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Biologic therapies in type 1 diabetes: how far are they from us?
  DENG Chao,XIANG Yu-fei and ZHOU Zhi-guang
  2013,126(21):4003-4005 [Abstract(913)]  [View PDF 337.88 K (626)]


Change of glutamic acid decarboxylase antibody and protein tyrosine phosphatase antibody in Chinese patients with acute-onset type 1 diabetes mellitus
  CHAO Chen,HUANG Gan,LI Xia,YANG Lin,LIN Jian,JIN Ping,LUO Shuo-ming,ZHANG Yi-yu,PAN Ling-ling and ZHOU Zhi-guang
  2013,126(21):4006-4012 [Abstract(823)]  [View PDF 560.57 K (572)]
Replication of association study between type 2 diabetes mellitus and IGF2BP2 in Han Chinese population
  ZHANG Si-min,XIAO Jian-zhong,REN Qian,HAN Xue-yao,TANG Yong,YANG Wen-ying and JI Li-nong
  2013,126(21):4013-4018 [Abstract(879)]  [View PDF 498.70 K (631)]
Correlation between blood glucose fluctuations and activation of oxidative stress in type 1 diabetic children during the acute metabolic disturbance period
  WU Di,GONG Chun-xiu,MENG Xi and YANG Qiu-lan
  2013,126(21):4019-4022 [Abstract(991)]  [View PDF 450.03 K (584)]
Cross-sectional association of serum C-reactive protein and uric acid with albuminuria in Chinese type 2 diabetic patients
  LING Yan,LI Xiao-mu and GAO Xin
  2013,126(21):4023-4029 [Abstract(713)]  [View PDF 574.50 K (681)]
Basal insulin therapy strategy is superior to premixed insulin therapy in the perioperative period blood glucose management
  HUANG Qing-xian,LOU Fu-chen,WANG Ping,LIU Qian,WANG Kun,ZHANG Li,ZHU Lei,YU Shan,XU Hua,WANG Qian,ZHANG Ying and HOU Wei-kai
  2013,126(21):4030-4036 [Abstract(865)]  [View PDF 494.31 K (646)]
Effects of glucose and insulin on the H9c2 (2-1) cell proliferation may be mediated through regulating glucose transporter 4 expression
  LIU Qian,HUANG Qing-xian,LOU Fu-chen,ZHANG Li,WANG Kun,YU Shan,XU Hua,WANG Qian,ZHANG Ying and HOU Wei-kai
  2013,126(21):4037-4042 [Abstract(1095)]  [View PDF 760.05 K (626)]
Effect of depot medroxyprogesterone acetate on bone mineral density in adolescent women
  ZHANG Mei-hua,ZHANG Wei,ZHANG Ai-dong,YANG Yan and GAI Ling
  2013,126(21):4043-4047 [Abstract(919)]  [View PDF 430.99 K (617)]
Suppressor of cytokine signaling 1 protects rat pancreatic islets from cytokine-induced apoptosis through Janus kinase/signal transducers and activators of transcription pathway
  SUN Qi,XIANG Ruo-lan,YANG Yan-li,FENG Kai,ZHANG Kui and DING Wen-yi
  2013,126(21):4048-4053 [Abstract(1164)]  [View PDF 786.47 K (519)]
Pioglitazone inhibits the expression of nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate oxidase and p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase in rat mesangial cells
  WANG Shan,YE Shan-dong,SUN Wen-jia and HU Yuan-yuan
  2013,126(21):4054-4059 [Abstract(670)]  [View PDF 960.55 K (485)]
Oral fibrinogen-depleting agent lumbrokinase for secondary ischemic stroke prevention: results from a multicenter, randomized, parallel-group and controlled clinical trial
  CAO Yong-jun,ZHANG Xia,WANG Wan-hua,ZHAI Wan-qing,QIAN Ju-fen,WANG Jian-sheng,CHEN Jun,YOU Nian-xing,ZHAO Zhong,WU Qiu-yi,XU Yuan,YUAN Lei,LI Rui-xia and LIU Chun-feng
  2013,126(21):4060-4065 [Abstract(1076)]  [View PDF 524.09 K (743)]
Differences in the population of genetics of Mycobacterium tuberculosis between urban migrants and local residents in Beijing, China
  DAI Guang-ming,ZHANG Zhi-guo,DING Peng-ju,ZHANG Qian,WANG Li,WANG Li-xia,Dick van Soolingen,HUANG Hai-rong,LI Wei-min and LI Chuan-you
  2013,126(21):4066-4071 [Abstract(758)]  [View PDF 1.17 M (596)]
Efficacy and tolerability of a single-pill combination of telmisartan/hydrochlorothiazide 80/25 mg in Chinese and Korean patients with moderate to severe hypertension: a subgroup analysis of a randomized, double-blind, active-controlled trial
