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Criteria and guidance

The Adoptability and Limitation of Cancer Treatment Guidelines — a Chinese Oncologist's Perspective
  2013,126(24) [Abstract(221)]  [View PDF]


A Comparative Study on the Medium-long Term Results of Endovascular Repair and Open Surgical Repair in management of Ruptured Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms.
  2013,126(24) [Abstract(217)]  [View PDF]
The effect of CO2 pneumoperitoneum on the expression of chemokine receptor CXCR4 and CCR7 in colorectal carcinomas cells
  2013,126(24) [Abstract(183)]  [View PDF]
The immune mechanism and clinical significance of macrophage to medullary hematopoietic injury of immune-related hematocytopenia patients
  2013,126(24) [Abstract(186)]  [View PDF]
Transcranial Doppler??TCD??applied to detect the changes of ophthalmic artery blood flow
  2013,126(24) [Abstract(194)]  [View PDF]
Correlation of tumor necrosis factor-β and interleukin-1 gene cluster polymorphism with susceptibility to bacteremia in patients undergoing kidney transplantation
  WU Xiao-xia,WAN Qi-quan,YE Qi-fa and ZHOU Jian-dang
  2013,126(24):4603-4607 [Abstract(961)]  [View PDF 488.69 K (744)]
Polymorphisms of angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 gene confer a risk to lone atrial fibrillation in Chinese male patients
  WANG Shu-xia,TAO Tao,FU Zhi-qing,XIE Xiang-zhu,WANG Hao and WANG Yu-tang
  2013,126(24):4608-4611 [Abstract(774)]  [View PDF 443.50 K (627)]
Muscle mass loss and intermuscular lipid accumulation were associated with insulin resistance in patients receiving hemodialysis
  WANG Hui-ling,DING Ting-ting,LU Shi,XU Ye,TIAN Jun,HU Wei-feng and ZHANG Jin-yuan
  2013,126(24):4612-4617 [Abstract(836)]  [View PDF 1.24 M (664)]
Metabolic syndrome and coronary artery calcification: a community-based natural population study
  CAO Hui-li,CHEN Xiong-biao,LU Jin-guo,HOU Zhi-hui,TANG Xiang,GAO Yang,YU Fang-fang,JIANG Shi-liang,ZHAO Lian-cheng,LI Ying,Matthew J Budoff,Robert Detrano and LU Bin
  2013,126(24):4618-4623 [Abstract(786)]  [View PDF 656.64 K (562)]
Survival without common toxicity criteria grade 3/4 toxicity following second-line treatment with pemetrexed for nonsquamous non-small cell lung cancer in Chinese patients
  WU Yi-long,SUN Yan,ZHOU Cai-cun,ZHANG Li,YU Shi-ying,MA Sheng-lin,HAN Ling Lucia,ZHANG Xiao-qing Rosetta and Mauro Orlando
  2013,126(24):4624-4628 [Abstract(1052)]  [View PDF 486.96 K (788)]
Comparison of two different renorrhaphy techniques in retroperitoneal laparoscopic partial nephrectomy for complex tumor
  SHANG Ji-wen,MA Xin,ZHANG Xu,LI Hong-zhao and SHI Tao-ping
  2013,126(24):4629-4632 [Abstract(746)]  [View PDF 705.27 K (557)]
A new anastomosis method for choledochojejunostomy by the way behind antrue pyloricum
  YANG Xin-wei,YANG Jue,WANG Kui,ZHANG Bao-hua,SHEN Feng and WU Meng-chao
  2013,126(24):4633-4637 [Abstract(763)]  [View PDF 968.79 K (511)]
Usefulness of radial extracorporeal shock wave therapy for the spasticity of the subscapularis in patients with stroke: a pilot study
  Yong Wook Kim,Ji Cheol Shin,Jeong-Gyu Yoon,Yong-Kyun Kim and Sang Chul Lee
