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MicroRNAs in breast cancer, breast cancer stem cell and its potential for breast cancer therapy
  Jia Li,房林,沈雷,肖锡岗
  2013,126(13) [Abstract(351)]  [View PDF]
Serum-free media for articular chondrocytes in-vitro expansion
  Xinxin Shao,Neil Duncan,Lin Lin,Xin Fu,Jiying Zhang,于长隆
  2013,126(13) [Abstract(301)]  [View PDF]
Oncology:Bone cement enhanced pedicle screw fixation combined with vertebroplasty (Sandwich Procedure) for senile patients with malignant spinal tumors
  2013,126(13) [Abstract(298)]  [View PDF]
Antimicrobial Activity of Linezolid Combined with Minocycline Against Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococci
  苏建荣 and
  2013,126(13) [Abstract(210)]  [View PDF]
Redox factor-1 may mediate the repair of multiple organ injuries after liver transplantation
  2013,126(13) [Abstract(212)]  [View PDF]


Clinical manifestations and managements of post-neck dissection chylothorax
  2013,126(13) [Abstract(365)]  [View PDF]


Vitrectomy for localized vitreous seeds of retinoblastoma in an only eye
  2013,126(13) [Abstract(344)]  [View PDF]


Comparison of the Flaps made by Femtosecond laser and Automated Keratomes for Sub-Bowman KeratomileusisKeywords: Sub-Bowman Keratomileusis; Femtosecond laser;microkeratome; Flap thickness;
  2013,126(13) [Abstract(227)]  [View PDF]
Is prophylactic somatostatin effective to prevent post-endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography pancreatitis or hyperamylasemia? A randomized, placebo-controlled pilot trial
  WANG Zi-kai,YANG Yun-sheng,CAI Feng-chun,WANG Yong-hua,SHI Xiao-lin,DING Chen and LI Wen
  2013,126(13):2403-2408 [Abstract(1470)]  [View PDF 493.06 K (1071)]
Long-term clinical outcomes of patients with unprotected left main bifurcation lesions treated with 2-stent techniques
  PEI Han-jun,SUI Yong-gang,WU Yong-jian,YANG Yue-jin,XU Bo,CHEN Ji-lin,QIAO Shu-bin,LI Jian-jun,QIN Xue-wen,YAO Min,YUAN Jin-qing,CHEN Jue,LIU Hai-bo,YOU Shi-jie and GAO Run-lin
  2013,126(13):2409-2413 [Abstract(1288)]  [View PDF 505.41 K (833)]
Ultrasound-guided cannulation of the internal jugular vein in robotic cardiac surgery
  WANG Yao,WANG Gang and GAO Chang-qing
  2013,126(13):2414-2417 [Abstract(1013)]  [View PDF 701.72 K (714)]
Magnetic resonance diffusion tensor imaging with fluorescein sodium dyeing for surgery of gliomas in brain motor functional areas
  LIU Jia-gang,YANG Shuai-feng,LIU Yan-hui,WANG Xiang and MAO Qing
  2013,126(13):2418-2423 [Abstract(919)]  [View PDF 1.24 M (968)]
Intraoperative microvascular Doppler monitoring in intracranial aneurysm surgery
  HUI Pin-jing,YAN Yan-hong,ZHANG Shi-ming,WANG Zhong,YU Zheng-quan,ZHOU You-xin,LI Xiang-dong,CUI Gang,ZHOU Dai,HUI Guo-zhen and LAN Qing
  2013,126(13):2424-2429 [Abstract(1026)]  [View PDF 1.30 M (725)]
Etiological features of cirrhosis inpatients in Beijing, China
  SONG Guang-jun,FENG Bo,RAO Hui-ying and WEI Lai
  2013,126(13):2430-2434 [Abstract(970)]  [View PDF 702.01 K (786)]
Endoscopic full-thickness resection of gastric stromal tumor arising from the muscularis propria
  ZHANG Bo,HUANG Liu-ye,WU Cheng-rong,CUI Jun,JIANG Li-xin and ZHENG Hai-tao
  2013,126(13):2435-2439 [Abstract(927)]  [View PDF 1.17 M (861)]
Comparison of the flaps made by femtosecond laser and automated keratomes for sub-bowman keratomileusis
  ZHAI Chang-bin,TIAN Lei,ZHOU Yue-hua,ZHANG Qing-wei and ZHANG Jing
  2013,126(13):2440-2444 [Abstract(1014)]  [View PDF 816.88 K (932)]
Changes in arterial blood pressure induced by passive leg raising predict hypotension during the induction of sedation in critically ill patients without severe cardiac dysfunction
  YU Tao,PAN Chun,GUO Feng-mei,YANG Yi and QIU Hai-bo
  2013,126(13):2445-2450 [Abstract(996)]  [View PDF 665.54 K (898)]