  ZHU Ding-liang,GAO Ping-jin,LIU Shao-wen,Myung Ho Jeong,Michaela Mattheus and Birgit Voelker
  2013,126(21):4072-4077 [Abstract(985)]  [View PDF 560.37 K (676)]
Changes of cerebrospinal fluid pressure after thoracic endovascular aortic repair
  XUE Ling,LUO Jian-fang,LIU Yuan,HUANG Wen-hui,NI Zhong-han,HE Peng-cheng,XIE Nian-jin,FAN Rui-xin,LUO Song-yuan and CHEN Ji-yan
  2013,126(21):4078-4082 [Abstract(916)]  [View PDF 443.61 K (404)]
Postoperative diaphragmatic paralysis after cardiac surgery in children: incidence, diagnosis and surgical management
  ZHANG Yan-bo,WANG Xu,LI Shou-jun,YANG Ke-ming,SHENG Xiang-dong and YAN Jun
  2013,126(21):4083-4087 [Abstract(990)]  [View PDF 424.77 K (950)]
Granulocyte colony-stimulating factor regulates JNK pathway to alleviate damage after cerebral ischemia reperfusion
  LI Ya-guo,LIU Xiao-li and ZHENG Chao-bo
  2013,126(21):4088-4092 [Abstract(750)]  [View PDF 1.05 M (452)]
Persistent asthma increases the risk of chronic kidney disease: a retrospective cohort study of 2354 patients with asthma
  LIU Dong-wei,ZHEN Xing-gang,LIANG Yan,JING Xiao-gang,ZHANG Tie-shuan,ZHANG Guo-jun and LIU Zhang-suo
  2013,126(21):4093-4099 [Abstract(824)]  [View PDF 604.47 K (617)]
Suppressing SNAP-25 and reversing glial glutamate transporters relieves neuropathic pain in rats by ameliorating imbalanced neurotrans mission
  LIU Chang,GUO Qu-lian,HUANG Chang-sheng,ZOU Wang-yuan and SONG Zong-bin
  2013,126(21):4100-4104 [Abstract(662)]  [View PDF 613.23 K (538)]
Clinical analysis and risk stratification of ventricular septal rupture following acute myocardial infarction
  HU Xiao-ying,QIU Hong,QIAO Shu-bin,KANG Lian-ming,SONG Lei,ZHANG Jun,TAN Xiao-yan,WU Yuan,YANG Yue-jin,GAO Run-lin and CHEN Zai-jia
  2013,126(21):4105-4108 [Abstract(719)]  [View PDF 450.21 K (596)]
A preliminary study of genes related to concomitant chemoradiotherapy resistance in advanced uterine cervical squamous cell carcinoma
  AN Ju-sheng,HUANG Man-ni,SONG Yong-mei,LI Nan,WU Ling-ying and ZHAN Qi-min
  2013,126(21):4109-4115 [Abstract(790)]  [View PDF 1.15 M (530)]
Reversion effects of curcumin on multidrug resistance of MNNG/HOS human osteosarcoma cells in vitro and in vivo through regulation of P-glycoprotein
  SI Meng,ZHAO Jie,LI Xin,TIAN Ji-guang,LI Yong-gang and LI Jian-min
  2013,126(21):4116-4123 [Abstract(1118)]  [View PDF 2.05 M (801)]
Patients after colostomy: relationship between quality of life and acceptance of disability and social support
  ZHANG Tie-ling,HU Ai-ling,XU Hong-lian,ZHENG Mei-chun and LIANG Ming-juan
  2013,126(21):4124-4131 [Abstract(1327)]  [View PDF 553.53 K (1018)]
Cbl-b and PI3K/Akt pathway are differently involved in oxygen-glucose deprivation preconditioning in PC12 cells
  ZHANG Wei,YU Huan,ZOU Wei,WANG Yan-fu,LIANG Xiao-feng,ZHANG Bo,KONG Jing-jing,LI Pai,ZHANG Duo-duo and YIN Lin
  2013,126(21):4132-4138 [Abstract(1148)]  [View PDF 3.17 M (523)]
Prognostic value of lymph node ratio in hypopharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma after chemoradiotherapy
  YU Yue,WANG Xiao-lei,XU Zhen-gang,FAN Cheng-cheng and LI Qing
  2013,126(21):4139-4144 [Abstract(541)]  [View PDF 574.26 K (427)]
Recombinant human thrombopoietin in combination with cyclosporin A as a novel therapy in corticosteroid-resistant primary immune thrombocytopenia
  CUI Zhong-guang,LIU Xin-guang,QIN Ping,HOU Ming,WU Shao-ling,PENG Jun,ZHAO Hong-guo,WANG Hong-yi and ZHAO Chun-ting
  2013,126(21):4145-4148 [Abstract(785)]  [View PDF 431.89 K (638)]
Difference of dilation resistance to coronary stenting between fibrous plaques and lipid-rich plaques
  ZHOU Yi,CHEN Man-hua,YANG Kai,XIONG Cai-jin,CHEN Gang,YANG Fei-yan and TAN Gang
  2013,126(21):4149-4153 [Abstract(511)]  [View PDF 864.90 K (1475)]


