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Brain stimulation for epilepsy
  Wang Yuping and Lin Yicong
  Published 9月 20日, 2014
  2014,127(18):3201-3203 [Abstract(630)]  [View PDF 276.86 K (319)]


Effect and clinical significance of neoadjuvant chemotherapy on expressions of ER, PR, Her - 2 and Ki - 67 in breast cancer
  Qin Qinghong and
  Published 9月 20日, 2014 (6 pages)
  2014,127(18) [Abstract(634)]  [View PDF]
The changes of the colonic physiologic functions after colonic anastomosis with a degradable stent in a porcine model
  Feng Xu,,, and
  Published 9月 20日, 2014 (5 pages)
  2014,127(18) [Abstract(821)]  [View PDF]
Associations among cerebral microbleeds, cerebral large-artery diseases and endothelial function
  Peng Qing,Huang Yining,Sun Wei and Xing Haiying
  Published 9月 20日, 2014
  2014,127(18):3204-3208 [Abstract(630)]  [View PDF 585.32 K (348)]
Jitter analysis with concentric needle electrodes in the extensor digitorum communis for the diagnosis of myasthenia gravis: a pilot study
  Wang Jianwen,Ji Fang and Luo Benyan
  Published 9月 20日, 2014
  2014,127(18):3209-3212 [Abstract(553)]  [View PDF 629.92 K (370)]
Differentiation of neuromyelitis optica from multiple sclerosis in a cohort from the mainland of China
  Liu Ying,Zhao Guixian,Yu Hai,Lyu Chuanzhen,Li Zhenxin and Wu Zhiying
  Published 9月 20日, 2014
  2014,127(18):3213-3218 [Abstract(607)]  [View PDF 549.68 K (350)]
Reference value of long-time exercise test in the diagnosis of primary periodic paralysis
  Ding Zeyu,Liu Mingsheng and Cui Liying
  Published 9月 20日, 2014
  2014,127(18):3219-3223 [Abstract(409)]  [View PDF 481.73 K (255)]
Dissociation between source and item memory in Parkinson’s disease
  Hu Panpan,Li Youhai,Ma Huijuan,Xi Chunhua,Chen Xianwen and Wang Kai
  Published 9月 20日, 2014
  2014,127(18):3224-3228 [Abstract(368)]  [View PDF 381.87 K (213)]
Effects of sleep deprivation on polysomnography and executive function in patients with depression
  Lu Yingzhi,Ren Qingtao,Zong Li,Wu Yingli,Zhang Qinfeng,Ma Xiuqing,Pu Jinyu,Dong Hanzhen,Liu Qingqing,Tang Yunxiang,Song Lisheng,Chen Xingshi,Pan Xiao and Cui Yi
  Published 9月 20日, 2014
  2014,127(18):3229-3232 [Abstract(632)]  [View PDF 398.69 K (334)]
Comparative study of mutation spectrums of MT-RNR1 m.1555A>G, GJB2, and SLC26A4 between familial and sporadic patients with nonsyndromic sensorineural hearing loss in Chinese Han
  Li Qian,Ji Yubin,Han Bing,Zong Liang,Lan Lan,Zhao Yali,Wang Hongyang,Wang Dayong and Wang Qiuju
  Published 9月 20日, 2014
  2014,127(18):3233-3237 [Abstract(698)]  [View PDF 445.13 K (755)]
Clinical characteristics of human infection with a novel avian-origin influenza A(H10N8) virus
  Zhang Wei,Wan Jianguo,Qian Kejian,Liu Xiaoqing,Xiao Zuke,Sun Jian,Zeng Zhenguo,Wang Qi,Zhang Jinxiang,Jiang Guanghui,Nie Cheng,Jiang Rong,Ding Chengzhi,Li Ran,Horby Peter and Gao Zhancheng
  Published 9月 20日, 2014
  2014,127(18):3238-3242 [Abstract(573)]  [View PDF 1.23 M (373)]
Effects of high-frequency oscillatory ventilation and conventional mechanical ventilation on oxygen metabolism and tissue perfusion in sheep models of acute respiratory distress syndrome
  Liu Songqiao,Huang Yingzi,Wang Maohua,Chen Qiuhua,Liu Ling,Xie Jianfeng,Tan Li,Guo Fengmei,Yang Congshan,Pan Chun,Yang Yi and Qiu Haibo
  Published 9月 20日, 2014
  2014,127(18):3243-3248 [Abstract(552)]  [View PDF 1.00 M (275)]
Changes of the colonic physiologic functions after colonic anastomosis with a degradable stent in a porcine model
  Feng Xu,Liang Xiao,Wang Yifan,He Shilin and Cai Xiujun
  Published 9月 20日, 2014
  2014,127(18):3249-3253 [Abstract(353)]  [View PDF 1.02 M (225)]
Morphology of bacterial flora in root canals associated with apical abscesses
  Guo Huijie,Gao Chengzhi,Zhang Chengfei,Zheng Shuying and Yue Lin
  Published 9月 20日, 2014
  2014,127(18):3254-3258 [Abstract(508)]  [View PDF 1.51 M (375)]
Preoperative serum alkaline phosphatase: a predictive factor for early hypocalcaemia following parathyroidectomy of primary hyperparathyroidism
  Sun Longhao,He Xianghui and Liu Tong
  Published 9月 20日, 2014
  2014,127(18):3259-3264 [Abstract(621)]  [View PDF 447.48 K (285)]
Intense exercise can cause excessive apoptosis and synapse plasticity damage in rat hippocampus through Ca2+ overload and endoplasmic reticulum stress-induced apoptosis pathway
  Ding Yi,Chang Cunqing,Xie Lan,Chen Zhimin and Ai Hua
  Published 9月 20日, 2014
  2014,127(18):3265-3271 [Abstract(789)]  [View PDF 3.85 M (434)]
Effect of neoadjuvant chemotherapy on expressions of estrogen receptor, progesterone receptor, human epidermal growth factor receptor 2, and Ki-67 in breast cancer
  Qin Qinghong,Gao Fangfang,Jiang Wei,Tan Qixing,Mo Qinguo and Wei Changyuan
  Published 9月 20日, 2014
  2014,127(18):3272-3277 [Abstract(384)]  [View PDF 406.62 K (294)]
Computer-assisted preoperative planning for proximal humeral fractures by minimally invasive plate osteosynthesis
  Chen Yanxi,Zhang Kun,Qiang Minfei,Li Haobo and Dai Hao
  Published 9月 20日, 2014
  2014,127(18):3278-3285 [Abstract(470)]  [View PDF 1.87 M (273)]
A new charging scheme in an emergency department observation unit under Beijing’s basic medical insurance
  He Xinhua,Gao Li,Teng Fei,Liu Changhai,Wang Shuo,Wu Caijun,Xu Li and Li Chunsheng
  Published 9月 20日, 2014
  2014,127(18):3286-3290 [Abstract(282)]  [View PDF 442.57 K (193)]
Loss of bifurcation patency after cross-over stenting of ostial lesions in superficial femoral artery: possible causes, prevention and reintervention
  Jiang Junhao,Chen Bin,Dong Zhihui,Shi Yun,Li Weimiao and Yue Jianing
  Published 9月 20日, 2014
  2014,127(18):3291-3295 [Abstract(551)]  [View PDF 1002.92 K (261)]


