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Supplementary note

Synchronous Intraoperative Radiofrequency Ablation for Multiple Liver Metastasis Underwent the Resection of Giant Solid Pseudopapillary Tumors of the Pancreas
  2012,125(9) [Abstract(226)]  [View PDF]
Viscoelastic properties of chondrons and chondrocytes isolated from age-related normal rabbit knee
  段王平,孙振伟,李琦,李春江,王立,陈维毅,Jennifer Tickner,zheng minghao,卫小春
  2012,125(9) [Abstract(308)]  [View PDF]
Comparison of Combined Phacotrabeculectomy and Trabeculectomy only in the Treatment of Primary Angle-Closure Glaucoma
  王梅,方敏,张为中,白玉婧,林明楷,刘炳乾,郝元涛,凌运兰,卓业鸿 and 葛坚
  2012,125(9) [Abstract(264)]  [View PDF]
Lentivirus-mediated RNA interference targeting the ObR gene in MCF-7 human breast cancer cells in a nude mouse xenograft model
  2012,125(9) [Abstract(249)]  [View PDF]
The Development of Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cells Culture in vitro
  张 黎
  2012,125(9) [Abstract(231)]  [View PDF]
Factors associated with post-pancreaticoduodenectomy hemorrhage(303 consecutive cases analysis)
  2012,125(9) [Abstract(221)]  [View PDF]


Zonal differences in prostate diseases
  2012,125(9):1523-1528 [Abstract(1912)]  [View PDF 168.32 K (1457)]

Original Article

Evaluating the oncologic outcomes in 152 patients undergoing extraperitoneal laparoscopic radical prostatectomy
  2012,125(9):1529-1535 [Abstract(1899)]  [View PDF 252.97 K (956)]
Comparation of the predictive value between ultrasonography and urodynamics for the efficacy of transurethral resection of prostate in benign prostatic hyperplasia patients
  2012,125(9):1536-1541 [Abstract(2112)]  [View PDF 209.56 K (1075)]
Ureteroscopic lithotripsy using holmium laser for 187 patients with proximal ureteral stones
  2012,125(9):1542-1546 [Abstract(1962)]  [View PDF 370.54 K (1127)]
Incidence and predictors of definite stent thrombosis after coronary stent implantation
  2012,125(9):1547-1551 [Abstract(1661)]  [View PDF 382.18 K (914)]
Outcome of surgery for sinus of Valsalva aneurysm with discrete membranous subaortic stenosis
  2012,125(9):1552-1555 [Abstract(1622)]  [View PDF 310.35 K (939)]
Effects of Shexiangbaoxin pills on the expression of cardiac 1- and -adrenergic receptor subtypes in rat hearts with heart failure induced by myocardial infarction
  2012,125(9):1556-1562 [Abstract(1826)]  [View PDF 750.42 K (922)]
Lentivirus-mediated RNA interference targeting the ObR gene in human breast cancer MCF-7 cells in a nude mouse xenograft model
  2012,125(9):1563-1570 [Abstract(2191)]  [View PDF 2.00 M (1095)]
Factors associated with post-pancreaticoduodenectomy hemorrhage: 303 consecutive cases analysis
  2012,125(9):1571-1575 [Abstract(2053)]  [View PDF 347.94 K (938)]
Association analysis of cytokine polymorphisms and plasma level in Northern Chinese Han patients with paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria
  2012,125(9):1576-1580 [Abstract(1887)]  [View PDF 372.94 K (1011)]
Effects of siRNA specific to the protein kinase CK2α on apoptosis of laryngeal carcinoma cells
  2012,125(9):1581-1585 [Abstract(1863)]  [View PDF 1.76 M (860)]
Role of baicalin in regulating Toll-like receptor 2/4 after ischemic neuronal injury
  2012,125(9):1586-1593 [Abstract(2254)]  [View PDF 1.58 M (1330)]
Polymorphism analysis of the ABCA3 gene: association with neonatal respiratory distress syndrome in preterm infants
  2012,125(9):1594-1598 [Abstract(1966)]  [View PDF 374.19 K (1034)]
Gain of human telomerase RNA gene is associated with progression of cervical intraepithelial neoplasia grade I or II
  2012,125(9):1599-1602 [Abstract(1788)]  [View PDF 347.98 K (917)]
Overexpression of interleukin-l7 in tumor-associated macrophages is correlated with the differentiation and angiogenesis of laryngeal squamous cell carcinoma
  2012,125(9):1603-1607 [Abstract(2251)]  [View PDF 1.64 M (1332)]
Deformation of the left and right ventricular longitudinal myocardium in fetuses with umbilical cord around neck
  2012,125(9):1608-1613 [Abstract(1468)]  [View PDF 415.77 K (924)]
Mini-abdominoplasty combined with mesh used for abdominal wall endometriosis
  2012,125(9):1614-1617 [Abstract(2956)]  [View PDF 1.04 M (969)]
Increased leakage of brain antigens after traumatic brain injury and effect of immune tolerance induced by cells on traumatic brain injury
  2012,125(9):1618-1626 [Abstract(2093)]  [View PDF 5.62 M (1168)]
Regional homogeneity analysis on acupoint specificity with resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging
  2012,125(9):1627-1632 [Abstract(2424)]  [View PDF 3.63 M (1179)]
Therapeutic effects of hydrogen saturated saline on rat diabetic model and insulin resistant model via reduction of oxidative stress
  2012,125(9):1633-1637 [Abstract(2032)]  [View PDF 404.40 K (1103)]
Patterns and incidence of sinonasal malignancy with orbital invasion
  2012,125(9):1638-1642 [Abstract(2112)]  [View PDF 997.69 K (1297)]

