07 K (290)]
Proximal gastric cancer: lymph node metastatic patterns according to different T stages dictate surgical approach
  Song Wu,Liu Yuyi,Ye Jinning,Peng Jianjun,He Weiling,Chen Jianhui,Chen Chuangqi and He Yulong
  Published 12月 5日, 2014
  2014,127(23):4049-4054 [Abstract(454)]  [View PDF 494.23 K (257)]
Magnetic resonance imaging of disc space infection revisited: temporal changes
  Duan Shaoyin,Xu Bingqiang,Gina Di Primio,Cheemun Lum and Mark E Schweitzer
  Published 12月 5日, 2014
  2014,127(23):4055-4059 [Abstract(313)]  [View PDF 879.41 K (226)]
Over-expression of small ubiquitin-like modifier proteases 1 predicts chemo-sensitivity and poor survival in non-small cell lung cancer
  Mu Juwei,Zuo Yong,Yang Wenjing,Chen Zhaoli,Liu Ziyuan,Tu Jun,Li Yan,Yuan Zuyang,Cheng Jinke and He Jie
  Published 12月 5日, 2014
  2014,127(23):4060-4065 [Abstract(398)]  [View PDF 1.50 M (303)]
Surgery for sinus of Valsalva aneurysm: 33-year of a single center experience
  Yan Fei,Murat Abudureheman,Huo Qiang,Askaer Shabiti,Zhu Tao and Liu Zhen
  Published 12月 5日, 2014
  2014,127(23):4066-4070 [Abstract(371)]  [View PDF 410.50 K (397)]
Iodine deficiency up-regulates monocarboxylate transporter 8 expression of mouse thyroid gland
  Hu Zhimei,Zhuo Xiaohua,Shi Yanan,Liu Xin,Yuan Jihong,Li Lanying and Sun Yina
  Published 12月 5日, 2014
  2014,127(23):4071-4076 [Abstract(529)]  [View PDF 704.43 K (300)]
Ultrasound-guided continuous adductor canal block for analgesia after total knee replacement
  Zhang Wei,Hu Yan,Tao Yan,Liu Xuebing and Wang Geng
  Published 12月 5日, 2014
  2014,127(23):4077-4081 [Abstract(814)]  [View PDF 997.13 K (550)]
Treatments for primary aneurysmal bone cysts of the cervical spine: experience of 14 cases
  Wang Chao,Liu Xiaoguang,Jiang Liang,Yang Shaomin,Wei Feng,Wu Fengliang and Liu Zhongjun
  Published 12月 5日, 2014
  2014,127(23):4082-4086 [Abstract(363)]  [View PDF 1.03 M (253)]
Data analysis of 36 cases with intraductal papillary mucinous neoplasm of the pancreas for their clinicopathological features, diagnosis, and treatment
  Yuan Chunhui,Xiu Dianrong,Tao Ming,Ma Zhaolai,Jiang Bin,Li Zhifei,Li Lei,Wang Liang,Wang Hangyan and Zhang Tonglin
  Published 12月 5日, 2014
  2014,127(23):4087-4091 [Abstract(366)]  [View PDF 591.63 K (269)]
Surgical treatment of 21 patients with spinal metastases of differentiated thyroid cancer
  Jiang Liang,Ouyang Hanqiang,Liu Xiaoguang,Wei Feng,Wu Fengliang,Dang Lei and Liu Zhongjun
  Published 12月 5日, 2014
  2014,127(23):4092-4096 [Abstract(280)]  [View PDF 601.61 K (208)]
Structural and evolutionary characteristics of pyruvate phosphate dikinase in Giardia lamblia and other amitochondriate protozoa
  Feng Xianmin,Yang Chunlin,Zheng Wenyu and Wen Jianfan
  Published 12月 5日, 2014
  2014,127(23):4097-4103 [Abstract(297)]  [View PDF 2.16 M (309)]
Allergic diseases, immunoglobulin E, and autoimmune pancreatitis: a retrospective study of 22 patients
  Zhang Li,Guo Limei,Huang Yonghui,Wang Tianli,Shi Xueying,Chang Hong,Yao Wei and Huang Xuebiao
  Published 12月 5日, 2014
  2014,127(23):4104-4109 [Abstract(293)]  [View PDF 1.37 M (231)]
Changes of sulfur dioxide, nuclear factor-κB, and interleukin-8 levels in pediatric acute lymphoblastic leukemia with bacterial inflammation
  Wu Wanshui,Jia Yongrui,Du Shuxu,Tang Hong,Sun Yangling and Sun Liming
  Published 12月 5日, 2014
  2014,127(23):4110-4113 [Abstract(287)]  [View PDF 484.88 K (209)]
Detection of periodontal pathogens in the patients with aortic aneurysm
  Ding Fang,Lyu Yalin,Han Xiao,Zhang Hai,Liu Dongyu,Hei Wei and Liu Yinhua
  Published 12月 5日, 2014
  2014,127(23):4114-4118 [Abstract(1753)]  [View PDF 438.62 K (293)]
Effective background infusion rate of ropivacaine 0.2% for patient-controlled interscalene brachial plexus analgesia after rotator cuff repair surgery
  Wei Yue,Li Min,Rong Yulan and Guo Xiangyang
  Published 12月 5日, 2014
  2014,127(23):4119-4123 [Abstract(307)]  [View PDF 566.71 K (387)]
Comparative biomechanical study of reversed less invasive stabilization system and proximal femoral nail antirotation for unstable intertrochanteric fractures
  Chen Ying,Liu Shouyao,Lin Peng,Wang Yunting,Wang Jinhui,Tao Jianfeng and Cai Rongrong
  Published 12月 5日, 2014
  2014,127(23):4124-4129 [Abstract(668)]  [View PDF 799.33 K (425)]


