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Supplementary note

Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound in Diagnosis and Follow-up of a Pancreaticoduodenal Artery Pseudoaneurysm Developed from Pseudocyst duo to Chronic Pancreatitis
  2011,124(17) [Abstract(207)]  [View PDF]
Tumor necrosis factor alpha effect on hydrocortisone expression in mice adrenal cortex cells mainly through tumor necrosis factor alpha-receptor 1
  夏海鸣, and
  2011,124(17) [Abstract(216)]  [View PDF]


Giant Epithelial Splenic Cyst
  2011,124(17) [Abstract(273)]  [View PDF]

Supplementary note

An improved method in rat intubation and thymectomy
  2011,124(17) [Abstract(211)]  [View PDF]


Oncogene addiction and non-oncogene addiction in glioblastoma therapy
  2011,124(17):2565-2568 [Abstract(2115)]  [View PDF 163.20 K (1031)]

Special article

Current status of cerebral glioma surgery in China
  2011,124(17):2569-2577 [Abstract(3022)]  [View PDF 389.83 K (1378)]

Original Article

Prevalence estimates for primary brain tumors in China: a multi-center cross-sectional study
  2011,124(17):2578-2583 [Abstract(3086)]  [View PDF 409.82 K (1495)]
Gene expression profiling reveals Ki-67 associated proliferation signature in human glioblastoma
  2011,124(17):2584-2588 [Abstract(3536)]  [View PDF 487.79 K (1866)]
Relationship between magnetic resonance imaging and molecular pathology in patients with glioblastoma multiforme
  2011,124(17):2589-2592 [Abstract(2727)]  [View PDF 268.49 K (1534)]
Emotion and cognitive function assessment of patients with central neurocytoma resection through transcortical frontal approach: a 5-year postoperative follow-up study
  2011,124(17):2593-2598 [Abstract(2355)]  [View PDF 346.51 K (1086)]
Enhanced invasion in vitro and the distribution patterns in vivo of CD133+ glioma stem cells
  2011,124(17):2599-2604 [Abstract(2717)]  [View PDF 507.84 K (1623)]
Silencing of MGMT with small interference RNA reversed resistance in human BCUN-resistant glioma cell lines
  2011,124(17):2605-2610 [Abstract(2066)]  [View PDF 381.92 K (1003)]
Virtual mutagenesis of isocitrate dehydrogenase 1 involved in glioblastoma multiforme
  2011,124(17):2611-2615 [Abstract(1927)]  [View PDF 323.99 K (913)]
MicroRNA-7 regulates glioblastoma cell invasion via targeting focal adhesion kinase expression
  2011,124(17):2616-2621 [Abstract(3313)]  [View PDF 581.33 K (2025)]
Changes of glucocorticoid receptor mRNA expression in basolateral amygdale-kindled rats
  2011,124(17):2622-2627 [Abstract(2152)]  [View PDF]
1,5-dicaffeoylquinic acid protects primary neurons from amyloid β1-42-induced apoptosis via PI3K/Akt signaling pathway
  2011,124(17):2628-2635 [Abstract(2414)]  [View PDF 620.18 K (1417)]
Amyloid β3-10 DNA vaccination suggests a potential new treatment for Alzheimer’s disease in BALB/c mice
  2011,124(17):2636-2641 [Abstract(2346)]  [View PDF 412.82 K (1266)]
Intracerebroventricular transplantation of human amniotic epithelial cells ameliorates spatial memory deficit in the doubly transgenic mice coexpressing APPswe and PS1ΔE9-deleted genes
  2011,124(17):2642-2648 [Abstract(2096)]  [View PDF 525.39 K (1105)]
Flunarizine inhibits sensory neuron excitability by blocking voltage-gated Na+ and Ca2+ currents in trigeminal ganglion neurons
  2011,124(17):2649-2655 [Abstract(3287)]  [View PDF 566.48 K (1115)]
Ultrastructure and electrophysiology of astrocytes differentiated from adult adipose-derived stromal cells
  2011,124(17):2656-2660 [Abstract(2376)]  [View PDF 576.57 K (1257)]
Etiology and prevalence of abnormal serum alanine aminotransferase levels in a general population in Northeast China
  2011,124(17):2661-2668 [Abstract(2422)]  [View PDF 404.37 K (1198)]
Influenza A (H1N1) pneumonia: an analysis of 63 cases by chest CT
  2011,124(17):2669-2673 [Abstract(2287)]  [View PDF 752.22 K (1092)]
Myocardial injury resulting from radiofrequency catheter ablation: comparison of circumferential pulmonary vein isolation and complex fractionated atrial electrograms ablation
  2011,124(17):2674-2677 [Abstract(2283)]  [View PDF 291.16 K (1048)]
Role of plasma C-reactive protein and white blood cell count in predicting in-hospital clinical events of acute type A aortic dissection
  2011,124(17):2678-2682 [Abstract(2462)]  [View PDF 315.21 K (1280)]
A clinical comparative study of polymerase chain reaction assay for diagnosis of pneumocystis pneumonia in non-AIDS patients
  2011,124(17):2683-2686 [Abstract(2285)]  [View PDF 375.35 K (1164)]
Rehabilitation of vision disorder and improved quality of life in patients with primary open angle glaucoma
  2011,124(17):2687-2691 [Abstract(2230)]  [View PDF 271.90 K (1150)]
Predictive value of serum cholinesterase for the prognosis of aged patients with systemic inflammatory response syndrome
  2011,124(17):2692-2695 [Abstract(2162)]  [View PDF 309.75 K (1109)]
Successfully managing a rapidly growing peritoneal dialysis program in Southern China
  2011,124(17):2696-2700 [Abstract(2248)]  [View PDF 311.23 K (1184)]
Antimicrobial resistance, genotypic characterization and pulsed-field gel electrophoresis typing of extended spectrum β-lactamases-producing clinical Escherichia coli strains in Macao, China
  2011,124(17):2701-2707 [Abstract(5143)]  [View PDF 684.89 K (1163)]
Inhibition effects of all trans-retinoic acid on the growth and angiogenesis of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma in nude mice
  2011,124(17):2708-2714 [Abstract(2619)]  [View PDF 608.72 K (1462)]
Bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells protect rats from endotoxin-induced acute lung injury
  2011,124(17):2715-2722 [Abstract(2668)]  [View PDF 793.11 K (1537)]
An improved method for rat intubation and thymectomy
  2011,124(17):2723-2727 [Abstract(2893)]  [View PDF 603.70 K (1065)]
Tumor necrosis factor alpha affect hydrocortisone expression in mice adrenal cortex cells mainly through tumor necrosis factor alpha-receptor 1
  2011,124(17):2728-2732 [Abstract(2548)]  [View PDF 435.08 K (1017)]
Sildenafil potentiates the proliferative effect of porcine pulmonary artery smooth muscle cells induced by serotonin in vitro
  2011,124(17):2733-2740 [Abstract(2116)]  [View PDF 677.80 K (1035)]
Construction of a capsule associated protein 10 gene eukaryotic expression vector for RNA interference and confirmation of biologic relevance
  2011,124(17):2741-2745 [Abstract(1999)]  [View PDF 470.31 K (946)]
Kaiyuqingre formula improves insulin secretion via regulating uncoupling protein-2 and KATP channel
  2011,124(17):2746-2750 [Abstract(1745)]  [View PDF 378.44 K (967)]
Chloramphenicol improved expression of recombinant cholera toxin B subunit in Escherichia coli and its adjuvanticity
  2011,124(17):2751-2755 [Abstract(2405)]  [View PDF 470.62 K (1042)]

