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Anticancer and apoptotic effects of andrographolide in BGC-823 human gastric cancer cells
  2013,126(19) [Abstract(234)]  [View PDF]
Risk factors of postoperative hospital stay after Pancreaticoduodenectomy-a retrospective studyXie Yibin, MD, Wang Chengfeng, Zhao Dongbing, MD, Shan Yi, Bai Xiaofeng, MD, Sun Yuemin, MD,Chen Yingtai,MD,Cai Jianqiang, Zhao Ping,MD,Tian Yantao, MD,
  2013,126(19) [Abstract(267)]  [View PDF]


Clinical experience with multiple stents in the complex thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysms: report of six cases
  2013,126(19) [Abstract(361)]  [View PDF]


Change in Anterior Chamber Depth Following VitrectomyLI Yang1,YANG Chengxun1, QING Guoping1, WEI Wenbin 1
  2013,126(19) [Abstract(259)]  [View PDF]
Evaluation of the efficacy and safety of tiotropium bromide (5 ug) inhaled via Respimat in Chinese patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  TANG Yan,Dan Massey and ZHONG Nan-shan
  2013,126(19):3603-3607 [Abstract(1524)]  [View PDF 503.00 K (1222)]
CD8+ Tc-lymphocytes immunodeviation in peripheral blood and airway from patients of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and changes after short-term smoking cessation
  YU Mu-qing,LIU Xian-sheng,WANG Jian-miao and XU Yong-jian
  2013,126(19):3608-3615 [Abstract(890)]  [View PDF 1.03 M (689)]
A new method for rating dyspnea during exercise in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  WANG Hao-yan,XU Qiu-fen,YUAN Wei,NIE Shan,HE Xin,ZHANG Jian,KONG Yuan-yuan,Al Sperry and David Guan
  2013,126(19):3616-3619 [Abstract(843)]  [View PDF 836.72 K (771)]


Endobronchial mucormycosis showing as a bronchial tumor
  QU Li-feng,YANG Jiao,WU Xu-wei and XING Xi-qian
  2013,126(19):3620 [Abstract(1071)]  [View PDF 575.07 K (542)]


