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Supplementary note

In vitro induction of specific anti-tumoral immunity against laryngeal carcinoma by using human interleukin-12 gene-transfected dendritic cells
  梁雯,Wang xue feng
  2011,124(5) [Abstract(200)]  [View PDF]
Transumbilical single-incision laparoscopic hepatectomy: an initial report.
  2011,124(5) [Abstract(199)]  [View PDF]
Twist modulates lymphangiogenesis and correlates with lymph node metastasis in supraglottic carcinoma
  逯素梅,Liang YU,Jia-jun TIAN,Ju-ke MA,Jian-feng LI,Wei XU,Hai-bo WANG
  2011,124(5) [Abstract(194)]  [View PDF]
GM-CSF in combination with IL-4 induce the malignant transformation of the bone marrow-derived human adult mesenchymal stem cell
  2011,124(5) [Abstract(220)]  [View PDF]
The Experimental Study of Repairing Cartilage Defects Using a Bioreactor with Chondrocyte and Osteoblast Composites
  2011,124(5) [Abstract(199)]  [View PDF]
A Randomized Pilot Evaluation of Cosmetic Outcome and Surgical Site Infection (SSI) Rates of Antibacterial Absorbable (Polyglactin 910) Suture Compared to Chinese Silk Suture in Scheduled Breast Cancer Surgery
  张忠涛,张宏伟,房学东,王立明,李晓曦,李亚芬,孙晓炜,Judith Carver,Dorella SIMPKINS,Jessica SHEN,Martin WEISBERG
  2011,124(5) [Abstract(241)]  [View PDF]
Metabolic disorders of fatty acids and fatty acid amides associated with human gastric cancer morbidity
  2011,124(5) [Abstract(199)]  [View PDF]


Surveillance and recipients care in stable condition
  2011,124(5):643-645 [Abstract(5411)]  [View PDF 36.16 K (992)]
Posttransplantation antibody mediated rejection: new insights into mechanism, treatment and protective strategies
  2011,124(5):646-648 [Abstract(2409)]  [View PDF 37.15 K (1384)]

