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Aplasia Cutis Congenital - A case of large scalp and skull defects treated with conservative approach
  2013,126(14) [Abstract(245)]  [View PDF]


Research articleEffect of c-Met inhibitor SU11274 on human colon cancer cell growth
  高硕徽,刘超,冯野 and 魏君
  2013,126(14) [Abstract(197)]  [View PDF]
Schwannomatosis: a rare cause of multiple neural tumors
  陈山林,Chang Liu,刘波,Chuanjun Yi,Zhixin Wang,Yanbo Rong,Jin Zhu,Yi Ding,田光磊
  2013,126(14) [Abstract(189)]  [View PDF]
Operative management of delayed acetabular fractures—Long-term outcome of 68 patients
  吴新宝 and
  2013,126(14) [Abstract(202)]  [View PDF]


Strategies of catheter ablation of persistent atrial fibrillation
  MA Chang-sheng
  2013,126(14):2603-2606 [Abstract(1277)]  [View PDF 369.41 K (732)]


Early-phase changes of P-wave characteristics after circumferential pulmonary vein isolation
  ZHAO Liang,JIANG Wei-feng,ZHOU Li and LIU Xu
  2013,126(14):2607-2611 [Abstract(926)]  [View PDF 495.82 K (586)]
Pulmonary vein antrum isolation of pre-excited atrial fibrillation
  FENG Xiang-fei,WANG Qun-shan,SUN Jian,ZHANG Peng-pai,WANG Jun,WANG Yue-peng and LI Yi-gang
  2013,126(14):2613-2619 [Abstract(825)]  [View PDF 1015.38 K (544)]
Left ventricular 12 segmental strain imaging predicts response to cardiac resynchronization therapy
  DONG Ying-xue,Jae K. Oh,YANG Yan-zong and Yong-mei Cha
  2013,126(14):2620-2624 [Abstract(954)]  [View PDF 422.24 K (530)]
Performance measures for management of chronic heart failure patients with acute coronary syndrome in China: results from the Bridging the Gap on Coronary Heart Disease Secondary Prevention in China (BRIG) Project
  WANG Na,ZHAO Dong,LIU Jing,LIU Jun,Cheuk-Man Yu,WANG Wei,SUN Jia-yi,LI Yan and CHEN Bu-xing;
  2013,126(14):2625-2631 [Abstract(883)]  [View PDF 485.52 K (771)]
Factors inf luencing outcomes of intra-aortic balloon counterpulsation in elderly patients
  WU Xue-ping,LIU Hong-wei,ZHAO Xiao-ning,CAO Jian and ZHU Ping
  2013,126(14):2632-2635 [Abstract(672)]  [View PDF 421.42 K (747)]
Kruppel-like factor 2 might mediate the rapamycin-induced arterial thrombosis in vivo: implications for stent thrombosis in patients
  NIE Xiao-min,SU Li-xiao,XU Rui-xia,GUO Yuan-lin,ZHOU Yu-jie and LI Jian-jun
  2013,126(14):2636-2640 [Abstract(859)]  [View PDF 532.25 K (776)]
Clinical and pathological features and imaging manifestations of bronchial anthracofibrosis: the findings in 15 patients
  HAN Feng-feng,YANG Tian-yun,SONG Lin,ZHANG Yue,LI Hui-min,GUAN Wen-bin,LIU Qian and GUO Xue-jun
  2013,126(14):2641-2645 [Abstract(1783)]  [View PDF 2.34 M (946)]
Penetration of erythromycin through Staphylococcus epidermidis biofilm
  LIN Mao-hu,HE Lei,GAO Jie,LIU Yun-xi,SUO Ji-jiang,XING Yu-bin and JIA Ning
  2013,126(14):2647-2651 [Abstract(860)]  [View PDF 1.64 M (659)]
HLA-G expression in the peripheral blood of live kidney transplant recipients
  XIAO Li,ZHOU Wen-qiang,SHI Bing-yi,FENG Kai,HE Xiu-yun,WEI Yu-xiang,GAO Yu,MENG Xiao-yun and XIAO Wei
  2013,126(14):2652-2655 [Abstract(886)]  [View PDF 474.94 K (650)]
Schwannomatosis: a new member of neurofibromatosis family
  CHEN Shan-lin,LIU Chang,LIU Bo,YI Chuan-jun,WANG Zhi-xin,RONG Yan-bo,ZHU Jin and DING Yi
  2013,126(14):2656-2660 [Abstract(1250)]  [View PDF 1.77 M (968)]
Effect of angiotensin II type I receptor blocker losartan on bone deterioration in orchiectomized male hypertensive and normotensive rats
  ZHANG Ya-feng,QIN Ling,Timothy CY Kwok,Benson HY Yeung,LI Guo-dong and LIU Fan
  2013,126(14):2661-2665 [Abstract(884)]  [View PDF 445.45 K (601)]