Performance of K-ras mutation analysis plus endoscopic ultrasound-guided fine-needle aspiration for differentiating diagnosis of pancreatic solid mass: a meta-analysis
  Xu Ying,Hu Duanmin,Zhu Qi and Sun Yunwei
  Published 9月 20日, 2014
  2014,127(18):3296-3301 [Abstract(796)]  [View PDF 1.22 M (239)]


Performance of K-ras mutation analysis plus EUS-FNA for differentiating diagnosis of pancreatic solid mass: A meta-analysis
  Xu Ying,, and
  Published 9月 20日, 2014 (6 pages)
  2014,127(18) [Abstract(519)]  [View PDF]
Renal denervation: a new therapeutic approach for resistant hypertension
  Cao Longxing,Fu Qiang,Wang Binghui and Li Zhiliang
  Published 9月 20日, 2014
  2014,127(18):3302-3308 [Abstract(551)]  [View PDF 860.43 K (355)]
Value of qualitative research in polycystic ovary syndrome
  Ma Hongxia,Liang Huiling,Gao Jingshu,Ma Hongli,Liu Jianping,Ng Hungyu Ernest,Billhult Annika,Stener-Victorin Elisabet,Mu Xin and Wu Xiaoke
  Published 9月 20日, 2014
  2014,127(18):3309-3315 [Abstract(662)]  [View PDF 402.52 K (480)]
Controlling strategy of dormant Mycobacterium tuberculosis
  Gan Yiling and Guo Shuliang
  Published 9月 20日, 2014
  2014,127(18):3316-3321 [Abstract(573)]  [View PDF 405.02 K (329)]


