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Comparative study of perpendicular versus parallel double plating methods for type C distal humeral fractures
  蓝霞,,,,,,, and
  2013,126(12) [Abstract(251)]  [View PDF]
Blood Lead Levels Among Children Aged 0 to 6 Years in 16 Cities of China, 2004-2008
  2013,126(12) [Abstract(230)]  [View PDF]
Early Posterior Spinal Canal Decompression and Circumferential Reconstruction for Rotationally Unstable Thoracolumbar Burst Fracture with Neurologic DeficitGuo-Quan Zheng1,Yan Wang1, Pei-Fu Tang1, Xue-Song Zhang1, Yi-Zhu Guo1, Sheng Tao1
  郑国权,王岩,Yonggang Zhang,Pei-Fu Tang,Xue-Song Zhang,Yi-Zhu Guo,Sheng Tao
  2013,126(12) [Abstract(236)]  [View PDF]


The Intrinsic Determinants of Optic Nerve Regeneration
  朱瑞琳,Kin-Sang Cho,Chenying Guo,Justin Chew,Dongfeng Chen,杨柳
  2013,126(12) [Abstract(326)]  [View PDF]


Effect of occlusal splints for the management of patients with myofascial pain: a randomized, controlled, double blind study
  2013,126(12) [Abstract(254)]  [View PDF]


The surgical haemostatic options for damage control of pelvic fractures
  2013,126(12) [Abstract(308)]  [View PDF]


A dangerous combination: tuberculosis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  SUN Yong-chang
  2013,126(12):2203-2204 [Abstract(1353)]  [View PDF 240.85 K (1487)]
What clinicians should know to fight against the novel avian-origin influenza A (H7N9) virus?
  CAO Bin
  2013,126(12):2205-2206 [Abstract(1207)]  [View PDF 266.62 K (766)]