High serum interleukin-6 level is associated with increased risk of delirium in elderly patients after noncardiac surgery: a prospective cohort study
  LIU Pei,LI Ya-wei,WANG Xiao-shan,ZOU Xi,ZHANG Da-zhi,WANG Dong-xin and LI Shi-zhong
  2013,126(19):3621-3627 [Abstract(1046)]  [View PDF 545.36 K (860)]
Predicting value of serum soluble ST2 and interleukin-33 for risk stratification and prognosis in patients with acute myocardial infarction
  ZHANG Kun,ZHANG Xin-chao,MI Yu-hong and LIU Juan
  2013,126(19):3628-3631 [Abstract(1205)]  [View PDF 574.44 K (968)]
Clinical and pathological features and surgical treatment of Budd-Chiari syndrome-associated hepatocellular carcinoma
  WANG Ya-dong,XUE Huan-zhou,ZHANG Xiao,XU Zong-quan,JIANG Qing-feng,SHEN Quan,YU Miao,LI Ke and JIA Meng
  2013,126(19):3632-3638 [Abstract(872)]  [View PDF 1.43 M (707)]
Assessment of the right and left ventricular function in patients with cor pulmonale using high-definition CT
  GAO Yan,QIN Jian,DU Xiang-ying,YANG Jing and LI Kun-cheng
  2013,126(19):3639-3644 [Abstract(797)]  [View PDF 1007.55 K (668)]
Influence of sinomenine on protein profiles of peripheral blood mononuclear cells from ankylosing spondylitis patients: a pharmacoproteomics study
  HUANG Zhi-xiang,TAN Jin-hui,LI Tian-wang,DENG Wei-ming,QIU Ke-wei,LIAO Ze-tao and ZENG Zhao-qiu
  2013,126(19):3645-3650 [Abstract(975)]  [View PDF 1.25 M (815)]
Changes in immunological function after treatment with transarterial chemoembolization plus radiofrequency ablation in hepatocellular carcinoma patients
  GUAN Hai-tao,WANG Jian,YANG Ming,SONG Li,TONG Xiao-qiang and ZOU Ying-hua
  2013,126(19):3651-3655 [Abstract(974)]  [View PDF 751.89 K (864)]
The relationship between serum amyloid A and apolipoprotein A-I in high-density lipoprotein isolated from patients with coronary heart disease
  WANG Dong-xue,LIU Hong,YAN Li-rong,ZHANG Ye-ping,GUAN Xiao-yuan,XU Zhi-min,JIA You-hong and LI Yi-shi
  2013,126(19):3656-3661 [Abstract(833)]  [View PDF 644.24 K (664)]
Clinical and radiographic predictors in diagnosing sputum smear-negative pulmonary tuberculosis in HIV-negative patients: a cross-sectional study in China
  LI Xin-xu,JIANG Shi-wen,ZHANG Hui,JING Kuan-he,WANG Li,LI Wei-bin,LIU Xiao-qiu,YAO Hong-yan and WANG Li-xia
  2013,126(19):3662-3667 [Abstract(788)]  [View PDF 472.11 K (628)]
Expressions of CLDN1 and insulin-like growth factor 2 are associated with poor prognosis in stage N2 non-small cell lung cancer
  ZHANG Zhen-fa,PEI Bao-xiang,WANG An-lei,ZHANG Lian-min,SUN Bing-sheng,JIANG Ri-cheng and WANG Chang-li
  2013,126(19):3668-3674 [Abstract(969)]  [View PDF 1.31 M (619)]
Long-term outcome of correction of tetralogy of Fallot in 56 adult patients
  ZHENG Da-wei,SHAO Guo-feng,FENG Qiang and NI Yi-ming
  2013,126(19):3675-3679 [Abstract(1266)]  [View PDF 472.59 K (736)]
Molecular subtypes identified by gene expression profiling in early stage endometrioid endometrial adenocarcinoma
  GAO Bao-rong,CHEN Yong-hua,YAO Yuan-yang,LI Xiao-ping,WANG jian-liu and WEI Li-hui
  2013,126(19):3680-3684 [Abstract(673)]  [View PDF 1.63 M (625)]
Risk factors associated with postoperative hospital stay after pancreaticoduodenectomy: a retrospective study
  XIE Yi-bin,WANG Cheng-feng,ZHAO Dong-bing,SHAN Yi,BAI Xiao-feng,SUN Yue-min,CHEN Ying-tai,ZHAO Ping and TIAN Yan-tao
  2013,126(19):3685-3689 [Abstract(939)]  [View PDF 475.83 K (621)]
Genetic characterization and protein stability analysis of a Chinese family with Von Hippel-Lindau disease
  GAO Yong,HUANG Yan-ping,TU Xiang-an,LUO Dao-sheng,WANG Dao-hu,QIU Shao-peng,XIANG Peng,LI Wei-qiang,Rohozinski Jan,ZHANG Yuan-yuan,SUN Xiang-zhou and DENG Chun-hua
  2013,126(19):3690-3693 [Abstract(772)]  [View PDF 845.06 K (619)]
Heterosexual transmission of HIV and related risk factors among serodiscordant couples in Henan province, China
  WANG Lan,WANG Lu,M. Kumi Smith,LI Li-ming,MING Shuai,LÜ Jun,CAO Wei-hua,HE Wen-sheng,ZHOU Jian-ping and WANG Ning
  2013,126(19):3694-3700 [Abstract(918)]  [View PDF 505.35 K (637)]
Changes in anterior chamber depth following vitrectomy
  LI Yang,YANG Cheng-xun,QING Guo-ping and WEI Wen-bin
  2013,126(19):3701-3704 [Abstract(607)]  [View PDF 397.19 K (631)]
Prevalence of juvenile fibromyalgia syndrome in an urban population of Turkish adolescents: impact on depressive symptoms, quality of life and school performance
  Yunus Durmaz,Gamze Alayli,Sevgi Canbaz,Yeliz Zahiroglu,Ayhan Bilgici,Ilker Ilhanlı and Omer Kuru
  2013,126(19):3705-3711 [Abstract(1070)]  [View PDF 491.41 K (856)]
Switching from morphine to fentanyl attenuates the decline of μ-opioid receptor expression in periaqueductal gray of rats with morphine tolerance
  DONG Yan-peng,SUN Li,LIU Xiao-yan and LIU Ruo-shan
  2013,126(19):3712-3716 [Abstract(762)]  [View PDF 530.93 K (663)]
Multimodality imaging assessments of response to metformin therapy for breast cancer in nude mice
  MAO Yi,XIA Rui,WANG Lei,WANG Yu-qing and GAO Fa-bao
  2013,126(19):3717-3722 [Abstract(1109)]  [View PDF 2.37 M (889)]
Inactivation of the Rho-ROCK signaling pathway to promote neurologic recovery after spinal cord injuries in rats
  WU Bin-qi,BI Zheng-gang and QI Quan
  2013,126(19):3723-3727 [Abstract(927)]  [View PDF 912.85 K (637)]
Inhibitory effect of iron on in vitro proliferation of smooth muscle cells
  WU Chao,QIU Hong,XU Lian-jun,YE Jue,YANG Zi-he,QIAN Xin,MENG Xian-min,CUI Yong-chun,SONG Li and GAO Run-lin
  2013,126(19):3728-3731 [Abstract(695)]  [View PDF 641.10 K (545)]
Combination of 18F-fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography/computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging is an optimal way to evaluate rheumatoid arthritis in rats dynamically
  ZHANG Wei-tao,DU Xiang-ke,HUO Tian-long,WEI Zheng-mao,HAO Chuan-xi and AN Bei
  2013,126(19):3732-3738 [Abstract(745)]  [View PDF 1.80 M (694)]
Proliferative and apoptotic effects of andrographolide on the BGC-823 human gastric cancer cell line
  LI Shu-guang,WANG Yuan-yu,YE Zai-yuan,SHAO Qing-shu,TAO Hou-quan,SHU Li-sha,ZHAO Yi-feng,YANG Yong-jiang,YANG Jing,PENG Tao,HAN Bo and HUANG Di
  2013,126(19):3739-3744 [Abstract(955)]  [View PDF 1.51 M (791)]
Epidemiology of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus infection and empirical antibiotic therapy for MRSA infection: multicenter investigation
  DENG Li-jing,WU Xiao-dong,KANG Yan,XU Yuan,ZHOU Jian-xin,WANG Di-fen and CHEN De-chang
  2013,126(19):3745-3749 [Abstract(896)]  [View PDF 445.25 K (931)]


