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Traditional Chinese medicine compound ShengJinRunZaoYangXue granules for treatment of primary Sjögren’s syndrome: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial
  Hu Wei,Qian Xian,Guo Feng,Zhang Miaojia,Lyu Chengyin,Tao Juan,Gao Zhong’en and Zhou Zhengqiu
  Published 8月 5日, 2014
  2014,127(15):2721-2726 [Abstract(1397)]  [View PDF 788.69 K (563)]
Presence of notched QRS on paced electrocardiographs as a predictor of poor response to cardiac resynchronization therapy
  Wang Jiayu,Zhang Ping,Li Xuebin,Zhu Tiangang,Li Hua,Wang Long,Li Ding,Wu Cuncao,Gao Ying,Tian Yun and Guo Jihong
  Published 8月 5日, 2014
  2014,127(15):2727-2734 [Abstract(1031)]  [View PDF 1.65 M (296)]
Presenting features and clinical course of 34 patients with septic pulmonary embolism caused by right-sided infective endocarditis
  Liu Shuang,Xie Jiang,Chen Yong,Yang Jinghua,Zhang Jianqun,Meng Xu and Liu Yinglong
  Published 8月 5日, 2014
  2014,127(15):2735-2739 [Abstract(822)]  [View PDF 814.75 K (389)]
Prevalence of osteoporosis and vertebral fractures and related factors in patients with ankylosing spondylitis
  Mehmet Ali Ulu,İbrahim Batmaz,Banu Dilek and Remzi Çevik
  Published 8月 5日, 2014
  2014,127(15):2740-2747 [Abstract(1016)]  [View PDF 766.81 K (545)]
Pathogenic analysis in different types of orthopedic implant infections
  Shen Hao,Tang Jin,Mao Yanjie,Wang Qiaojie,Wang Jianqiang,Zhang Xianlong and Jiang Yao
  Published 8月 5日, 2014
  2014,127(15):2748-2752 [Abstract(857)]  [View PDF 436.86 K (315)]
Mechanical tests on the reconstructed anterior cruciate ligament fixed with allogenetic cortical bone cross-pin on the femoral side
  Liu Chang,Liu Yujie,Zhang Yingze,Qu Feng,Li Shuyuan,Wang Junliang,Qi Wei,Wang Aiyuan,Wang Xin,Liang Jianjun,Liang Dongqi,Zhu Juanli and Liu Yang
  Published 8月 5日, 2014
  2014,127(15):2753-2758 [Abstract(492)]  [View PDF 1.15 M (288)]
Chordomas of the upper cervical spine: clinical characteristics and surgical management of a series of 21 patients
  Zhou Hua,Jiang Liang,Wei Feng,Yu Miao,Wu Fengliang,Liu Xiaoguang,Liu Zhongjun and Dang Gengting
  Published 8月 5日, 2014
  2014,127(15):2759-2764 [Abstract(504)]  [View PDF 807.76 K (321)]
Immunophenotypic analysis of abnormal plasma cell clones in bone marrow of primary systemic light chain amyloidosis patients
  Hu Yang,Wang Mangju,Chen Yan,Chen Xue,Fang Fang,Liu Shiqin,Zhang Ying,Wu Xueqiang and Zhu Ping
  Published 8月 5日, 2014
  2014,127(15):2765-2770 [Abstract(1020)]  [View PDF 3.22 M (352)]
A comparative study on the levels of serum cytokines and cortisol among post-traumatic stress disorder patients of Li and Han ethnicities in Hainan
  Chen Tao,Guo Min,Gao Yunsuo,Chen Feng,Guo Juncheng,Liu Tao,Wu Duoyu and Jiang Xianglin
  Published 8月 5日, 2014
  2014,127(15):2771-2774 [Abstract(482)]  [View PDF 387.58 K (253)]
