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Effects of Sorafenib combined with chemoembolization and radiofrequency ablation for large, unresectable hepatocellular carcinomas
  梁恒毅,陆骊工,胡宝山,李勇 and 邵培坚
  2013,126(22) [Abstract(365)]  [View PDF]

Supplementary note

Dynesys dynamic stabilization system for the lumbar degenerative disease: a preliminary report from China
  李海鹏,fang li,kai guan,guangming zhao,jianlin shan,tiansheng sun
  2013,126(22) [Abstract(241)]  [View PDF]


The effect of spectacles refractive correction on ocular optical quality measurement using double pass system
  万修华,蔡啸谷,乔利亚,张烨,Vishal Jhanji, and 王宁利
  2013,126(22) [Abstract(393)]  [View PDF]
Clinical and microbiological features of community acquired and nosocomial bloodstream infections in the surgical department of a tertiary care hospital in Beijing
  2013,126(22) [Abstract(253)]  [View PDF]
Differential diagnosis of isolated calf muscular venous thrombosis and gastrocnemius hematoma by high-frequency color Doppler ultrasound
  2013,126(22) [Abstract(237)]  [View PDF]
Analysis of tear protein spectrum of Graves’ ophthalmopathy
  江利红 and
  2013,126(22) [Abstract(271)]  [View PDF]


Good news for end stage renal disease patients
  CHEN Zhu
  2013,126(22):4203 [Abstract(1029)]  [View PDF 287.48 K (622)]