Role of Lactobacillus in the prevention of Clostridium difficile-associated diarrhea: a meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials
  WU Zhi-juan,DU Xi and ZHENG Jian
  2013,126(21):4154-4161 [Abstract(1771)]  [View PDF 1.58 M (840)]


Glycation of high-density lipoprotein in type 2 diabetes mellitus
  SUN Jia-teng,SHEN Ying,LÜ An-kang,LU Lin and SHEN Wei-feng
  2013,126(21):4162-4165 [Abstract(999)]  [View PDF 435.80 K (634)]
Efficacy and safety of insulin treatment in type 2 diabetes using a new index called glucose safety control index
  CAI Xiao-ling,LUO Ying-ying,HAN Xue-yao and JI Li-nong
  2013,126(21):4166-4174 [Abstract(893)]  [View PDF 563.66 K (807)]
Role of signaling pathways and miRNAs in chronic lymphocytic leukemia
  LI Pei-pei and WANG Xin
  2013,126(21):4175-4182 [Abstract(1392)]  [View PDF 575.43 K (886)]


Coronary bypass grafting in Chinese patients dependent on maintenance dialysis
  LIU Xing-rong,LIU Jian-zhou,MIAO Qi,MA Guo-tao,ZHANG Chao-ji,LI Xiao-feng and CAO Li-hua
  2013,126(21):4183-4185 [Abstract(513)]  [View PDF 310.37 K (429)]
Propofol inhibits neuronal differentiation of mouse embryonic stem cells in vitro
  WANG Hao,LUO Zhe,XUE Zhang-gang and CANG Jing
  2013,126(21):4186-4188 [Abstract(618)]  [View PDF 806.20 K (480)]
Efficiency analysis of stenting for acute colorectal obstruction
  ZHANG Na-na,LI Peng and ZHANG Shu-tian
  2013,126(21):4189-4191 [Abstract(837)]  [View PDF 357.26 K (410)]
A novel arg616Cys mutation in the DNA-binding domain of complete androgen insensitivity syndrome in a Chinese family
  ZHOU Lu and WANG Chen-hong
  2013,126(21):4192-4193 [Abstract(492)]  [View PDF 727.44 K (394)]


Clinical variability in onset of influenza A (H7N9) infection
  WANG Shu-ying,REN Shu-hua,HUANG Mei-xian,YU Dao-jun,SHEN Qiang,ZHAO Hong-feng,LÜ Qiao-hong and QIAN Shen-xian
  2013,126(21):4194-4196 [Abstract(787)]  [View PDF 646.28 K (1035)]


A case of metastatic scalp angiosarcoma presenting as multiple thin-walled lung cysts and pneumothorax
  XU Li-li,DAI Hua-ping,CHEN Wen-hui,JIN Mu-lan and ZHANG Yu-hui
  2013,126(21):4197 [Abstract(570)]  [View PDF 632.29 K (405)]
Severe mitral valve stenosis with left atrial thrombus in the puerperium: to treat or to observe?
  GONG Qi-hua,XIANG Dao-kang,ZHANG Da-guo and LIU Xiao-bin
  2013,126(21):4198 [Abstract(643)]  [View PDF 377.55 K (360)]
Renal denervation for “resistant ventricular tachycardia”: a potential treatment option?
  CHEN Shao-jie,CHEN Wei-jie,SU Li,LING Zhi-yu,LIU Zeng-zhang and YIN Yue-hui
  2013,126(21):4199 [Abstract(745)]  [View PDF 303.70 K (504)]

Supplementary note

Supplementary note
  2013,126(21):4199 [Abstract(412)]  [View PDF 303.70 K (237)]