Evaluation of an HIV-related behavior change project for female sex workers in Central China
  WU Ding-feng,HU Jun,ZHANG Zhi-ying and WANG Lin
  2013,126(13):2451-2458 [Abstract(863)]  [View PDF 1.19 M (724)]
Exploration of whole brain networks modulated by acupuncture at analgesia acupoint ST36 using scale-specific wavelet correlation analysis
  CHENG Hao,YAN Hao,BAI Li-jun and WANG Bao-guo
  2013,126(13):2459-2464 [Abstract(1125)]  [View PDF 662.24 K (1040)]
Magnetic resonance imaging: a valuable method for diagnosing chronic lumbago caused by lumbar muscle strain and monitoring healing process
  OUYANG Lin,JIA Qian-xin,XIAO Yu-hui,KE Lai-shun and HE Ping
  2013,126(13):2465-2471 [Abstract(3975)]  [View PDF 1.63 M (975)]
New insight into genes in association with asthma: literature-based mining and network centrality analysis
  LIANG Rui,WANG Lei and WANG Gang
  2013,126(13):2472-2479 [Abstract(1103)]  [View PDF 4.48 M (844)]
Serum sclerostin levels associated with lumbar spine bone mineral density and bone turnover markers in patients with postmenopausal osteoporosis
  XU Xiao-juan,SHEN Lin,YANG Yan-ping,LU Fu-rong,ZHU Rui,SHUAI Bo,LI Cheng-gang and WU Man-xiang
  2013,126(13):2480-2484 [Abstract(1218)]  [View PDF 564.77 K (933)]
Comparison of the reaction time of wrist flexion and extension between patients with stroke and age-matched healthy subjects and correlation with clinical measures
  BI Sheng and WAN Chun-xiao
  2013,126(13):2485-2488 [Abstract(955)]  [View PDF 685.32 K (740)]
Risk factors for bronchiolitis obliterans syndrome in allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation
  MO Xiao-dong,XU Lan-ping,LIU Dai-hong,ZHANG Xiao-hui,CHEN Huan,CHEN Yu-hong,HAN Wei,WANG Yu,WANG Feng-rong,WANG Jing-zhi,LIU Kai-yan and HUANG Xiao-jun
  2013,126(13):2489-2494 [Abstract(982)]  [View PDF 467.09 K (701)]
Bone cement enhanced pedicle screw fixation combined with vertebroplasty for elderly patients with malignant spinal tumors
  TAN Jiang-wei,SHEN Bing-hua,DU Wei,LIU Jiang-qing and LU Shi-qiao
  2013,126(13):2495-2498 [Abstract(1068)]  [View PDF 852.12 K (828)]
Comparative outcomes between cord blood transplantation and bone marrow or peripheral blood stem cell transplantation from unrelated donors in patients with hematologic malignancies: a single-institute analysis
  CHEN Yu-hong,XU Lan-ping,LIU Dai-hong,CHEN Huan,ZHANG Xiao-hui,HAN Wei,WANG Feng-rong,WANG Jin-zhi,WANG Yu,HUANG Xiao-jun and LIU Kai-yan
  2013,126(13):2499-2503 [Abstract(1292)]  [View PDF 665.11 K (955)]
Redox factor-1 may mediate the repair of multiple organ injuries after liver transplantation
  SUN Zhi-peng,ZHU Yu-bing,Aminbuhe,GONG Ke,ZHU Bin,FAN Qing,LIAN Dong-bo and ZHANG Neng-wei
  2013,126(13):2504-2509 [Abstract(640)]  [View PDF 5.35 M (504)]
Equity of health service utilization of urban residents: data from a western Chinese city
  MAO Ying,XU Fei,ZHANG Ming-jun,LIU Jin-lin,YANG Jie,WANG Mei-juan,ZHANG Si-feng,ZHANG Yue-lin and YAN Jian-qun
  2013,126(13):2510-2516 [Abstract(816)]  [View PDF 454.27 K (674)]
Device related complications of the Coflex interspinous process implant for the lumbar spine
  ZANG Lei,DU Peng,HAI Yong,SU Qing-jun,LU Shi-bao and LIU Tie
  2013,126(13):2517-2522 [Abstract(1453)]  [View PDF 1.01 M (1341)]
Serum-free media for articular chondrocytes in vitro expansion
  SHAO Xin-xin,Neil A. Duncan,LIN Lin,FU Xin,ZHANG Ji-ying and YU Chang-long
  2013,126(13):2523-2529 [Abstract(1075)]  [View PDF 3.37 M (943)]
Effect of oleic acid-induced acute lung injury and conventional mechanical ventilation on renal function in piglets
  LIU Ai-jun,LING Feng,LI Zhi-qiang,LI Xiao-feng,LIU Ying-long,DU Jie and HAN Ling
  2013,126(13):2530-2535 [Abstract(802)]  [View PDF 1.04 M (588)]