Review Article

Targeting glioma stem cells: enough to terminate gliomagenesis?
  2011,124(17):2756-2763 [Abstract(2904)]  [View PDF 410.58 K (1573)]

Brief Report

Effects of immediate and delayed mild hypothermia on endogenous antioxidant enzymes and energy metabolites following global cerebral ischemia
  2011,124(17):2764-2766 [Abstract(2078)]  [View PDF 159.40 K (1019)]
Extremely low warfarin dose in patients with genotypes of CYP2C9*3/*3 and VKORC1-1639A/A
  2011,124(17):2767-2770 [Abstract(2113)]  [View PDF 210.42 K (1237)]

Clinical experience

Acute pancreatitis in pregnancy: a 6-year single center clinical experience
  2011,124(17):2771-2775 [Abstract(3211)]  [View PDF 271.96 K (1779)]
Expression of interleukin-2 in Candidal balanoposthitis and its clinical significance
  2011,124(17):2776-2778 [Abstract(1557)]  [View PDF 225.65 K (890)]
Congenital quadricuspid aortic valve: analysis of 11 surgical cases
  2011,124(17):2779-2781 [Abstract(2480)]  [View PDF 123.86 K (1094)]

Case Report

Primary angiitis of the central nervous system: a case report
  2011,124(17):2782-2785 [Abstract(3312)]  [View PDF 529.95 K (1386)]
Recurrent Fisher-Bickerstaff syndrome: report of a Chinese case
  2011,124(17):2786-2788 [Abstract(2565)]  [View PDF 124.84 K (1418)]
Localized Castleman disease of plasma cell type in the abdomen
  2011,124(17):2789-2791 [Abstract(2002)]  [View PDF 234.57 K (1005)]
Contrast-enhanced ultrasound in detection and follow-up of pancreaticoduodenal artery pseudoaneurysm: a case report
  2011,124(17):2792-2794 [Abstract(1949)]  [View PDF 464.60 K (874)]

Clinical solution

Shikani™ Seeing Optical Stylet-aided tracheal intubation in patients with a large epiglottic cyst
  2011,124(17):2795-2798 [Abstract(3950)]  [View PDF 225.91 K (1675)]

Images for diagnosis

Giant epithelial splenic cyst
  2011,124(17):2799-2800 [Abstract(2112)]  [View PDF 202.58 K (1011)]

Original Article

Significance of Aspergillus spp. isolation from lower respiratory tract samples for the diagnosis and prognosis of invasive pulmonary aspergillosis in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  2011,124(17):2973-2978 [Abstract(427)]  [View PDF 444.51 K (294)]