No association between cytochrome P450 2D6 gene polymorphism and risk of acute leukemia: evidence based on a meta-analysis
  RUAN Xiao-lan,LI Sheng,ZENG Xian-tao,XIA Ling-hui and HU Yu
  2013,126(19):3750-3753 [Abstract(1187)]  [View PDF 744.30 K (686)]
Effects of glucocorticoids on traumatic brain injury related critical illness-related corticosteroid insufficiency
  ZHAO Zi-long,CHEN Xin,ZHU Hui,ZHANG Bao-liang,CHAI Yan,LI Xin-yuan,DONG Jing-fei and ZHANG Jian-ning
  2013,126(19):3754-3761 [Abstract(1231)]  [View PDF 1.40 M (885)]


Impact of prosthesis-patient mismatch on survival after mitral valve replacement: a systematic review
  ZHANG Jian-feng,WU Yi-cheng,SHEN Wei-feng and KONG Ye
  2013,126(19):3762-3766 [Abstract(1208)]  [View PDF 453.61 K (812)]
Interventions to improve chronic cyclosporine A nephrotoxicity through inhibiting renal cell apoptosis: a systematic review
  XIAO Zheng,LI Cheng-wen,SHAN Juan,LUO Lei,FENG Li,LU Jun,LI Sheng-fu,LONG Dan and LI You-ping
  2013,126(19):3767-3774 [Abstract(1354)]  [View PDF 583.46 K (916)]