Original Article

Current trend of induction and maintenance treatment in positive panel-reactive antibody patients: a report on OPTN/UNOS kidney transplant registry data
  2011,124(5):649-654 [Abstract(3993)]  [View PDF 393.64 K (1621)]
Transforming growth factor-β1 short hairpin RNA inhibits renal allograft fibrosis
  2011,124(5):655-663 [Abstract(4085)]  [View PDF 623.23 K (1653)]
Alemtuzumab induction therapy in highly sensitized kidney transplant recipients
  2011,124(5):664-668 [Abstract(4034)]  [View PDF 205.74 K (1718)]
Expression characteristics of major histocompatibility complex class I-related chain A antibodies and immunoadsorption effect in sensitized recipients of kidney transplantation
  2011,124(5):669-673 [Abstract(3899)]  [View PDF 155.22 K (1635)]
Programmed death 1 mRNA in peripheral blood as biomarker of acute renal allograft rejection
  2011,124(5):674-678 [Abstract(3577)]  [View PDF 127.51 K (1510)]
Monitoring immune function after rapid corticosteroid reduction in kidney transplant recipients
  2011,124(5):679-682 [Abstract(3564)]  [View PDF 143.67 K (1373)]
Simultaneous pancreas-kidney transplantation in a single center: 10-year retrospective analysis
  2011,124(5):683-686 [Abstract(3901)]  [View PDF 57.61 K (1512)]
Preliminary molecular epidemiology of the Staphylococcus aureus in lower respiratory tract infections: a multicenter study in China
  2011,124(5):687-692 [Abstract(4261)]  [View PDF 272.89 K (17407)]
Computed tomographic demonstrations of HIV seropositive pulmonary tuberculosis and their relationship with CD4+ T-lymphocyte count
  2011,124(5):693-698 [Abstract(3720)]  [View PDF 286.84 K (1397)]
Effect and cost of perioperative use of antibiotics in coronary artery bypass grafting: a randomized controlled study
  2011,124(5):699-703 [Abstract(4519)]  [View PDF 163.26 K (1599)]
Syntax score predicts clinical outcome in patients with three-vessel coronary artery disease undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention
  2011,124(5):704-709 [Abstract(3702)]  [View PDF 211.87 K (1725)]
Single dose of ibutilide for conversion of persistent atrial fibrillation after radiofrequency ablation
  2011,124(5):710-713 [Abstract(3370)]  [View PDF 135.46 K (1369)]
Metformin versus metformin plus rosiglitazone in women with polycystic ovary syndrome
  2011,124(5):714-718 [Abstract(4167)]  [View PDF 148.78 K (2201)]
Cosmetic outcome and surgical site infection rates of antibacterial absorbable (Polyglactin 910) suture compared to Chinese silk suture in breast cancer surgery: a randomized pilot research
  2011,124(5):719-724 [Abstract(4888)]  [View PDF 176.50 K (2413)]
Contribution of the Akt2 gene to type 2 diabetes in the Chinese Han population
  2011,124(5):725-728 [Abstract(3416)]  [View PDF 144.84 K (1400)]
Granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor and interleukin 4 induce the malignant transformation of the bone marrow-derived human adult mesenchymal stem cells
  2011,124(5):729-733 [Abstract(3345)]  [View PDF 246.04 K (1523)]
Effect of impaired glucose tolerance on cardiac dysfunction in a rat model of prediabetes
  2011,124(5):734-739 [Abstract(3584)]  [View PDF 256.72 K (1816)]
Traumatic brain injury impairs synaptic plasticity in hippocampus in rats
  2011,124(5):740-745 [Abstract(3615)]  [View PDF 370.68 K (1694)]
Effects of cefodizime on chemokines of liver tissues in mice with immunological hepatic injury
  2011,124(5):746-750 [Abstract(2396)]  [View PDF 210.67 K (1229)]
Tracking of CFSE-labeled endothelial progenitor cells in laser-injured mouse retina
  2011,124(5):751-757 [Abstract(3697)]  [View PDF 300.88 K (1928)]
Repairing cartilage defects using chondrocyte and osteoblast composites developed using a bioreactor
  2011,124(5):758-763 [Abstract(3092)]  [View PDF 351.40 K (1505)]

Review Article

Antibodies against major histocompatibility complex class I-related chain A in transplant recipients
  2011,124(5):764-770 [Abstract(3713)]  [View PDF 160.71 K (1938)]
Role of proteasome inhibition in sensitized transplant candidates
  2011,124(5):771-774 [Abstract(3033)]  [View PDF 104.99 K (1429)]

Brief Report

A follow-up study of women with a history of severe preeclampsia: relationship between metabolic syndrome and preeclampsia
  2011,124(5):775-779 [Abstract(4100)]  [View PDF 181.79 K (2015)]

Clinical experience

Protein A immunoadsorption therapy in the highly sensitized kidney transplant candidates
  2011,124(5):780-782 [Abstract(2933)]  [View PDF 46.04 K (1363)]

Case Report

Congenital left ventricular diverticulum, a rare chest fluoroscopy finding: a case report
  2011,124(5):783-786 [Abstract(3332)]  [View PDF 92.23 K (1635)]
Transumbilical single-incision laparoscopic hepatectomy: an initial report
  2011,124(5):787-789 [Abstract(3711)]  [View PDF 111.11 K (1473)]
Foreign body embolus to ophthalmic artery following penetrating trauma of the neck
  2011,124(5):790-792 [Abstract(2827)]  [View PDF 87.99 K (1185)]

Images for diagnosis

Cutaneous Rosai-Dorfman disease presenting as a granulomatous rosacea-like rashs
  2011,124(5):793-794 [Abstract(3225)]  [View PDF 78.00 K (1635)]
Hereditary benign telangiectasia without family history in China
  2011,124(5):795-796 [Abstract(2826)]  [View PDF 106.10 K (1260)]
Diffuse pulmonary lymphangiomatosis: a case report with literature review
  2011,124(5):797-800 [Abstract(4906)]  [View PDF 112.61 K (2181)]