Medical Progress

From pro-prostate specific antigen, [2]pro-prostate specific antigen to Beckman Coulter phi: the evolution of new biomarkers for early detection of prostatic carcinoma
  2012,125(9):1643-1649 [Abstract(2465)]  [View PDF 464.87 K (974)]

Review Article

Development of bone marrow mesenchymal stem cell culture in vitro
  2012,125(9):1650-1655 [Abstract(6497)]  [View PDF 395.91 K (1848)]

Clinical experience

Alveolar echinococcosis of the adrenal gland: brief review of two cases
  2012,125(9):1656-1657 [Abstract(1785)]  [View PDF 220.53 K (808)]

Case Report

Intravascular ultrasound assessment of very late bare-metal stent thrombosis: a case report
  2012,125(9):1658-1660 [Abstract(1651)]  [View PDF 2.24 M (826)]
Synchronous intraoperative radiofrequency ablation for multiple liver metastasis and resection of giant solid pseudopapillary tumors of the pancreas
  2012,125(9):1661-1663 [Abstract(2397)]  [View PDF 1.12 M (1028)]
Antithymocyte globulin-induced acute respiratory distress syndrome after renal transplantation: a case report
  2012,125(9):1664-1666 [Abstract(1816)]  [View PDF 1.21 M (976)]
Tuberculous cervical lymphadenitis in a patient with suspected neck recurrence
  2012,125(9):1667-1668 [Abstract(1589)]  [View PDF 758.98 K (957)]

Clinical solution

Infusions of recipient-derived cytokine-induced killer cells of donor origin eradicated residual disease in a relapsed leukemia patient after allo-hematopoietic stem cell transplantation
  2012,125(9):1669-1671 [Abstract(1946)]  [View PDF 1.50 M (1224)]

Images for diagnosis

Myxoid adrenal cortical tumor: report of four cases
  2012,125(9):1672-1674 [Abstract(1534)]  [View PDF 1022.31 K (815)]
A child with pulmonary and liver Langerhans’-cell histiocytosis
  2012,125(9):1675-1676 [Abstract(3926)]  [View PDF 741.89 K (1142)]
Natural killer T-cell lymphoma originating from the orbit
  2012,125(9):1677-1680 [Abstract(1696)]  [View PDF 2.49 M (822)]