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Compatibility of olfactory ensheathing cells with functionalized self-assembling peptide scaffold in vitro
  2014,127(1) [Abstract(675)]  [View PDF]


Imaging and histopathological findings of lacrimal sac lymphoma
  2014,127(1) [Abstract(611)]  [View PDF]


Strengthen national action for the prevention and control of chronic respiratory diseases
  Huang Kewu and Wang Chen
  2014,127(1):1-3 [Abstract(2516)]  [View PDF 273.60 K (997)]


Determinants of health-related quality of life worsening in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease at one year
  Liang Lirong,Lin Yingxiang,Yang Ting,Zhang Hong,Li Jie and Wang Chen
  2014,127(1):4-10 [Abstract(1451)]  [View PDF 488.22 K (830)]
Prognosis and weaning of elderly multiple organ dysfunction syndrome patients with invasive mechanical ventilation
  Xiao Kun,Su Longxiang,Han Bingchao,Guo Chao,Feng Lin,Jiang Zhaoxu,Wang Huijuan,Lin Yong,Jia Yanhong,She Danyang and Xie Lixin
  2014,127(1):11-17 [Abstract(1440)]  [View PDF 747.97 K (828)]
Normal blood D-dimer concentrations: do they exclude pulmonary embolism?
  Guo Zhiguo,Ma Qingbian,Zheng Yaan,Zhang Yumei and Ge Hongxia
  2014,127(1):18-22 [Abstract(1324)]  [View PDF 399.86 K (752)]
Prognostic value of serum galactomannan index in critically ill patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease at risk of invasive pulmonary aspergillosis
  He Hangyong,Li Qian,Chang Shuo,Ding Lin,Sun Bing,Li Fang and Zhan Qingyuan
  2014,127(1):23-28 [Abstract(1333)]  [View PDF 505.17 K (909)]
Heliox as a driving gas to atomize inhaled drugs on acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a prospective clinical study
  Xiao Yongjiu,Su Longxiang,Han Bingchao,Zhang Xin and Xie Lixin
  2014,127(1):29-35 [Abstract(1135)]  [View PDF 553.02 K (594)]
Altered CD8+ T-cell counts as an early predictor of prognosis in critically ill immunocompromised patients with invasive pulmonary aspergillosis
  Cui Na,Wang Hao,Long Yun and Liu Dawei
  2014,127(1):36-42 [Abstract(1030)]  [View PDF 618.37 K (624)]
Intermittent hypoxia with or without hypercapnia is associated with tumorigenesis by decreasing the expression of brain derived neurotrophic factor and miR-34a in rats
  Zhang Jing,Guo Xu,Shi Yanwei,Ma Jing and Wang Guangfa
  2014,127(1):43-47 [Abstract(1223)]  [View PDF 400.47 K (807)]
Inhibition of central Na+/H+ exchanger type 3 can alleviate sleep apnea in Sprague-Dawley rats
  Wang Qimin,Zhou Rong,Zhang Cheng,Dong Hui,Ma Jing and Wang Guangfa
  2014,127(1):48-53 [Abstract(1025)]  [View PDF 488.25 K (613)]
Prevention of catheter-related Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection by levofloxacin-impregnated catheters in vitro and in vivo
  Yan Ping,Liu Wei,Kong Jinliang,Wu Hong and Chen Yiqiang
  2014,127(1):54-58 [Abstract(1371)]  [View PDF 1005.95 K (650)]
An antiretroviral regimen containing 6 months of stavudine followed by long-term zidovudine for first-line HIV therapy is optimal in resource-limited settings: a prospective, multicenter study in China
  Li Taisheng,Guo Fuping,Li Yijia,Zhang Chengda,Han Yang,Lye Wei,He Yun,Lu Hongzhou,Xie Jing,Huang Aiqiong,Li Yanling,Tang Xiaoping,Wang Hui,Zhang Tong,Gao Guiju,Lei Junkang,Zhang Xiaoying,Wu Xinhua,Sun Yongtao,Bai Jinsong,Luo Ling and Wang Huanling
  2014,127(1):59-65 [Abstract(1177)]  [View PDF 796.14 K (953)]
Clinical relevance of angiographic coronary collaterals during primary coronary intervention for acute ST-elevation myocardial infarction