Spectrum and antimicrobial resistance of common pathogenic bacteria isolated from patients with acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in mainland of China
  YE Feng,HE Li-xian,CAI Bo-qiang,WEN Fu-qiang,CHEN Bai-yi,Mangunnegoro Hadiarto,CHEN Rong-chang,YUAN Jin-ping and SUN Hong-li
  2013,126(12):2207-2214 [Abstract(1523)]  [View PDF 530.85 K (1243)]
Cyclooxygenase 2 1195G>A polymorphism is associated with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in Japanese and Chinese patients
  CHEN Li-jun,XU Wang,Yasuyuki Taooka,Miki Ohe,Hitoshi Takahashi,Akihisa Sutani,Takashige Kuraki and Takeshi Isobe
  2013,126(12):2215-2221 [Abstract(970)]  [View PDF 533.44 K (745)]
Risk factors for adult death due to 2009 pandemic influenza A (H1N1) virus infection: a 2151 severe and critical cases analysis
  ZHANG Peng-jun,CAO Bin,LI Xiao-li,LIANG Li-rong,YANG Shi-gui,GU Li,XU Zhen,HU Ke,ZHANG Hong-yuan,YAN Xi-xin,HUANG Wen-bao,CHEN Wei,ZHANG Jing-xiao,LI Lan-juan and WANG Chen
  2013,126(12):2222-2228 [Abstract(1350)]  [View PDF 558.00 K (857)]
Montelukast improves air trapping, not airway remodeling, in patients with moderate-to-severe asthma: a pilot study
  GAO Jin-ming,CAI Feng,PENG Min,MA Yi and WANG Bin
  2013,126(12):2229-2234 [Abstract(1564)]  [View PDF 520.45 K (901)]
Recurrence patterns of advanced non-small cell lung cancer treated with gefitinib
  CHEN Min-jiang,ZHONG Wei,ZHANG Li,ZHAO Jing,LI Long-yun and WANG Meng-zhao
  2013,126(12):2235-2241 [Abstract(1198)]  [View PDF 699.60 K (816)]
Specific targeting of angiogenesis in lung cancer with RGD-conjugated ultrasmall superparamagnetic iron oxide particles using a 4.7T magnetic resonance scanner
  LIU Can,LIU Dong-bo,LONG Guo-xian,WANG Jun-feng,MEI Qi,HU Guang-yuan,QIU Hong and HU Guo-qing
  2013,126(12):2242-2247 [Abstract(1398)]  [View PDF 1.45 M (872)]
An increased ratio of Th2/Treg cells in patients with moderate to severe asthma
  SHI Yu-heng,SHI Guo-chao,WAN Huan-ying,AI Xiang-yan,ZHU Hai-xing,TANG Wei,MA Jia-yun,JIN Xiao-yan and ZHANG Bo-ying
  2013,126(12):2248-2253 [Abstract(1150)]  [View PDF 738.79 K (783)]
Effect of low-molecular-weight heparin and urokinase on pulmonary arteries involved in pulmonary embolism
  WU Jun-ping,SUN Xin,WU Qi,DU Zhong-zhen,LI Li,WU Qian and SUN Hong-fen
  2013,126(12):2254-2259 [Abstract(945)]  [View PDF 2.08 M (712)]
Lung microRNA profile in chronic cyanotic piglets with decreased pulmonary blood flow
  WANG Dong,LIU Ying-long,LÜ Xiao-dong,LING Feng,LIU Ai-jun,DU Jie and HAN Ling
  2013,126(12):2260-2264 [Abstract(990)]  [View PDF 438.45 K (708)]
The "time-window" effect of early allergen exposure on a rat asthma model
  HU Yan,LIU Ping,LI Hai-chao and WANG Yue-dan
  2013,126(12):2265-2269 [Abstract(800)]  [View PDF 1.36 M (553)]
Effect of occlusal splints for the management of patients with myofascial pain: a randomized, controlled, double-blind study
  ZHANG Fei-yu,WANG Xiao-geng,DONG Jian,ZHANG Jie-fu and LÜ Ya-lin
  2013,126(12):2270-2275 [Abstract(3571)]  [View PDF 892.43 K (1422)]
Prevalence, awareness, treatment, and control of hypertension in the non-dialysis chronic kidney disease patients
  ZHENG Ying,CAI Guang-yan,CHEN Xiang-mei,FU Ping,CHEN Jiang-hua,DING Xiao-qiang,YU Xue-qing,LIN Hong-li,LIU Jian,XIE Ru-juan,WANG Li-ning,NI Zhao-hui,LIU Fu-you,YIN Ai-ping,XING Chang-ying,WANG Li,SHI Wei,LIU Jian-she,HE Ya-ni,DING Guo-hua,LI Wen-ge,WU Guang-li,MIAO Li-ning,CHEN Nan,SU Zhen,MEI Chang-lin,ZHAO Jiu-yang,GU Yong,BAI Yun-kai,LUO Hui-min,LIN Shan,CHEN Meng-hua,GONG Li,YANG Yi-bin,YANG Xiao-ping,LI Ying,WAN Jian-xin,WANG Nian-song,LI Hai-ying,XI Chun-sheng,HAO Li,XU Yan,FANG Jing-ai,LIU Bi-cheng,LI Rong-shan,WANG Rong,ZHANG Jing-hong,WANG Jian-qin,LOU Tan-qi,SHAO Feng-min,MEI Feng,LIU Zhi-hong,YUAN Wei-jie,SUN Shi-ren,ZHANG Ling,ZHOU Chun-hua,CHEN Qin-kai,JIA Shun-lian,GONG Zhi-feng,GUAN Guang-ju,XIA Tian,ZHONG Liang-bao and Prevalence Awareness, Treatment Rates in Chronic Kidney Disease Patients with Hypertension in China (PATRIOTIC) Collaborative Group
  2013,126(12):2276-2280 [Abstract(1485)]  [View PDF 400.67 K (1116)]
Long-term outcome of native artery versus bypass graft intervention in prior coronary artery bypass graft patients with ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction
  LIU Wei,LIU Yu-yang,Venkata K. Mukku,SHI Dong-mei,LÜ Shu-zheng and ZHOU Yu-jie
  2013,126(12):2281-2285 [Abstract(807)]  [View PDF 401.32 K (629)]