Efficacy and safety of Changfu peritoneal dialysis solution: a multi-center prospective randomized controlled trial
  ZHOU Jian-hui,NI Zhao-hui,MEI Chang-lin,YU Xue-qing,LIU Fu-you,MIAO Li-ning,LIU Zhi-hong,YUAN Wei-jie,ZHANG Ai-ping,LIN Hong-li,CHEN Meng-hua,CHEN Jiang-hua,ZHANG Jin-yuan,HE Ya-ni,CHEN Jian,ZHAO Jiu-yang,DING Xiao-qiang,LI Ying,LI Rong-shan,XIE Ru-juan,LIU Wen-hu,XING Chang-ying,WANG Rong,DENG Yue-yi,CAO Xue-ying,CAI Guang-yan,MOU Shan,MAO Zhi-guo,YANG Xiao,LIU Hong,SUN Jing,YU Yu-sheng,LIU Jun,SHI Shu-mei,LI Long-kai,TIAN Na,ZHANG Xiao-hui,ZHOU Wei,YANG Jie,ZHANG Yong,SUN Jing-di,JI Jun,ZHANG Tao,YAN Yan,LIU Xiao-gang,WANG Gang,ZHANG Li,ZHANG Hong,LUO Jian-hua and CHEN Xiang-mei
  2013,126(22):4204-4209 [Abstract(1094)]  [View PDF 767.66 K (828)]
Twenty-year trends in major cardiovascular risk factors in hospitalized patients with acute myocardial infarction in Beijing
  CAO Cheng-fu,REN Jing-yi,ZHOU Xiang-hai,LI Su-fang and CHEN Hong
  2013,126(22):4210-4215 [Abstract(835)]  [View PDF 727.95 K (500)]
Reduction of atrial fibrillation in remotely monitored pacemaker patients: results from a Chinese multicentre registry
  CHEN Ke-ping,DAI Yan,HUA Wei,YANG Jie-fu,LI Kang,LIANG Zhao-guang,SHEN Fa-rong,CHEN Si-lin,SU Yan-gang,DING Yan-sheng and ZHANG Shu
  2013,126(22):4216-4221 [Abstract(839)]  [View PDF 538.43 K (560)]
Utility of echocardiographic tissue synchronization imaging to redirect left ventricular epicardial lead placement for cardiac resynchronization therapy
  ZHANG Ye,LI Zhi-an,HE Yi-hua,ZHANG Hai-bo and MENG Xu
  2013,126(22):4222-4226 [Abstract(581)]  [View PDF 1.47 M (515)]
Left atrial minimum volume by real-time three-dimensional echocardiography as an indicator of diastolic dysfunction
  LIN Qiong-wen,WANG Wu-gang,WU Wei-chun and WANG Hao
  2013,126(22):4227-4231 [Abstract(606)]  [View PDF 791.86 K (433)]
Clinical values of intraoperative indocyanine green fluorescence video angiography with Flow 800 software in cerebrovascular surgery
  YE Xun,LIU Xing-ju,MA Li,LIU Ling-tong,WANG Wen-lei,WANG Shuo,CAO Yong,ZHANG Dong,WANG Rong,ZHAO Ji-zong and ZHAO Yuan-li
  2013,126(22):4232-4237 [Abstract(828)]  [View PDF 2.19 M (608)]
Screening of pathogenic genes in Chinese patients with arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy
  BAO Jing-ru,WANG Ji-zheng,YAO Yan,WANG Yi-lu,FAN Xiao-han,SUN Kai,ZHANG Shu,HUI Ru-tai and SONG Lei
  2013,126(22):4238-4241 [Abstract(845)]  [View PDF 388.58 K (564)]
Clinical and microbiological features of community-acquired and nosocomial bloodstream infections in the surgical department of a tertiary-care hospital in Beijing
  LÜ You,GUO Peng,YE Ying-jiang,WANG Hui,SHEN Zhan-long,WANG Qi,ZHAO Chun-jiang,GAO Zhi-dong,ZHANG Xin,CAO Jian,JIANG Ke-wei and WANG Shan
  2013,126(22):4242-4246 [Abstract(573)]  [View PDF 434.29 K (480)]
Are there any disbenefits to patients in choosing laparoscopic gastrectomy by an expert in open gastrectomy? Aspects of surgical outcome and radicality of lymphadenectomy
  Seung Soo Lee and In Ho Kim
  2013,126(22):4247-4253 [Abstract(550)]  [View PDF 479.93 K (410)]
Monitoring the source of mesenchymal stem cells in patients after transplantation of mismatched-sex hematopoietic stem cells plus third-party cells
  WANG Jing,HUANG Xiao-jun,XU Lan-ping,LIU Dai-hong,CHEN Huan,CHEN Yu-hong,LAI Yue-yun,HOU Rui-qin,QIN Xiao-ying and LIU Kai-yan
  2013,126(22):4254-4259 [Abstract(712)]  [View PDF 639.05 K (346)]
Value of T cell receptor gamma alternate reading frame protein and keratin 5 in endometrial carcinoma
  ZHAO Li-jun,LI Xiao-ping,QI Wen-juan,WANG Jian-liu and WEI Li-hui
  2013,126(22):4260-4264 [Abstract(756)]  [View PDF 852.88 K (401)]
Dynesys dynamic stabilization system for the lumbar degenerative disease: a preliminary report from China
  LI Hai-peng,LI Fang,GUAN Kai,ZHAO Guang-ming,SHAN Jian-lin and SUN Tian-sheng
  2013,126(22):4265-4269 [Abstract(812)]  [View PDF 567.35 K (688)]
Effects of sorafenib combined with chemoembolization and radiofrequency ablation for large, unresectable hepatocellular carcinomas
  LIANG Heng-yi,LU Li-gong,HU Bao-shan,LI Yong and SHAO Pei-jian
  2013,126(22):4270-4276 [Abstract(748)]  [View PDF 543.30 K (500)]
Famitinib in metastatic renal cell carcinoma: a single center study
  ZHANG Wen,ZHOU Ai-ping,QIN Qiong,CHANG Chun-xiao,JIANG Hao-yuan,MA Jian-hui and WANG Jin-wan
  2013,126(22):4277-4281 [Abstract(690)]  [View PDF 644.50 K (587)]
Total liquid ventilation reduces oleic acid-induced lung injury in piglets
  ZHU Yao-bin,LIU Dong-hai,ZHANG Yan-bo,LIU Ai-jun,FAN Xiang-ming,QIAO Chen-hui,WANG Qiang and LIU Ying-long
  2013,126(22):4282-4288 [Abstract(594)]  [View PDF 1.13 M (403)]
Effect of refractive correction on ocular optical quality measurement using double-pass system
  WAN Xiu-hua,CAI Xiao-gu,QIAO Li-ya,ZHANG Ye,TAN Jia-xuan,Jhanji Vishal and WANG Ning-li
  2013,126(22):4289-4294 [Abstract(596)]  [View PDF 514.76 K (460)]
Plasma levels of tissue inhibitor of matrix metalloproteinase-1 correlate with diagnosis and prognosis of glioma patients
  LIN Yi,WANG Jiang-fei,GAO Guang-zu,ZHANG Guo-zhen,WANG Fei-long and WANG Yun-jie
  2013,126(22):4295-4300 [Abstract(515)]  [View PDF 611.83 K (333)]
Effect of epidural analgesia with 0.075% ropivacaine versus 0.1% ropivacaine on the maternal temperature during labor: a randomized controlled study
  YUE Hong-li,SHAO Liu-jiazi,LI Jin,WANG Ya-nan,WANG Lei and HAN Ru-quan
  2013,126(22):4301-4305 [Abstract(924)]  [View PDF 476.50 K (757)]
Eye-movement study during visual search in Chinese children with developmental dyslexia
  LI Xiu-hong,JING Jin,YANG De-sheng,WANG Hui,WANG Qing-xiong,SONG Shan-shan and FAN Fang
  2013,126(22):4306-4311 [Abstract(693)]  [View PDF 653.94 K (568)]
Diagnostic value of endobronchial ultrasound-guided transbronchial needle aspiration in intrapulmonary lesions
  ZHAO Hui,XIE Zhen,ZHOU Zu-li,SUI Xi-zhao and WANG Jun
  2013,126(22):4312-4315 [Abstract(1071)]  [View PDF 800.90 K (536)]
Relationship between AQP4 expression and structural damage to the blood-brain barrier at early stages of traumatic brain injury in rats
  LU Hong,LEI Xiao-yan,HU Hui and HE Zhan-ping
  2013,126(22):4316-4321 [Abstract(1000)]  [View PDF 2.46 M (871)]
Mitogen-activated protein kinase-activated protein kinase 2 regulates tumor necrosis factor-induced interleukin-6 expression via human antigen R
  XU Jin,SU Xin,SHI Jia-xin,SUN He,WU Ting and SHI Yi
  2013,126(22):4322-4326 [Abstract(816)]  [View PDF 752.35 K (539)]
Receptor interacting protein 1 involved in ultraviolet B induced NIH3T3 cell apoptosis through expression of matrix metalloproteinases and reactive oxygen species production
  YAN Yan,LI Li,XU Hao-xiang,PENG Shi-guang,QU Tao and WANG Bao-xi
  2013,126(22):4327-4333 [Abstract(868)]  [View PDF 1.52 M (1243)]
Performance of the microscopic observation drug susceptibility assay in pyrazinamide susceptibility testing for Mycobacterium tuberculosis
  HUANG Zi-kun,LUO Qing,JIANG Bi-xia,LI Wei-ting,XU Xiao-meng,XIONG Guo-liang and LI Jun-ming
  2013,126(22):4334-4339 [Abstract(636)]  [View PDF 518.31 K (521)]