Efficacy of mouth opening exercises in treating trismus after maxillectomy
  REN Wei-hong,AO Hong-wei,LIN Qing,XU Zhen-gang and ZHANG Bin
  2013,126(14):2666-2669 [Abstract(853)]  [View PDF 455.08 K (799)]
Antimicrobial activity of linezolid combined with minocycline against vancomycin-resistant Enterococci
  WU Jing,JIANG Tian-tong,SU Jian-rong and LI Li
  2013,126(14):2670-2675 [Abstract(939)]  [View PDF 493.60 K (700)]
MiRNA-365 and miRNA-520c-3p respond to risperidone treatment in first-episode schizophrenia after a 1 year remission
  LIU Sha,YUAN Yan-bo,GUAN Li-li,WEI Hui,CHENG Zhang,HAN Xue,YANG Lei,PU Cheng-cheng,YANG Fu-de,LU Zheng,DENG Hong,ZHAO Jing-ping and YU Xin
  2013,126(14):2676-2680 [Abstract(1189)]  [View PDF 567.67 K (998)]
Clinicopathological significance of altered metallothionein 2A expression in gastric cancer according to Lauren’s classification
  PAN Yuan-ming,XING Rui,CUI Jian-tao,LI Wen-mei and LÜ You-yong
  2013,126(14):2681-2686 [Abstract(731)]  [View PDF 3.12 M (713)]
Experience of segmentectomy from 36 Chinese patients with non-small cell lung cancer at stage I
  QIAN Li-qiang,ZHAO Xiao-jing,LUO Qing-quan and HUANG Jia
  2013,126(14):2687-2693 [Abstract(776)]  [View PDF 603.33 K (560)]
Effect of cAMP on short-circuit current in isolated human ciliary body
  WU Ren-yi,MA Ning and HU Qian-qian
  2013,126(14):2694-2698 [Abstract(648)]  [View PDF 451.61 K (498)]
Long-term outcome of operative management of delayed acetabular fractures
  ZHU Shi-wen,SUN Xu,YANG Ming-hui,LI Yu-neng,ZHAO Chun-peng,WU Hong-hua,CAO Qi-yong,WU Xin-bao and WANG Man-yi
  2013,126(14):2699-2704 [Abstract(1121)]  [View PDF 484.91 K (841)]
Effect of c-Met inhibitor SU11274 on human colon cancer cell growth
  GAO Shuo-hui,LIU Chao,WEI Jun and FENG Ye
  2013,126(14):2705-2709 [Abstract(948)]  [View PDF 987.91 K (710)]
Reference intervals for common thyroid function tests, during different stages of pregnancy in Chinese women
  FAN Jian-xia,HAN Mi,TAO Jun,LUO Jun,SONG Meng-fan,YANG Shuai and KHOR Shu-zin
  2013,126(14):2710-2714 [Abstract(1177)]  [View PDF 496.73 K (1421)]
Factors influencing postoperative mortality one year after surgery for hip fracture in Chinese elderly population
  LI Shao-guang,SUN Tian-sheng,LIU Zhi,REN Ji-xin,LIU Bo and GAO Yang
  2013,126(14):2715-2720 [Abstract(948)]  [View PDF 430.14 K (777)]
Initial study of magnetic resonance diffusion tensor imaging in brain white matter of early AIDS patients
  XUAN Ang,WANG Guang-bin,SHI Da-peng,XU Jun-ling and LI Yong-li
  2013,126(14):2721-2724 [Abstract(537)]  [View PDF 833.25 K (451)]
Significance of low serum vitamin D for infection risk, disease severity and mortality in critically ill patients
  SU Long-xiang,JIANG Zhao-xu,CAO Li-chao,XIAO Kun,SONG Jia-ping,LI Hua,ZHANG Xin,YAN Peng,FENG Dan,LIU Chang-ting,LI Xin and XIE Li-xin
  2013,126(14):2725-2730 [Abstract(1083)]  [View PDF 574.71 K (950)]
Direct contact with bone marrow stromal cells promotes the invasions of SHI-1 leukemia cells
  LI Zhen-jiang,CHEN Zi-xing,CEN Jian-nong,HE Jun and QIU Qiao-cheng
  2013,126(14):2731-2735 [Abstract(2712)]  [View PDF 518.74 K (655)]


Neonatal pulse oximetry screening improves detecting of critical congenital heart disease
  MA Xiao-jing and HUANG Guo-ying
  2013,126(14):2736-2740 [Abstract(2288)]  [View PDF 421.75 K (1174)]
Nuclear medical molecular imaging of tumor angiogenesis: current status and future prospects
  HU Xu-dong,XING Li-gang and YU Jin-ming
  2013,126(14):2741-2746 [Abstract(1246)]  [View PDF 433.57 K (779)]