  Shen Ying,Wu Feng,Pan Chunyang,Zhu Tianqi,Zhang Qi,Zhang Ruiyan,Ding Fenghua,Lu Lin,Hu Jian,Yang Zhenkun,Shen Weifeng and Wu Zonggui
  2014,127(1):66-71 [Abstract(1521)]  [View PDF 511.95 K (611)]
Genome-wide study reveals an important role of spontaneous autoimmunity, cardiomyocyte differentiation defect and anti-angiogenic activities in gender-specific gene expression in Keshan disease
  He Shulan,Tan Wuhong,Wang Sen,Wu Cuiyan,Wang Pan,Wang Bin,Su Xiaohui,Zhao Junjie,Guo Xiong and Xiang Youzhang
  2014,127(1):72-78 [Abstract(2061)]  [View PDF 1.88 M (654)]
Biomechanical effects of bone cement volume on the endplates of augmented vertebral body: a three-dimensional finite element analysis
  Yan Liang,Chang Zhen,Xu Zhengwei,Liu Tuanjiang,He Baorong and Hao Dingjun
  2014,127(1):79-84 [Abstract(2049)]  [View PDF 1.11 M (776)]
Comparison on colonoscopic parameters according to length of adult-colonoscope
  Seung-Hwa Lee and Duck-Joo Lee
  2014,127(1):85-91 [Abstract(979)]  [View PDF 1.13 M (666)]
Intraoperative study on anthropometry and gender differences of the proximal tibial plateau at the arthroplasty resection surface
  Yang Bo,Yu Jiakuo,Gong Xi,Chen Lianxu,Wang Yongjian,Wang Jian,Wang Haijun and Zhang Jiying
  2014,127(1):92-95 [Abstract(944)]  [View PDF 798.31 K (572)]
Morphometric measurement of the patella on 3D model reconstructed from CT scan images for the southern Chinese population
  Shang Peng,Zhang Linan,Hou Zengtao,Bai Xueling,Ye Xin,Xu Zhaobin and Huang Xu
  2014,127(1):96-101 [Abstract(814)]  [View PDF 1.13 M (634)]
Retrospective study of mycophenolate mofetil treatment in IgA nephropathy with proliferative pathological phenotype
  Liang Yan,Zhang Junjun,Liu Dongwei,Quan Songxia,Xing Guolan and Liu Zhangsuo
  2014,127(1):102-108 [Abstract(1564)]  [View PDF 1.08 M (808)]
Telmisartan promotes proliferation and differentiation of endothelial progenitor cells via activation of Akt
  Cao Zheng,Yang Yong,Hua Xianping,Wu Ruixia,Wang Junfeng,Zhou Ming,Zhan Zhongqun and Chen Pingying
  2014,127(1):109-112 [Abstract(1030)]  [View PDF 918.66 K (673)]
Evaluation of CT findings for the differentiation of benign from malignant primary retroperitoneal tumors
  Zhu Zheng,Zhao Xinming,Zhao Yanfeng,Yang Lei,Zhao Jing,Dai Jingrui and Zhou Chunwu
  2014,127(1):114-119 [Abstract(829)]  [View PDF 903.82 K (799)]
Imaging and histopathological findings of lacrimal sac lymphoma
  Guo Pengde,Yan Fei,Tian Cheng,Zhao Pengfei,Wang Zhenchang and Xian Junfang
  2014,127(1):120-124 [Abstract(1014)]  [View PDF 1.09 M (477)]
High-frequency stimulation of anterior nucleus thalamus improves impaired cognitive function induced by intra-hippocampal injection of Aβ1-40 in rats
  Chen Ning,Dong Shuai,Yan Tingshuang,Yan Na,Ma Yu and Yu Chunjiang
  2014,127(1):125-129 [Abstract(824)]  [View PDF 885.70 K (559)]
Inhibition of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor-γ in steroid-induced adipogenic differentiation of the bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells of rabbit using small interference RNA
  Wang Yisheng,Li Jinfeng,Liu Ming,Zhao Guoqiang,Hao Lanyu and Li Yuebai
  2014,127(1):130-136 [Abstract(1090)]  [View PDF 1.84 M (727)]
Propofol enhances the field excitatory postsynaptic potentials in CA1 hippocampal slices of young and aged mice
  Yin Yiqing,William J Middleton,Carlos M. Florez,Peter L. Carlen and Hossam EI-Beheiry
  2014,127(1):137-141 [Abstract(1795)]  [View PDF 696.09 K (568)]