Duct-to-mucosa versus invagination pancreaticojejunostomy after pancreaticoduodenectomy: a meta-analysis
  BAI Xue-li,ZHANG Qi,Noman Masood,Waqas Masood,GAO Shun-liang,ZHANG Yun,Shazmeen Shahed and LIANG Ting-bo
  2013,126(22):4340-4347 [Abstract(1493)]  [View PDF 963.19 K (794)]


Old age security in rural China: there is a long way to go
  DAI Bao-zhen,ZHOU Lu-lin and Y John Mei
  2013,126(22):4348-4353 [Abstract(1022)]  [View PDF 393.40 K (663)]
Association between clinical features and prognosis of patients with limb-shaking transient ischemic attack
  MA Qing-feng,HUANG Qiang,ZHANG Qian,FAN Chun-qiu,GUO Xiu-hai and WU Jian
  2013,126(22):4354-4357 [Abstract(851)]  [View PDF 400.93 K (660)]
Role of mitochondria in the pathogenesis and treatment of glaucoma
  YANG Xue-jiao,GE Jian and ZHUO Ye-hong
  2013,126(22):4358-4365 [Abstract(1159)]  [View PDF 606.77 K (828)]


Atrial fibrillation in China
  XU Kai and LIU Xu
  2013,126(22):4366-4370 [Abstract(934)]  [View PDF 338.60 K (502)]
Clinical manifestations of imaging demonstrations of AIDS-related nervous system infections
  LI Hong-jun,LI Yun-fang,LI Ning,MI Hai-feng and CHENG Jing-liang
  2013,126(22):4371-4379 [Abstract(932)]  [View PDF 3.46 M (370)]
Treatments of disease relapse after allogeneic stem cell transplantation focusing on donor lymphocyte infusion
  LIU Hong-tao,LIU Dai-hong,HUANG Xiao-jun,Andrew Artz and Michael R. Bishop
  2013,126(22):4380-4388 [Abstract(737)]  [View PDF 386.41 K (566)]