  2013,126(24):4638-4643 [Abstract(2896)]  [View PDF 697.94 K (1173)]
Efficacy and feasibility of gemcitabine and carboplatin as first-line chemotherapy in elderly patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer
  Kyu-Hyoung Lim,Hui-Young Lee and Seo-Young Song
  2013,126(24):4644-4648 [Abstract(774)]  [View PDF 440.69 K (579)]
What is the real practice of exercise echocardiographic testing in asymptomatic patients with severe aortic stenosis?
  Eun Jeong Cho,Sung-Ji Park,Jung-Eun Song,Seol-Hwa Kim,Yung-Joo Lee,Ji-Hye Gak,Sung-A Chang,Sang-Chol Lee and Seung Woo Park
  2013,126(24):4649-4654 [Abstract(657)]  [View PDF 491.38 K (519)]
Effect of long intermittent hemodialysis on improving dialysis adequacy of maintenance hemodialysis patients
  DAI Wen-di,ZHANG Dong-liang,CUI Wen-ying and LIU Wen-hu
  2013,126(24):4655-4659 [Abstract(714)]  [View PDF 627.93 K (510)]
Upregulation of glucosylceramide synthase protein in papillary thyroid carcinoma
  ZHANG Ke,SONG Ying-hua,LIN Xiao-yan,WANG Qiang-xiu,ZHANG Hua-wei and XU Jia-wen
  2013,126(24):4660-4664 [Abstract(589)]  [View PDF 1.60 M (435)]
Evaluation of the therapeutic efficiency of mandibular anterior implant-supported fixed bridges with cantilevers
  WU Min-jie,WANG Xiao-jing,ZOU Li-dong,XU Wei-hua and ZHANG Xiang-hao
  2013,126(24):4665-4669 [Abstract(878)]  [View PDF 1.04 M (534)]
Microsurgical transverse 2-suture intussusception vasoepididymostomy: effectiveness and rationality
  ZHANG Hao,HUANG Wen-tao,RUAN Xing-xing,LI Liao-yuan,DI Jin-ming,LIU Xiao-peng,XIAO Heng-jun,GAO Xin and ZHANG Yan
  2013,126(24):4670-4673 [Abstract(588)]  [View PDF 1.15 M (447)]
Outcomes of upper airway reconstructive surgery for obstructive sleep apnea syndrome based on polysomnography after nasopharyngeal tube insertion
  LI Shu-hua,WU Da-hai,BAO Ji-min and SHI Hong-jin
  2013,126(24):4674-4678 [Abstract(633)]  [View PDF 689.69 K (475)]
Association of β-adrenergic receptor genes polymorphisms with incidence of subsequent cardiovascular events in Han Chinese patients with coronary artery disease
  LI Zhi-gen,WU Hong,ZHOU Ying-ling,CHEN Zhu-jun,MENG Jin-xiu,YANG Jun-qing,CHEN Ji-yan and ZHONG Shi-long
  2013,126(24):4679-4684 [Abstract(623)]  [View PDF 739.26 K (547)]
Factors influencing clinical outcomes of acute ischemic stroke treated with intravenous recombinant tissue plasminogen activator
  HUANG Yin-hui,ZHUO Shi-tu,CHEN Ya-fang,LI Ming-mei,LIN You-yu,YANG Mei-li,CHEN Zhen-jie and CAI Ruo-wei
  2013,126(24):4685-4690 [Abstract(972)]  [View PDF 462.61 K (629)]
Anterior herniation of lumbar disc induces persistent visceral pain: discogenic visceral pain
  TANG Yuan-zhang,Moore-Langston Shannon,LAI Guang-hui,LI Xuan-ying,LI Na and NI Jia-xiang
  2013,126(24):4691-4695 [Abstract(966)]  [View PDF 761.10 K (756)]
Immune mechanism and clinical significance of macrophage to medullary hematopoietic injury of immune-related hematocytopenia patients
  SUN Li-fei,HAN Bing,WU Qiang-qiang,ZHANG Xiao-xi,DU Yan-hui,WANG Gui-chen,ZHANG Jin-biao and ZHANG Yan
  2013,126(24):4696-4702 [Abstract(742)]  [View PDF 1.88 M (513)]