Engineering skeletal muscle tissue in bioreactor systems
  An Yang and Li Dong
  Published 12月 5日, 2014
  2014,127(23):4130-4138 [Abstract(1114)]  [View PDF 819.90 K (339)]


A bibliometric analysis of Chinese Medical Journal from 1999 to 2013: progress of a journal
  Liao Yong,Lu Xuelian,Yang Suteng and Yang Rongya
  Published 12月 5日, 2014
  2014,127(23):4145-4146 [Abstract(1020)]  [View PDF 329.83 K (221)]


Kidney salvage by catheter guided thrombolysis in acute renal artery thromboembolic occlusions
  Mikolaj Wojtaszek,Robert Antoniak,Rafal Maciag,Krzysztof Korzeniowski and Olgierd Rowinski
  Published 12月 5日, 2014
  2014,127(23):4147-4149 [Abstract(847)]  [View PDF 440.21 K (204)]
Antimicrobial susceptibility of Enterobacteriaceae causing urinary tract infections: a central military hospital study
  Jaroslav TimkoKeywords: urinary tract infection; uropathogens; Escherichia coli; resistance; ampicillin-sulbactam
  Published 12月 5日, 2014
  2014,127(23):4150-4151 [Abstract(857)]  [View PDF 268.28 K (230)]
Direct aperture optimization based on genetic algorithm and conjugate gradient in intensity modulated radiation therapy
  Cao Ruifen,Pei Xi,Zheng Huaqing,Hu Liqin and Wu Yican
  Published 12月 5日, 2014
  2014,127(23):4152-4153 [Abstract(800)]  [View PDF 303.52 K (228)]


Acute interstitial pneumonia caused by interleukin-2 and interferon α-2b therapy for renal cell carcinoma: a case report and clinical study
  Zhang Hanyu and Xie Miaorong
  Published 12月 5日, 2014
  2014,127(23):4154-4156 [Abstract(937)]  [View PDF 662.17 K (322)]
Pneumocephalus in an advanced aged woman
  Kang Lin
  Published 12月 5日, 2014
  2014,127(23):4157-4158 [Abstract(840)]  [View PDF 377.45 K (279)]


Criteria and practical guidance for determination of brain death in children (BQCC version)
  Brain Injury Evaluation Quality Control Centre of National Health and Family Planning Commission
  Published 12月 5日, 2014
  2014,127(23):4140-4144 [Abstract(877)]  [View PDF 323.28 K (304)]


On duodenal stump leakage caused by adult human Taenia
  Maria Teresa Galán-Puchades and Màrius V. Fuentes
  Published 12月 5日, 2014
  2014,127(23):4139 [Abstract(766)]  [View PDF 180.08 K (195)]
Are bioabsorbable and biodegradable polymer scaffolds still safe or Kounis syndrome is still watching for?
  Nicholas G. Kounis,George D. Soufras,Grigorios Tsigkas and George Hahalis
  Published 12月 5日, 2014
  2014,127(23):4159 [Abstract(783)]  [View PDF 212.55 K (272)]
Perforated metastatic malignant melanoma of the small bowel
  Aleksandar Karanikolic,Zoran Damnjanovic,Marina Vlajkovic and Momcilo Velickovic
  Published 12月 5日, 2014
  2014,127(23):4160 [Abstract(811)]  [View PDF 382.92 K (210)]