Effects of shensongyangxin capsule on heart rate turbulence and heart rate variability in chronic heart failure
  YANG Zhen,YU Xin and YU Mei-ling
  2013,126(22):4389-4391 [Abstract(1119)]  [View PDF 396.40 K (425)]
Genetic and phenotypic characteristics of six Chinese families with X-linked juvenile retinoschisis
  TIAN Rong,JIANG Ru-xin and CHEN You-xin
  2013,126(22):4392-4394 [Abstract(639)]  [View PDF 1016.50 K (504)]
Cilostazol reduces microalbuminuria in type 2 diabetic nephropathy
  JIAO Xiu-min,JIAO Xiu-juan,ZHANG Xing-guang,XU Xiu-ping,WU Jin-xiao,YAO Lu,ZHAO Jing and LÜ Xiao-feng
  2013,126(22):4395-4396 [Abstract(819)]  [View PDF 284.20 K (530)]


Familial tendency in aortic dissection: a value of screening relatives
  Emre Yalcinkaya,Baris Bugan and Murat Celik
  2013,126(22):4259 [Abstract(1032)]  [View PDF 639.05 K (532)]
Recurrent double coronary artery-pulmonary fistulae one year after surgical ligation
  MU Jun-sheng,ZHANG Jian-qun,ZHOU Fan and NIU Hong-xing
  2013,126(22):4288 [Abstract(516)]  [View PDF 1.13 M (344)]
Left ventricular free wall rupture during late mechanical reperfusion for acute myocardial infarction
  YANG Hong-bo,HUANG Dong,ZHANG Feng,GE Lei,QIAN Ju-ying and GE Jun-bo
  2013,126(22):4300 [Abstract(620)]  [View PDF 611.83 K (443)]
Surveillance of drug-resistance in Mycoplasma pneumoniae and analysis of clinical features of Mycoplasma pneumoniae pneumonia in childhood
  DONG Xiao-pei,DONG Yan-qing,MA Lan,ZHANG Zhong-hao,JIANG Yue and XIN De-li
  2013,126(22):4339 [Abstract(620)]  [View PDF 518.31 K (453)]
Inflammatory malignant fibrous histiocytoma of the lung combined with fungal infection
  LI Ji-qiang,ZHANG Ji-ren,LI Long,JIANG Zhao-jing,LI Xu-feng,ZENG Rong and ZHENG Yan-fang
  2013,126(22):4379 [Abstract(460)]  [View PDF 3.46 M (478)]
Two-directional intercoronary communication: visualization of a very rare coronary anomaly and cause of ischemia
  Abdulmelik Yildiz,Fatih Tekiner,Kanber Öcal Karabay and Atilla Bitigen
  2013,126(22):4391 [Abstract(478)]  [View PDF 396.40 K (292)]
Still unsettled issue: antiplatelet therapy after stenting in patients taking oral anticoagulants
  Murat Atalay,Mehmet Tezcan,Murat Yalcin,Zafer Isilak and Ejder Kardesoglu
  2013,126(22):4397 [Abstract(443)]  [View PDF 217.12 K (454)]
A case of myocardial abscess induced by Staphylococcus aureus with typical electrocardiogram of acute myocardial infarction
  XU Gang and HU Hou-yuan
  2013,126(22):4398 [Abstract(466)]  [View PDF 940.94 K (408)]
A case with non-typical clinical course of H7N9 avian influenza
  ZHENG Yu-fang,CAO Ye,LU Yun-fei,XI Xiu-hong,QIAN Zhi-ping,Lowrie Douglas,LIU Xi-nian,WANG Yan-bin,ZHANG Qi,LU Shui-hua and LU Hong-zhou
  2013,126(22):4399 [Abstract(926)]  [View PDF 301.41 K (507)]
A case of sarcoidosis with systemic sclerosis
  REN Xin-xin,HOU Shao-wei,LI Zheng-feng,MA Wei,LI Ying,LIU Lin and XU Li-min
  2013,126(22):4400 [Abstract(514)]  [View PDF 722.28 K (451)]