Concurrent chemoradiotherapy comparison of taxanes and platinum versus 5-fluorouracil and platinum in nasopharyngeal carcinoma treatment
  Chen Xichuang,Hong Yuan,Feng Jinhua,Ye Jianlin,Zheng Panpan,Guan Xiyin,You Xiaohong and Song Huizhu
  2014,127(1):142-149 [Abstract(1385)]  [View PDF 1.51 M (876)]
Serum interleukin-10 levels and adverse events in patients with acute coronary syndrome: a systematic review and meta-analysis
  Liu Jun,Jia Yanjun,Li Xiaolin,Xu Ruixia,Zhu Chenggang,Guo Yuanlin,Wu Naqiong and Li Jianjun
  2014,127(1):150-156 [Abstract(1135)]  [View PDF 697.62 K (683)]


Bronchiectasis: still a problem
  Wang Zengli
  2014,127(1):157-172 [Abstract(7862)]  [View PDF 561.29 K (1385)]


The sounds of small airways: emerging role in pathogenesis and clinical expression of asthma
  Yao Xiujuan and Sun Yongchang
  2014,127(1):173-179 [Abstract(877)]  [View PDF 346.56 K (731)]


Validation of the China’s maternal and child mortality surveillance in the diagnosis of infant deaths in two counties in Guizhou Province
  Ma Yi,Du Qing,Bernadette N Kumar and Oyvind Næss
  2014,127(1):180-181 [Abstract(916)]  [View PDF 579.89 K (479)]
Microsurgical dorsal root entry zone coagulation for chronic neuropathic pain due to spinal cord and/or cauda equina injuries
  Tao Wei,Hu Yongsheng,Chen Fuyong,Zhang Xiaohua and Li Yongjie
  2014,127(1):182-184 [Abstract(1479)]  [View PDF 492.62 K (508)]


Discovery process, clinical characteristics, and treatment of patients infected with avian influenza virus (H7N9) in Shanghai
  Sun Yang,Shen Yinzhong and Lu Hongzhou
  2014,127(1):185-186 [Abstract(1533)]  [View PDF 298.36 K (1020)]
Surgical treatment of right atrial myxoma and pulmonary embolism
  Gu Song,Liu Yan,Yan Jun,Zhang Xitao,Gao Jie,Xin Yue and Su Pixiong
  2014,127(1):187-188 [Abstract(860)]  [View PDF 937.07 K (594)]
Tracheal glomus tumor: two cases with bronchoscopic intervention
  Xiong Wei,Cai Cunliang,Zhou Yunzhi,Zhang Nan and Wang Hongwu
  2014,127(1):189-190 [Abstract(834)]  [View PDF 1.01 M (517)]
Chilaiditi syndrome: a case of recurrent respiratory distress
  Gao Yongshun,Zhang Yunfei,Feng Hailin and Zhang Yukun
  2014,127(1):191 [Abstract(810)]  [View PDF 731.83 K (818)]


Why H7N9 bird flu may cause scare in China?
  Kong Xiangyi,Liu Yang,Guan Jian,Yang Yi and Wang Renzhi
  2014,127(1):193-195 [Abstract(2172)]  [View PDF 276.23 K (737)]


A case of miss-diagnosed pulmonary hamartomas with atypical radiology findings
  Li Min,Shen Yongchun and Wen Fuqiang
  2014,127(1):113 [Abstract(1010)]  [View PDF 450.03 K (534)]
Eosinophilic gastroenteritis associated with allergic asthma and atopic eczema
  Bora Aktaş,Şahin Çoban,Akif Altınbaş and Ömer Başar
  2014,127(1):192 [Abstract(1122)]  [View PDF 328.36 K (595)]
Three cases of invasive tracheobronchial aspergillosis
  Liu Xuedong,Han Xiudi,Qu Yan,Wei Dong,Ge Yunjie and Zhao Weiye
  2014,127(1):196 [Abstract(1010)]  [View PDF 489.13 K (553)]