Farnesoid X receptor in the study of fibrosis and its treatments
  ZHAO Cong,CONG Yu-ling,XU Yi-jun and YIN Yan-ru
  2013,126(19):3775-3781 [Abstract(831)]  [View PDF 416.58 K (799)]


Podocyte-related proteins in membranous nephropathy progression
  CHEN Wen-qing,ZHANG Ying,JIANG Hong,LI Heng,LI Xia-yu,YANG Xian,FENG Shi,WANG Yu-chen,LIN Chuan,SHEN Xiu-jing,ZHOU Qin,JIN Juan and CHEN Jiang-hua
  2013,126(19):3782-3783 [Abstract(961)]  [View PDF 382.86 K (779)]
Clinical experience with multiple stents in complex thoracoabdominal aortic aneurysms
  TANG Xiao,FU Wei-guo,SHI Zhen-yu,XU Xin,CHEN Bin,JIANG Jun-hao,YANG Jue,WANG Li-xin,LIN Chang-po and GUO Da-qiao
  2013,126(19):3784-3786 [Abstract(777)]  [View PDF 1.11 M (552)]
CRABP2 and FABP5 identified by 2D DIGE profiling are upregulated in human bladder cancer
  JIN Bai-ye,FU Guang-hou,JIANG Xue,PAN Hao,ZHOU Dong-kai,WEI Xu-yong,ZHOU Lin,Chung Lee and ZHENG Shu-sen
  2013,126(19):3787-3789 [Abstract(905)]  [View PDF 596.55 K (720)]
Safety of convalescent sera for the treatment of viral severe acute respiratory syndrome: an experimental model in rhesus macaque
  HE Wei-ping,LI Bo-an,ZHAO Jun and CHENG Yun
  2013,126(19):3790-3792 [Abstract(608)]  [View PDF 1.10 M (481)]


Modified trabeculotomy for primary congenital glaucoma
  WAN Xiu-hua,WANG Xiao-zhen and WANG Ning-li
  2013,126(19):3793 [Abstract(837)]  [View PDF 900.10 K (631)]
Chorea in a Chinese adult after pulmonary endarterectomy with deep hypothermia and circulatory arrest
  HAO Yong-gang,GU Song,ZHAI Ying-hui,YUAN Jun-liang,YANG Yuan-hua and HU Wen-li
  2013,126(19):3794-3795 [Abstract(708)]  [View PDF 900.10 K (485)]


Catheter-directed intervention and thrombolysis for the treatment of massive pulmonary embolism that caused cardiac arrest
  DOI: 10.3760/cma.j.issn.0366-6999.20130777TANG Jian-jun,WU Guo-bao,HU Xing-qun,FANG Zheng-fei,SHENG Xiang-qian,ZHANG Xi,ZHANG Guang-sen and ZHOU Sheng-hua
  2013,126(19):3796 [Abstract(951)]  [View PDF 551.44 K (579)]
Leprosy presented as cutaneous erythema
  WANG Fang,Sonia Kay Hwang,HUANG Hai-yan,DU Juan,DING Xiao-lan,Soe Lwin Myint and ZHANG Jian-zhong
  2013,126(19):3797 [Abstract(881)]  [View PDF 553.89 K (566)]
Air embolism after def lation of the pneumoperitoneum in fast-track laparoscopic assisted hemicolectomy
  Javier Galipienzo,Rogelio Rosado,Beatriz Zarza and Jose Olarra
  2013,126(19):3798 [Abstract(646)]  [View PDF 196.16 K (537)]
Postoperative heterotopic mesenteric and incision ossification
  MA Jin-ping,XIAN Meng-fei,LIAO Bing,HONG Gui-xun,HE Yu-long and ZHAN Wen-hua
  2013,126(19):3799 [Abstract(652)]  [View PDF 1002.57 K (560)]
The necessary to formulate the definition and specifications for the palliative treatment of advanced glioma
  LIN Zhi-xiong
  2013,126(19):3800 [Abstract(538)]  [View PDF 219.75 K (584)]