Results of transvenous lead extraction of coronary sinus leads in patients with cardiac resynchronization therapy
  Christoph T. Starck,Etem Caliskan,Holger Klein,Jan Steffel,Felix Schoenrath and Volkmar Falk
  2013,126(24):4703-4706 [Abstract(564)]  [View PDF 614.30 K (424)]
Aliskiren ameliorates sympathetic nerve sprouting and suppresses the inducibility of ventricular tachyarrhythmia in postinfarcted rat heart
  JIA Yin-yu,BAO Zhi-wei,WEI Mei-fang,ZHU Jian-hua and GUI Le
  2013,126(24):4707-4714 [Abstract(706)]  [View PDF 4.93 M (520)]
A novel, recovery, and reproducible minimally invasive cardiopulmonary bypass model with lung injury in rats
  LI Ling-ke,CHENG Wei,LIU Dong-hai,ZHANG Jing,ZHU Yao-bin,QIAO Chen-hui and ZHANG Yan-bo
  2013,126(24):4715-4719 [Abstract(596)]  [View PDF 980.29 K (439)]
Influence of extract of Ginkgo biloba leaves tablets on the aquaporin-1 expression in isolated lung ischemia reperfusion
  LI Xiang-nan,YANG Ji-yao,PAN Xue,ZHAO Song,ZHANG Chun-yang,ZHU Deng-yan and WANG Peng
  2013,126(24):4720-4723 [Abstract(573)]  [View PDF 929.56 K (490)]
Elevated levels of mitochonrial respiratory complexes activities and ATP production in 17-β-estradiol-induced prolactin-secretory tumor cells in male rats are inhibited by melatonin in vivo and in vitro
  WANG Bao-qiang,YANG Quan-hui,XU Rong-kun and XU Jian-ning
  2013,126(24):4724-4730 [Abstract(748)]  [View PDF 488.95 K (504)]
Efficacy and safety of a novel nano-porous polymer-free sirolimus-eluting stent in pigs
  CHEN Ming,ZHENG Bo,WU Zheng,PENG Hong-yu,WANG Xin-gang,ZHANG bin and HUO Yong
  2013,126(24):4731-4735 [Abstract(655)]  [View PDF 1.17 M (469)]
Human decorin regulates proliferation and migration of human lung cancer A549 cells
  LIANG Shuo,XU Jin-fu,CAO Wei-jun,LI Hui-ping and HU Cheng-ping
  2013,126(24):4736-4741 [Abstract(879)]  [View PDF 2.50 M (722)]
Investigation on the optical scan condition for imaging of multi-slice spiral CT liver perfusion in rats
  BAI Rong-jie,WANG Jin-e,JIANG Hui-jie,HAO Xue-jia,DONG Xu-peng,HUANG Ya-hua and WEI Lai
  2013,126(24):4742-4746 [Abstract(881)]  [View PDF 1.73 M (583)]
Effect of CO2 pneumoperitoneum on the expression of the chemokine receptors CXCR4 and CCR7 in colorectal carcinoma cells in vitro
  YANG Chun-kang,LI Guo-dong,YING Min-gang and XU Ke
  2013,126(24):4747-4751 [Abstract(703)]  [View PDF 715.73 K (432)]
Short-term safety and efficacy of the biodegradable iron stent in mini-swine coronary arteries
  WU Chao,QIU Hong,HU Xiao-ying,RUAN Ying-mao,TIAN Yi,CHU Yan,XU Xin-lin,XU Liang,TANG Yue and GAO Run-lin
  2013,126(24):4752-4757 [Abstract(782)]  [View PDF 1.55 M (1480)]
Wnt3a enhances bone morphogenetic protein 9-induced osteogenic differentiation of C3H10T1/2 cells
  ZHANG Xiao,LIN Liang-bo,XU Dao-jing,CHEN Rong-fu,TAN Ji-xiang,LIANG Xi,HU Ning and HUANG Wei
  2013,126(24):4758-4763 [Abstract(795)]  [View PDF 2.26 M (615)]
Protective effects of penehyclidine hydrochloride on acute lung injury caused by severe dichlorvos poisoning in swine
  CUI Juan,LI Chun-sheng,HE Xin-hua and SONG Yu-guo
  2013,126(24):4764-4770 [Abstract(762)]  [View PDF 2.13 M (609)]


