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Current status of anticoagulant treatments and improvements for hemodialysis patients in northern Chinese cities: a five-year comparative study
  Huang Qi,Sun Xuefeng,Lin Hongli,Zhang Zhimin,Hao Lirong,Yao Li,Li Jijun,Zhao Delong,Wang Yong,Zhu Hanyu and Chen Xiangmei
  Published 8月 20日, 2014
  2014,127(16):2881-2887 [Abstract(825)]  [View PDF 505.93 K (401)]
Diagnostic utility of N-terminal-proBNP in differentiating acute pulmonary embolism from heart failure in patients with acute dyspnea
  Guo Ling,Li Guanzhen,Wang Yi,Liang Hao,Shan Xiaoxi,Zhang Nannan,Wang Maofen,Lin Dianjie and Zhu Ling
  Published 8月 20日, 2014
  2014,127(16):2888-2893 [Abstract(966)]  [View PDF 479.87 K (428)]
Tartrate-resistant acid phosphatase 5b is a potential biomarker for rheumatoid arthritis: a pilot study in Han Chinese
  Cheng Tao,Wang Mingjun,Chen Zhiwei,Robert A Eisenberg,Zhang Yu,Zou Yaohong,Deng Yingsu,Wang Mian and Zhou Ling
  Published 8月 20日, 2014
  2014,127(16):2894-2899 [Abstract(1027)]  [View PDF 504.32 K (569)]
Augmentation plating in hypertrophic non-union after nail fixation of femoral shaft fracture compared with exchange plating
  Jiang Liangjun,Pan Zhijun and Zheng Qiang
  Published 8月 20日, 2014
  2014,127(16):2900-2905 [Abstract(2035)]  [View PDF 655.82 K (331)]
Intravitreal ranibizumab for the treatment of pathological myopia associated with choroidal neovascularization in Chinese patients
  Yang Xu and Dai Hong
  Published 8月 20日, 2014
  2014,127(16):2906-2910 [Abstract(883)]  [View PDF 2.58 M (376)]
Strabismus surgery distribution during 10-year period in a tertiary hospital
  Jiao Yonghong,Zhu Yunting,Zhou Zhen,Jie Ying,Wang Jinghui,Lu Wei,Wu Xiao,Kan Mengmeng and Zhao Guohong
  Published 8月 20日, 2014
  2014,127(16):2911-2914 [Abstract(467)]  [View PDF 475.62 K (294)]
Relationship between chronic diarrhea with normal colonoscopy findings and terminal ileum lesions
  LI Hongling,WANG Changcheng,LIU Shuqing,XU Dongsheng,ZHANG Ju and CHEN hongmei
  Published 8月 20日, 2014
  2014,127(16):2915-2917 [Abstract(483)]  [View PDF 553.10 K (409)]
Prognosis of R1-resection at the bronchial stump in patients with non-small cell lung cancer
  Lyu Jima,Hao Xuezhi,Hui Zhouguang,Liang Jun,Zhou Zongmei,Feng Qinfu,Xiao Zefen,Chen Dongfu,Zhang Hongxing and Wang Lyuhua
  Published 8月 20日, 2014
  2014,127(16):2918-2923 [Abstract(788)]  [View PDF 663.58 K (250)]
Analysis of risk factors affecting the prognosis of pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors
  Tao Ming,Yuan Chunhui,Xiu Dianrong,Shi Xueying,Tao Liyuan,Ma Zhaolai,Jiang Bin,Zhang Zhipeng,Zhang Lingfu and Wang Hangyan
  Published 8月 20日, 2014
  2014,127(16):2924-2928 [Abstract(635)]  [View PDF 937.66 K (364)]
Effect of fixing distal radius fracture with volar locking palmar plates while preserving pronator quadratus
  Fan Jian,Chen Kai,Zhu Hui,Jiang Bo,Yuan Feng,Zhu Xiaozhong,Mei Jiong and Yu Guangrong
  Published 8月 20日, 2014
  2014,127(16):2929-2933 [Abstract(801)]  [View PDF 1.07 M (421)]
En bloc resection concept for endoscopic endonasal nasopharyngectomy: surgical anatomy and outcome
  Hsu Ning-i,Shen Ping-hung,Chao Siew-shuen,Ong Yew-kwang and Li Cho-shun
  Published 8月 20日, 2014
  2014,127(16):2934-2939 [Abstract(615)]  [View PDF 1.48 M (405)]
Influence of tube voltage on digitized image qualityof patients exposed to occupational dust: phantoms and clinical studies
  Wang Xiaohua,Liu Dongsheng,Xuan Xiao,Duan Jianghui and Yuan Huishu
  Published 8月 20日, 2014
  2014,127(16):2940-2944 [Abstract(423)]  [View PDF 1.19 M (279)]
Dynamic long-term microstructural and ultrastructural alterations in sensory nerves of rats of paclitaxel-induced neuropathic pain
  Wu Yuan,Li Jun,Zhou Junfei and Feng Yi
  Published 8月 20日, 2014
  2014,127(16):2945-2952 [Abstract(627)]  [View PDF 3.98 M (467)]
Short-term intensive atorvastatin therapy improves endothelial function partly via attenuating perivascular adipose tissue inflammation through 5-lipoxygenase pathway in hyperlipidemic rabbits
  Wang Xiaoqiao,Lin Yongqin,Luo Niansang,Chen Zhongqing,Gu Miaoning,Wang Jingfeng and Chen Yangxin
  Published 8月 20日, 2014
  2014,127(16):2953-2959 [Abstract(634)]  [View PDF 1.72 M (403)]
Iloprost inhibits fracture repair in rats
  Ali Doğan,Fatih Duygun,A. Murat Kalender,Irfan Bayram and Ibrahim Sungur
  Published 8月 20日, 2014
  2014,127(16):2960-2965 [Abstract(435)]  [View PDF 1.08 M (288)]
Effect and mechanism of tacrolimus on melanogenesis on A375 human melanoma cells
  Huang Haiyan,Wang Xiaoyan,Ding Xiaolan,Xu Qianxi,Sonia Kay Hwang,Wang Fang,Du Juan and Zhang Jianzhong
  Published 8月 20日, 2014
  2014,127(16):2966-2971 [Abstract(710)]  [View PDF 2.82 M (478)]
Reinnervation of hair cells by neural stem cell-derived neurons
  Yuan Yasheng,Wang Yang and Chi Fanglu
  Published 8月 20日, 2014
  2014,127(16):2972-2976 [Abstract(574)]  [View PDF 1.48 M (371)]
Regulation of lovastatin on a key inflammation-related microRNA in myocardial cells
  Guo Weizao,Liu Huichen,Li Lin,Yang Man and Du Aihua
  Published 8月 20日, 2014
  2014,127(16):2977-2981 [Abstract(550)]  [View PDF 807.30 K (425)]