Association of poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase activity in circulating mononuclear cells with myocardial dysfunction in patients with septic shock
  Li Li,Hu Bangchuan,Gong Shijin,Yu Yihua,Dai Haiwen and Yan Jing
  Published 8月 5日, 2014
  2014,127(15):2775-2778 [Abstract(406)]  [View PDF 408.01 K (267)]
Younger age of onset and multiple primary lesions associated with esophageal squamous cell carcinoma cases with a positive family history of the cancer suggests genetic predisposition
  Jia Nan,Wen Xiaoduo,Zhang Nan,Yang Yi,Zhang Liwei,Wang Xiaoling,Wang Na and Wen Denggui
  Published 8月 5日, 2014
  2014,127(15):2779-2783 [Abstract(401)]  [View PDF 445.80 K (260)]
Comparison of result judgment algorithm of test for interfering factors in the bacterial endotoxins test among Chinese, Japanese, European, American, and Indian pharmacopeias
  Pei Yusheng,Cai Tong,Gao Hua,Tan Dejiang,Zhang Yuchen and Zhang Guolai
  Published 8月 5日, 2014
  2014,127(15):2784-2788 [Abstract(413)]  [View PDF 451.08 K (256)]
Comparison of simple discectomy and instrumented posterior lumbar interbody fusion for treatment of lumbar disc herniation combined with Modic endplate changes
  Cao Peng,Chen Zhe,Zheng Yuehuan,Wang Yuren,Jiang Leisheng,Yang Yaoqi,Zhuang Chengyu,Liang Yu,Zheng Tao,Gong Yaocheng,Zhang Xingkai,Wu Wenjian and Qiu Shijing
  Published 8月 5日, 2014
  2014,127(15):2789-2794 [Abstract(663)]  [View PDF 917.50 K (427)]
Over-expression of heme oxygenase-1 in peripheral blood predicts the progression and relapse risk of chronic myeloid leukemia
  Wei Sixi,Wang Yating,Chai Qixiang,Fang Qin,Zhang Yaming,Lu Yinghao and Wang Jishi
  Published 8月 5日, 2014
  2014,127(15):2795-2801 [Abstract(655)]  [View PDF 1.32 M (305)]
Management and outcome of pelvic fractures in elderly patients: a retrospective study of 40 cases
  Dong Jinlei,Hao Wei,Wang Bomin,Wang Lubo,Li Lianxin,Mu Weidong,Yang Yongliang,Xin Maoyuan,Wang Fu and Zhou Dongsheng
  Published 8月 5日, 2014
  2014,127(15):2802-2806 [Abstract(825)]  [View PDF 825.87 K (389)]
Microvascular protective role of pericytes in melatonin-treated spinal cord injury in the C57BL/6 mice
  Jing Yingli,Wu Qingbin,Yuan Xiaochen,Li Bingwei,Liu Mingming,Zhang Xiaoyan,Liu Shuying,Li Hongwei and Xiu Ruijuan
  Published 8月 5日, 2014
  2014,127(15):2808-2813 [Abstract(935)]  [View PDF 2.43 M (397)]
Adverse factors increase preeclampsia-like changes in pregnant mice with abnormal lipid metabolism
  Ding Xiaoyan,Yang Zi,Han Yiwei and Yu Huan
  Published 8月 5日, 2014
  2014,127(15):2814-2818 [Abstract(438)]  [View PDF 906.65 K (259)]
Giant cell interstitial pneumonia: unusual lung disorder and an update
  Dai Jinghong,Huang Mei,Cao Min,Miao Liyun,Xiao Yonglong,Shi Yi,Meng Fanqing and Cai Hourong
  Published 8月 5日, 2014
  2014,127(15):2819-2823 [Abstract(568)]  [View PDF 1.13 M (322)]