Efficacy and safety of the treatment: combination of benazepril/lercanidipine vs. benazepril alone in patients with mild-to-moderate hypertension
  CHEN Ting,CHEN Guang-hui,YANG Ting-shu,ZHONG Zhen-yu,AN Wei-shuai,ZHANG Xiao-xia and LI Jia-dan
  2013,126(12):2286-2290 [Abstract(823)]  [View PDF 426.80 K (745)]
Blood lead levels among children aged 0 to 6 years in 16 cities of China, 2004-2008
  XIE Xiao-hua,TAN Zang-wen,JIA Ni,FAN Zhao-yang,ZHANG Shuai-ming,LÜ Yan-yu,CHEN Li and DAI Yao-hua
  2013,126(12):2291-2295 [Abstract(762)]  [View PDF 676.33 K (634)]
Serological and molecular capsular typing, antibiotic susceptibility and multilocus sequence typing of Streptococcus pneumoniae isolates from invasive and non-invasive infections
  ZHANG Yi-jie,CHEN Yu-shen,WANG Zhan-wei,LI Yu-qian,WANG Da-xuan,SHANG Ying,FU Rong-rong,HU Ying-hui,GENG Rong,WEI Li-ping,YANG Jing-ping,LI Jia-shu,YU Qin,DU Juan and GAO Zhan-cheng
  2013,126(12):2296-2303 [Abstract(1648)]  [View PDF 1.04 M (1142)]
Megnetic resonance imaging findings in sporadic Mobius syndrome
  WU Shao-qin,MAN Feng-yuan,JIAO Yong-hong,XIAN Jun-fang,WANG Yi-di and WANG Zhen-chang
  2013,126(12):2304-2307 [Abstract(1175)]  [View PDF 716.68 K (847)]
Gender differences associated with orienting attentional networks in healthy subjects
  LIU Gang,HU Pan-pan,FAN Jin and WANG Kai
  2013,126(12):2308-2312 [Abstract(838)]  [View PDF 474.78 K (800)]
Effects of short-term active video game play on community adults: under International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health consideration
  Wei-Che Tseng and Ru-Lan Hsieh
  2013,126(12):2313-2319 [Abstract(865)]  [View PDF 495.77 K (1243)]
Effect of intensity-modulated radiotherapy versus three-dimensional conformal radiotherapy on clinical outcomes in patients with glioblastoma multiforme
  CHEN Yi-dong,FENG Jin,FANG Tong,YANG Ming,QIU Xiao-guang and JIANG Tao
  2013,126(12):2320-2324 [Abstract(939)]  [View PDF 394.22 K (907)]
A novel mutation of the KIT gene in a Chinese family with piebaldism
  WEN Guang-dong,ZHOU Cheng,YU Cong,DU Juan,XU Qian-xi,LIU Zheng-yi and ZHANG Jian-zhong
  2013,126(12):2325-2328 [Abstract(890)]  [View PDF 690.98 K (701)]
Structured lipid emulsion as nutritional therapy for the elderly patients with severe sepsis
  CHEN Jin,YAN Jing,CAI Guo-long,XU Qiang-hong,GONG Shi-jin,DAI Hai-wen,YU Yi-hua and LI Li
  2013,126(12):2329-2332 [Abstract(1157)]  [View PDF 405.27 K (890)]
Serum HBV DNA level at week 12 is superior to viral response at week 24 in predicting long-term treatment outcome of telbivudine for chronic hepatitis B patients
  LÜ Wei,YANG Hai-hong,FAN Yun-ming,LI Takming,ZHANG Li-fan,MUI Chongseong,FAN Hong-wei,ZHOU Bao-tong,LIU Zheng-yin,NG Hou and LIU Xiao-qing
  2013,126(12):2333-2336 [Abstract(832)]  [View PDF 388.15 K (702)]
Comparative study of perpendicular versus parallel double plating methods for type C distal humeral fractures
  LAN Xia,ZHANG Li-hai,TAO Sheng,ZHANG Qun,LIANG Xiang-dang,YUAN Bang-tuo,XU Wen-peng,YIN Peng and TANG Pei-fu
  2013,126(12):2337-2342 [Abstract(1116)]  [View PDF 841.71 K (894)]
Early posterior spinal canal decompression and circumferential reconstruction of rotationally unstable thoracolumbar burst fractures with neurological deficit
  ZHENG Guo-quan,WANG Yan,TANG Pei-fu,ZHANG Yong-gang,ZHANG Xue-song,GUO Yi-zhu and TAO Sheng
  2013,126(12):2343-2347 [Abstract(1095)]  [View PDF 1.54 M (838)]
Effects of chest compressions on cardiorespiratory function in a non-arrested porcine model
  CONG Lu-hong,LI Chun-sheng,GUO Zhi-jun,WANG Shuo,WU Jun-yuan and YUAN Wei
  2013,126(12):2348-2353 [Abstract(875)]  [View PDF 1.71 M (579)]
Splenectomy protects experimental rats from cerebral damage after stroke due to anti-inflammatory effects
  ZHANG Bing-jun,MEN Xue-jiao,LU Zheng-qi,LI Hai-yan,QIU Wei and HU Xue-qiang
  2013,126(12):2354-2359 [Abstract(1204)]  [View PDF 2.85 M (767)]
Functional electrical stimulation increases neural stem/progenitor cell proliferation and neurogenesis in the subventricular zone of rats with stroke
  LIU Hui-hua,XIANG Yun,YAN Tie-bin,TAN Zhi-mei,LI Sheng-huo and HE Xiao-kuo
  2013,126(12):2361-2367 [Abstract(1524)]  [View PDF 3.02 M (1241)]
Chronic intermittent hypoxia increases B cell mass and activates the mammalian target of rapamycin/hypoxia inducible factor 1/vascular endothelial growth factor A pathway in mice pancreatic islet
  GU Chen-juan,LI Min,LI Qing-yun and LI Ning
  2013,126(12):2368-2373 [Abstract(1317)]  [View PDF 7.83 M (1078)]