Comparison of the clinical and radiological outcomes following midvastus and medial parapatellar approaches for total knee arthroplasty: a meta-analysis
  Li Tao,Zhuang Qianyu,Xiao Ke,Zhou Lei and Weng Xisheng
  Published 8月 20日, 2014
  2014,127(16):2982-2990 [Abstract(687)]  [View PDF 3.20 M (355)]
Prevalence of depression in coronary heart disease in China: a systematic review and meta-analysis
  Ren Yanping,Yang Hui,Colette Browning,Shane Thomas and Liu Meiyan
  Published 8月 20日, 2014
  2014,127(16):2991-2998 [Abstract(706)]  [View PDF 712.54 K (544)]


Mixed phenotype acute leukemia
  Ye Zixing and Wang Shujie
  Published 8月 20日, 2014
  2014,127(16):2999-3003 [Abstract(1212)]  [View PDF 395.26 K (641)]
Sphingosine Kinase-1/sphingosine 1-phosphate pathway in diabetic nephropathy
  Deng Yanhui,Lan Tian,Huang Juan and Huang Heqing
  Published 8月 20日, 2014
  2014,127(16):3004-3010 [Abstract(755)]  [View PDF 775.78 K (538)]
Cardiorenal syndrome: pathophysiological mechanism, preclinical models, novel contributors and potential therapies
  Fu Qiang,Cao Longxing,Li Huang,Wang Binghui and Li Zhiliang
  Published 8月 20日, 2014
  2014,127(16):3011-3018 [Abstract(1266)]  [View PDF 429.68 K (788)]