Association between plasma brain natriuretic peptide/N-terminal pro-brain natriuretic peptide levels and atrial fibrillation: evidence from a meta-analysis
  Liu Yaowu,Xiao Yunyun,Chen Xinguang and Zhang Fengxiang
  Published 8月 5日, 2014
  2014,127(15):2824-2828 [Abstract(866)]  [View PDF 654.01 K (390)]
Outcome of kidney transplantation between controlled cardiac death and brain death donors: a meta-analysis
  Ming Yingzi,Shao Mingjie,Tian Tingting,She Xingguo,Liu Hong,Ye Shaojun and Ye Qifa
  Published 8月 5日, 2014
  2014,127(15):2829-2836 [Abstract(534)]  [View PDF 818.12 K (313)]
Efficacy and safety of vitamin D3 in patients with diabetic nephropathy: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials
  Zhao Junyu,Dong Jianjun,Wang Haipeng,Shang Hongxia,Zhang Dongmei and Liao Lin
  Published 8月 5日, 2014
  2014,127(15):2837-2843 [Abstract(1066)]  [View PDF 1.28 M (575)]


A systematic review on food lead concentration and dietary lead exposure in China
  Jin Yingliang,Liu Pei,Wu Yongning,Min Jie,Wang Cannan,Sun Jinfang and Zhang Yafei
  Published 8月 5日, 2014
  2014,127(15):2844-2849 [Abstract(786)]  [View PDF 438.15 K (423)]
Experimental drugs for treatment of autoimmune myocarditis
  Han Lina,Guo Shuli,Wang Yutang,Yang Liming and Liu Siyu
  Published 8月 5日, 2014
  2014,127(15):2850-2859 [Abstract(613)]  [View PDF 518.35 K (333)]


Research of admission management standards and working patterns of first class medical technologies
  Wu Suowei,Ge Yuanyuan,Xu Xiwu,Xuan Yong and Chen Tong
  Published 8月 5日, 2014
  2014,127(15):2860-2862 [Abstract(451)]  [View PDF 327.10 K (210)]


Successful resuscitation after fatal carbon dioxide embolism during laparoscopic nephrectomy
  Yu Xin,Fang Xiao and Fang Xiangming
  Published 8月 5日, 2014
  2014,127(15):2863-2864 [Abstract(576)]  [View PDF 414.31 K (279)]
Immune-mediated neuromuscular complications after haploidendtical hematopoietic stem cell transplantation
  Su li,Ji Bingxin,Hu Ronghua,Lan Xiaoxi and Xia Changqing
  Published 8月 5日, 2014
  2014,127(15):2865-2867 [Abstract(476)]  [View PDF 262.67 K (274)]
Primary pulmonary artery chondrosarcoma: the use of different imaging modalities
  Wang Fengdan,Wang Yining,Xue Huadan,Zhang Yingqiang,Sun Jian,Miao Qi and Zhang Yan
  Published 8月 5日, 2014
  2014,127(15):2868-2869 [Abstract(892)]  [View PDF 603.99 K (260)]
Application of customized augments fabricated by rapid prototyping for severe bone defects of the knee
  Yin Qingfeng,Liu Wenguang and Wang Shaojin
  Published 8月 5日, 2014
  2014,127(15):2870-2871 [Abstract(402)]  [View PDF 1.02 M (243)]
Pulmonary artery injury management during pulmonary thromboendarterectomy
  Gan Huili,Zhang Jianqun,Feng Lei and Sun Jianchao
  Published 8月 5日, 2014
  2014,127(15):2872-2873 [Abstract(309)]  [View PDF 403.70 K (224)]
Predictors and outcomes of photodynamic therapy on circumscribed choroidal hemangiomas in Chinese patients
  Wang Mingyang,Zhang Xinyuan,Wang Yanhong and Wang Guanglu
  Published 8月 5日, 2014
  2014,127(15):2874-2876 [Abstract(381)]  [View PDF 927.35 K (214)]


Perioperative management for separation of thoraco-omphalopagus symmetrically conjoined twins
  DOI: 10.3760/cma.j.issn.0366-6999.20140070Qiu Yongsheng,Zong Xiaochuan and Jia Yingping
  Published 8月 5日, 2014
  2014,127(15):2807 [Abstract(569)]  [View PDF 413.62 K (283)]
Giant juvenile fibroadenoma associated with dysplasia on the underdeveloped breast
  Xi Erping,Zhu Jian,Yan Ming,Zhang Yu and Zhu Shuibo
  Published 8月 5日, 2014
  2014,127(15):2877 [Abstract(652)]  [View PDF 609.36 K (295)]
Obstruction of ileal loop in bricker type bladder after laparoscopic radical cystectomy
  Xiao Bo,Li Qing,Liu Shijun,Xu Tao,Zhang Xiaopeng and Wang Xiaofeng
  Published 8月 5日, 2014
  2014,127(15):2878 [Abstract(619)]  [View PDF 398.19 K (200)]
An aortic arch anomaly protruding into the esophagus misdiagnosed as leiomyoma of the esophagus
  Hua Xionghuai,Zhang Wei and Li Yin
  Published 8月 5日, 2014
  2014,127(15):2879 [Abstract(756)]  [View PDF 381.63 K (195)]
Needle in kidney migrated from urethra treated with percutaneous nephroscopy
  Li Jianxing,Xiao Bo,Hu Weiguo,Yang Bo and Wang Xiaofeng
  Published 8月 5日, 2014
  2014,127(15):2880 [Abstract(363)]  [View PDF 457.00 K (216)]