Tactics used by HIV-1 to evade host innate, adaptive, and intrinsic immunities
  LU Lu,YU Fei,DU Lan-ying,XU Wei and JIANG Shi-bo
  2013,126(12):2374-2379 [Abstract(2046)]  [View PDF 408.60 K (1187)]


Electrical remodeling in human atrial fibrillation
  Hon-Chi Lee
  2013,126(12):2380-2383 [Abstract(1633)]  [View PDF 366.80 K (824)]
Surgical hemostatic options for damage control of pelvic fractures
  HU Pan and ZHANG Ying-ze
  2013,126(12):2384-2389 [Abstract(1480)]  [View PDF 301.17 K (803)]
Maintenance therapy in advanced non-small cell lung cancer: a prime-time for change?
  Oscar Siu Hong Chan,Rebecca Mei Wan Yeung and Anne Wing Mui Lee
  2013,126(12):2390-2398 [Abstract(1256)]  [View PDF 411.45 K (730)]


A hidden cause of recurrent hemoptysis: unilateral absence of a pulmonary artery
  HU Qian-jing,SHEN Yong-chun and WEN Fu-qiang
  2013,126(12):2360 [Abstract(1080)]  [View PDF 2.83 M (579)]
Treatment of pulmonary mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue lymphoma with clarithromycin
  YU Qiao,CHEN Qiong and HU Cheng-ping
  2013,126(12):2399 [Abstract(1143)]  [View PDF 572.84 K (641)]
Asymptomatic hydrocephalus and subdural hygroma after successful resection of hypothalamic hamartoma with central precocious puberty
  ZHU Biao,XU Yan,HUANG Li-ming,WU Xu,WANG Tian-hua and CHEN Shu-da
  2013,126(12):2400 [Abstract(1278)]  [View PDF 212.69 K (613)]