Predictors of anti-vascular endothelial growth factor treatment responses in macular edema following central vein occlusion
  Huang Peirong,Song Zhengyu and Sun Xiaodong
  Published 8月 20日, 2014
  2014,127(16):3019-3023 [Abstract(588)]  [View PDF 626.71 K (294)]


Neurological outcomes of patients admitted to the intensive care unit for cardiac arrest
  Liu Lijun,Zhu Jianliang,Yang Lin and Zhang Yan
  Published 8月 20日, 2014
  2014,127(16):3024-3026 [Abstract(448)]  [View PDF 289.21 K (240)]
Robotic and laparoscopic hybrid pancreaticoduodenectomy: surgical techniques and early outcomes
  Ji Wu,Ding Kai,Kao Xiaoming,He Changsheng,Li Ning and Li Jieshou
  Published 8月 20日, 2014
  2014,127(16):3027-3029 [Abstract(572)]  [View PDF 273.51 K (373)]


Pulmonary embolism with septicemia after N-butyl-2-cyanoacrylate injection for bleeding gastric varices
  Ireneusz Nawrot,Tomasz Cieciura,Bartłomiej Morawski,Piotr Małkowski,Jerzy Żurakowski and Magdalena Durlik
  Published 8月 20日, 2014
  2014,127(16):3030-3031 [Abstract(586)]  [View PDF 508.68 K (280)]


Extracorporeal membrane oxygenation as a platform for the management of massive hemoptysis caused by bronchial artery aneurysm
  Cao Xiaowei,He Hangyong,Li Xuyan and Sun Bing
  Published 8月 20日, 2014
  2014,127(16):3032 [Abstract(791)]  [View PDF 261.62 K (296)]
Aortic valve replacement for quadricuspid aortic valve with regurgitation and stenosis in a renal transplant recipient
  Mu Junsheng,Li Xianshuai,Zhang Jianqun and Bo Ping
  Published 8月 20日, 2014
  2014,127(16):3033 [Abstract(953)]  [View PDF 209.52 K (243)]
Significance of ST-segment elevation in lead aVR
  Zhao Yong,Wang Jingfeng,Huang Guibao and Ding Chunhua
  Published 8月 20日, 2014
  2014,127(16):3034 [Abstract(525)]  [View PDF 493.85 K (263)]
Caseous calcification of the mitral annulus: a rare variant of mitral annular calcification
  Mehmet Dogan,Zafer Isilak,Murat Atalay and Omer Uz
  Published 8月 20日, 2014
  2014,127(16):3035 [Abstract(432)]  [View PDF 600.21 K (269)]
Weaning method from mechanical ventilation, more computer or clinical perspective: who is helping whom truly?
  Antonio M. Esquinas
  Published 8月 20日, 2014
  2014,127(16):3036 [Abstract(360)]  [View PDF 209.65 K (255)]
Treatment of coexisting bullous pemphigoid and psoriasis with triptergium wilfordii
  Li Zhiliang,Jin Peiying,Feng Suying and Wang Baoxi
  Published 8月 20日, 2014
  2014,127(16):3037 [Abstract(454)]  [View PDF 480.93 K (380)]
Ruptured pancreatic desmoid tumor presenting as hemorrhagic shock: a rare cause of acute abdomen
  Zhu Jiqiao,Han Dongdong,Zhao Xin,Wei Ping,Kou Jiantao and He Qiang
  Published 8月 20日, 2014
  2014,127(16):3038 [Abstract(337)]  [View PDF 425.83 K (233)]
Should radioactive iodine therapy be administrated in patient of papillary thyroid carcinoma co-existence with medullary thyroid carcinoma?
  Zhao Junyu,Dong Jianjun,Sun Qing,Wang Huanjun,Zhang Zhongwen,Zhou Xiaojun and Liao Lin
  Published 8月 20日, 2014
  2014,127(16):3039 [Abstract(447)]  [View PDF 1021.94 K (252)]
Severity stratification of aplastic anemia
  Ren Cuiai,Li Yanxiang,Cui Jingying,Liu Fengxia,Sheng Zhixin,Xu Wenjun and Zhang Maohong
  Published 8月 20日, 2014
  2014,127(16):3040 [Abstract(409)]  [View PDF 189.76 K (296)]