Atrial fibrillation in Europe
  LI Xu-ping,Andreas Metzner,Karl-Heinz Kuck and Feifan Ouyang
  2013,126(14):2747-2752 [Abstract(1194)]  [View PDF 731.52 K (669)]
Catheter ablation of atrial fibrillation
  Li-Wei Lo and Shih-Ann Chen
  2013,126(14):2753-2761 [Abstract(1333)]  [View PDF 1.22 M (776)]
Current concepts and management of atrial fibrillation: the American perspective
  Glenn K. Lee,Kyle W. Klarich,Bernard J. Gersh and Yong-Mei Cha
  2013,126(14):2762-2769 [Abstract(1176)]  [View PDF 805.59 K (567)]
A new medical safety factor for critical patients: emergency department overcrowding
  SHEN Wei-feng,YE Li-gang,MA Yue-feng,JIANG Guan-yu and HE Xiao-jun
  2013,126(14):2770-2773 [Abstract(944)]  [View PDF 344.76 K (659)]
Historical perspective of syphilis in the past 60 years in China: eliminated, forgotten, on the return
  CHEN Xiang-sheng,YIN Yue-ping,WANG Qian-qiu and WANG Bao-xi
  2013,126(14):2774-2779 [Abstract(974)]  [View PDF 393.62 K (594)]
Enlightenment of German social health insurance system reform on China
  ZHOU Yi and LI Lan-juan
  2013,126(14):2780-2785 [Abstract(1095)]  [View PDF 743.60 K (1001)]


Comparisons between diabetic and non-diabetic patients diagnosed with prostate cancer in China: a retrospective study
  ZHANG Min,ZHANG Nan,LI Xue-song,GAI Jun-wei,Wahafu Wasilijiang,JI Shi-qi,ZHANG Xiao-yu,GUO Zhong-qiong and ZHOU Li-qun
  2013,126(14):2786-2787 [Abstract(1140)]  [View PDF 339.24 K (589)]
Assisted semen collection using two phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitors (Tadalafil and Sildenafil) in infertile men with mild erectile dysfunction
  TANG Wen-hao,LIU De-feng,JIANG Hui,MA Lu-lin,HONG Kai,ZHAO Lian-ming,MAO Jia-ming,YANG Yi,ZHANG Ju,GAO Ling,ZHUANG Xin-jie and QIAO Jie
  2013,126(14):2788-2789 [Abstract(1374)]  [View PDF 344.78 K (983)]
Multi-detector computed tomography evaluation of tracheobronchial anomaly in pediatric patients with left pulmonary artery sling
  HU Xi-hong,PA Mi-er,SHEN Quan-li and HUANG Guo-ying
  2013,126(14):2790-2792 [Abstract(1108)]  [View PDF 559.20 K (680)]


Occult anomalous origin of the left coronary artery from the pulmonary artery with atrial septal defect initially visualized by transthoracic echocardiography
  WANG Qin,LI Rong-juan,SUN Yan,WU Dan,SUN Qi-wei,YANG Ming-wu,LI Yi-jia,JIANG Bo and YANG Ya
  2013,126(14):2793-2794 [Abstract(1024)]  [View PDF 673.65 K (579)]
Aplasia cutis congenital: a case of large scalp and skull defects treated with conservative approach
  YIN Hong-yu,TANG Xiao-jun,LIU Wei,SHI Lei,YIN Lin,YANG Bin,MA Ji-guang and ZHANG Zhi-yong
  2013,126(14):2795-2796 [Abstract(1113)]  [View PDF 1.56 M (619)]


Deciding optimal pacing site: utility of cardiac magnetic resonance imaging
  Emre Yalcinkaya,Baris Bugan,Murat Celik and Erkan Yildirim
  2013,126(14):2612 [Abstract(932)]  [View PDF 462.80 K (638)]
Huge clear cell squamous cell carcinoma of the head
  WANG Xiao-yan and GUO Li-ping
  2013,126(14):2646 [Abstract(926)]  [View PDF 2.31 M (500)]
Clinical features and surgical procedures of intradural-epidural and epidural cervical dumbbell tumors
  WANG Yong,LOU Ping-yang and LI Ming
  2013,126(14):2797 [Abstract(1042)]  [View PDF 883.42 K (676)]
Crohn’s disease masked by median arcuate ligament syndrome
  İbrahim Bıyıkoğlu,Murat Sarıkaya,Selma Uysal Ramadan,Bilal Ergül and Zeynal Doğan
  2013,126(14):2798 [Abstract(881)]  [View PDF 876.24 K (546)]
Successful pregnancy after amniotic fluid embolism
  FENG Zhao-yi,SHI Chun-yan,YANG Hui-xia,GAO Xue-lian and JIN Yan-zhi
  2013,126(14):2799 [Abstract(1068)]  [View PDF 240.37 K (599)]
Transradial access should be preferred in all patients with acute coronary syndrome? The game is not yet over
  Murat Yalçın,Murat Atalay,Zafer Isilak,Omer Uz and Ejder Kardesoglu
  2013,126(14):2800 [Abstract(539)]  [View PDF 227.05 K (499)]