A comparative study on the medium-long term results of endovascular repair and open surgical repair in the management of ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysms
  HAN Yan-shuo,ZHANG Jian,XIA Qian,LIU Zhi-min,ZHANG Xiao-yu,WU Xiao-yu,LUN Yu,XIN Shi-jie,DUAN Zhi-quan and XU Ke
  2013,126(24):4771-4779 [Abstract(989)]  [View PDF 723.94 K (653)]
Association between C-reactive protein gene +1059 G/C polymorphism and the risk of coronary heart disease: a meta-analysis
  LI Cong-sheng,GUO Bi-rong,GUO Zeng,YANG Jing,ZHENG Hou-feng and WANG Ai-ling
  2013,126(24):4780-4785 [Abstract(678)]  [View PDF 900.62 K (527)]

Criteria and guidance

Criteria and practical guidance for determination of brain death in adults (BQCC version)
  Brain Injury Evaluation Quality Control Centre of National Health and Family Planning Commission
  2013,126(24):4786-4790 [Abstract(1018)]  [View PDF 326.44 K (580)]


Transcranial Doppler for detection of changes in ophthalmic artery blood flow
  TANG Si-meng,LI Qian,GAO Feng-ling,WANG Yan-ling,ZHAO Lu,WANG Kang,HUANG Ying-xiang and GAO Li-xin
  2013,126(24):4791-4793 [Abstract(653)]  [View PDF 716.73 K (474)]
Mechanism of improved speech production by voice cues in nonfluent aphasia patients
  LI Wen-bing and ZHANG Tong
  2013,126(24):4794-4796 [Abstract(627)]  [View PDF 390.34 K (428)]
Diagnosis and treatment of autoimmune pancreatitis: analysis of six cases
  MEI Jin-hua,CAI Xiu-jun,LIANG Xiao,WU Jia-guo,ZHENG Wei-liang and ZHANG Qiao-wei
  2013,126(24):4797-4799 [Abstract(609)]  [View PDF 578.78 K (488)]


Management of the occlusion and stenosis of the aortic arch branches in the course of Takayasu’s arteritis
  Ireneusz Nawrot,Tomasz Ciąćka,Olgierd Rowiński and Jacek Szmidt
  2013,126(24):4800-4801 [Abstract(665)]  [View PDF 539.98 K (443)]
Clinical signs and genetic sequencing of benign recurrent intrahepatic cholestasis
  ZE Xing-yu,ZHAO Xin-yan,JIANG Jun,JIA Ji-dong,WANG Tai-ling and WANG Bao-en
  2013,126(24):4802-4803 [Abstract(852)]  [View PDF 507.26 K (623)]
Surgical treatment of multivessel lesions in Takayasu arteritis
  DIAO Yong-peng,LIU Chang-wei,SONG Xiao-jun,CHEN Yue-xin,GUO Li-long,LIAN Li-shan and LI Yong-jun
  2013,126(24):4804-4805 [Abstract(1144)]  [View PDF 1017.97 K (471)]
Hepatic ectopic pregnancy treated successfully by hepatectomy
  QIAO Jiang-chun,CHANG Zhi-gang,WEI Jun-min,LIU Yan-nan,CUI Hong-yuan and ZHANG Yi
  2013,126(24):4806 [Abstract(878)]  [View PDF 633.36 K (311)]
Off-pump surgery for coronary artery disease combined with mitral stenosis
  LI Hai-tao,YU Yang,HUANG Xin-sheng and GU Cheng-xiong
  2013,126(24):4807-4808 [Abstract(369)]  [View PDF 629.58 K (430)]
How to interpret low human chorionic gonadotropin levels in cerebrospinal fluid of patients with intracranial germinoma?
  CONG Lu,TIAN Cheng-lin,WANG Xiang-qing,DONG Zhao,ZHANG Jia-tang and YU Sheng-yuan
  2013,126(24):4809-4810 [Abstract(497)]  [View PDF 546.21 K (437)]


Assessing risk factors of perioperative major cardiac events in elderly patients with coronary heart disease undergoing noncardiac surgery
  WANG Shi-yu,XUE Fu-shan,CHENG Yi,LI Rui-ping and CUI Xin-long
  2013,126(24):4811 [Abstract(569)]  [View PDF 233.31 K (382)]
Structural concept of intracranial cavernous angioma for the surgical treatment
  Rei Enatsu,Masato Matsumoto,Minoru Asahi and Osamu Hirai
  2013,126(24):4812 [Abstract(551)]  [View PDF 465.97 K (415)]
H7N9 viral pneumonia: asymmetric and irregular changes on computed tomography
  MA Qian and SHI Yu-xin
  2013,126(24):4813 [Abstract(735)]  [View PDF 461.51 K (460)]
Propylthiouracil induced antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibodies-associated vasculitis
  LIU Hui-lin,GAO Mei-juan,ZHENG Ya-an and LIU Gui-hua
  2013,126(24):4814 [Abstract(591)]  [View PDF 364.67 K (434)]
Support or not to support the left ventricle in patients with acute myocardial infarction complicated by cardiogenic shock?
  Murat Atalay,Mehmet Tezcan,Murat Yalcin,Gokhan Degirmencioglu and Ejder Kardesoglu
  2013,126(24):4815 [Abstract(545)]  [View PDF 218.40 K (412)]
Transition of hospital accreditation management in China
  WANG Ming-xiao,OU Lin and GAO Yan
  2013,126(24):4816 [Abstract(538)]  [View PDF 265.84 K (360)]
Cardiac resynchronization therapy arrhythmogenic mechanism in a canine heart failure model
  ZHANG Feng,YAN Yi-wen,MENG Wei-dong and WANG Fang
  2013,126(24):4817 [Abstract(462)]  [View PDF 257.35 K (369)]

Subject Index

Subject Index Chinese Medical Journal Volume 126, 2013
  2013,126(24):4818-4840 [Abstract(427)]  [View PDF 500.46 K (502)]