Triple antithrombotic therapy versus double antiplatelet therapy after percutaneous coronary intervention with stent implantation in patients requiring chronic oral anticoagulation: a meta-analysis
  Jayswal Saheb K,DENG Bing-qing,HU Qing-song,XIE Shuang-lun,GENG Deng-feng and NIE Ru-qiong
  2013,126(13):2536-2542 [Abstract(2195)]  [View PDF 1.32 M (1270)]


Intrinsic determinants of optic nerve regeneration
  ZHU Rui-lin,CHO Kin-Sang,GUO Chen-ying,CHEW Justin,CHEN Dong-feng and YANG Liu
  2013,126(13):2543-2547 [Abstract(1754)]  [View PDF 337.15 K (1216)]


Application of acellular dermal matrix in breast reconstruction
  QI Yue,YOU Wei-tao,LI Dong and LI Jian-ning
  2013,126(13):2548-2552 [Abstract(1435)]  [View PDF 575.91 K (782)]
MicroRNAs 103 and 107: potential molecular links between diabetes and cancer
  XU Qian,YAO Min-xiu and CHEN Li
  2013,126(13):2553-2555 [Abstract(1664)]  [View PDF 376.65 K (1016)]
MicroRNAs in breast cancer and breast cancer stem cells and their potential for breast cancer therapy
  LI Jia,SHEN Lei,XIAO Xi-gang and FANG Lin
  2013,126(13):2556-2563 [Abstract(1890)]  [View PDF 349.80 K (1026)]
Chinese contribution to immune thrombocytopenia: the pathogenesis-oriented treatment
  QIN Ping,PENG Jun and HOU Ming
  2013,126(13):2564-2569 [Abstract(1453)]  [View PDF 305.08 K (836)]