Forecast and analysis on the prospect of Chinese medicine after Australian National Registration and Accreditation
  Yu Beibei,Zhou Chunxiang and Zhang Bin
  Published 9月 20日, 2014
  2014,127(18):3322-3327 [Abstract(482)]  [View PDF 338.13 K (267)]
microRNAs in heart failure
  Xing Yujie,Gao Dengfeng,Liu Zhongwei and Niu Xiaolin
  Published 9月 20日, 2014
  2014,127(18):3328-3334 [Abstract(574)]  [View PDF 337.52 K (316)]
Does exposure to poultry and wild fowl confer immunity to H5N1?
  Wan Yang and Jeffrey Shaman
  Published 9月 20日, 2014
  2014,127(18):3335-3343 [Abstract(411)]  [View PDF 403.13 K (247)]


Five simple models for interfering factors test of bacterial endotoxins test
  Pei Yusheng,Cai Tong,Gao Hua,Tan Dejiang,Zhang Yuchen and Zhang Guolai
  Published 9月 20日, 2014
  2014,127(18):3344-3346 [Abstract(398)]  [View PDF 311.88 K (277)]


Successful pregnancy outcome with comprehensive treatment after 13 consecutive pregnancy losses
  Bao Shihua,Liao Hong,Shuai Wen,Wang Lei and Hu Jingjing
  Published 9月 20日, 2014
  2014,127(18):3347-3349 [Abstract(510)]  [View PDF 810.42 K (306)]
Total intravenous anesthesia for cesarean section in a pregnant woman with spinal muscular atrophy
  Fang Qiwu,Gao Guolan,An Jianxiong,Liu Caicai,Qian Xiaoyan,Wen Hui,Wu Jianping,Wang Yong,Doris K.Cope and John P. Williams
  Published 9月 20日, 2014
  2014,127(18):3350-3351 [Abstract(676)]  [View PDF 258.07 K (337)]
Does clopidogrel with aspirin after acute minor stroke or transient ischemic attack increase the risk of cerebral hemorrhage?
  Zheng Haiping,Chen Chunli,Hu Zhiping and Yang Li
  Published 9月 20日, 2014
  2014,127(18):3352-3353 [Abstract(765)]  [View PDF 528.92 K (411)]


Cerebral venous thrombosis in an adult patient with nephrotic syndrome
  Wei Luhua,Liu Yang and Huang Yining
  Published 9月 20日, 2014
  2014,127(18):3354-3355 [Abstract(445)]  [View PDF 378.24 K (247)]
Ovarian juvenile granulosa cell tumor in a 20-month-old infant
  Li Jinke,Jiang Wei and Zheng Ai
  Published 9月 20日, 2014
  2014,127(18):3356 [Abstract(467)]  [View PDF 623.72 K (275)]
Treatment for thyroid carcinoma with trachea invasion in one centenarian
  Chen Xiumei,Gong Xiangrong,Song Ruiying,Zhang Qingquan,Song Xicheng,Zhang Hua and Wang Qiang
  Published 9月 20日, 2014
  2014,127(18):3357 [Abstract(743)]  [View PDF 315.53 K (206)]
Improper insertion of epidural catheter into thorax for postoperative analgesia in a patient undergoing esophagectomy
  Yang Zhiyong,Gu Jianteng and Lu Kaizhi
  Published 9月 20日, 2014
  2014,127(18):3358 [Abstract(314)]  [View PDF 391.14 K (200)]
Lacrimal sac diverticulum presenting as a lower eyelid mass with a secreting fistula
  Zhang Chengyue,Wu Qian,Yu Jifeng,Cui Yanhui and Cao Wenhong
  Published 9月 20日, 2014
  2014,127(18):3359 [Abstract(330)]  [View PDF 582.47 K (197)]