Clinical manifestations and managements of post-neck dissection chylothorax
  LI Zhi-yu,TIAN Wei,CAI Hong-ke,WANG Ping and DENG Yong-chuan
  2013,126(13):2570-2572 [Abstract(1344)]  [View PDF 285.95 K (740)]
Imaging features and appropriate treatment strategy of a rare biliary tract neoplasm
  YANG Xin-wei,YANG Jue,ZHANG Bao-hua,SHEN Feng,WANG Kui and WU Meng-chao
  2013,126(13):2573-2576 [Abstract(1414)]  [View PDF 288.22 K (572)]
Intracranial electroencephalography study in epileptic patients with dual pathology
  SHI Yan-fang,ZHANG Yu-qi,ZHOU Wen-jing,SUN Zhao-hui and ZUO Huan-cong
  2013,126(13):2577-2579 [Abstract(1150)]  [View PDF 295.30 K (652)]
Curative effect analysis of spiral pedunculated bladder muscle flap in repairing long segment ureteral defects
  LI Yong-wei,YANG Si-xing,ZHANG Xiao-bing,WANG Ling-long,QIAN Hui-jun,SONG Chao,LIAO Wen-biao and LI Xin-hui
  2013,126(13):2580-2581 [Abstract(986)]  [View PDF 601.40 K (714)]
Increased circulating of myeloid-derived suppressor cells in myelodysplastic syndrome
  JIANG Hui-juan,FU Rong,WANG Hua-quan,LI Li-juan,QU Wen,LIANG Yong,WANG Guo-jin,WANG Xiao-ming,WU Yu-hong,LIU Hong,SONG Jia,GUAN Jing,XING Li-min,RUAN Er-bao and SHAO Zong-hong
  2013,126(13):2582-2584 [Abstract(1088)]  [View PDF 371.50 K (745)]


A randomized controlled clinical study on treatment of hand, foot and mouth disease in children with Reduning injection
  XU Hua-shan,ZHUO Zhi-qiang,CHEN Bao-chuan,JING Jiao,ZHAO Guo-rong,WU Jun-feng and XIAO Wei
  2013,126(13):2585-2586 [Abstract(1515)]  [View PDF 268.53 K (866)]
Bilateral complete type discoid medial menisci: an adult patient with tears in both knees
  LU Ying,LIU Feng-qi and MENG Hai
  2013,126(13):2587-2588 [Abstract(1225)]  [View PDF 374.82 K (611)]
Vitrectomy for localized vitreous seeds of retinoblastoma in an only eye
  JI Xun-da,LU Shang-lin and ZHAO Pei-quan
  2013,126(13):2589-2590 [Abstract(1282)]  [View PDF 488.76 K (728)]
Kounis syndrome: allergic acute coronary syndrome
  XU Min,WU Xue-si,JIANG Teng-yong and HE Ji-qiang
  2013,126(13):2591-2592 [Abstract(1265)]  [View PDF 429.05 K (851)]


Imiquimod-induced localized vitiligo in wife and lichen planus in husband
  WANG Hong-wei,MIAO Fei,SHI Lei,LÜ Ting,HUANG Zheng and WANG Xiu-li
  2013,126(13):2593 [Abstract(1602)]  [View PDF 1.05 M (717)]
Bleeding and hyperpyrexia in an adult with gastric inflammatory fibroid polyp
  HE Hong-yong,SHEN Zhen-bin,FANG Yong,SUN Yi-hong and QIN Xin-yu
  2013,126(13):2594 [Abstract(1266)]  [View PDF 796.88 K (631)]
Chinese twins both with aortic dissection
  ZHU Ning,LOU Da-yuan,YUAN Da-jun,WANG Xiao-mei and XIA Dao-zi
  2013,126(13):2595 [Abstract(1175)]  [View PDF 450.45 K (561)]
Analysis of cardiac resynchronization therapy in right ventricular pacing patients
  YANG Fang-fang,GUO Hang-yuan,YUAN Min,YANG Biao,QIU Yu-fang and PENG Fang
  2013,126(13):2596 [Abstract(946)]  [View PDF 318.51 K (646)]