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Supplementary note

Characteristics of fundus autofluorscence in cystoid macular edema
  2011,124(1) [Abstract(229)]  [View PDF]
Reconstruction of orbital defect in rabbits with composite of calcium phosphate cement and recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein-2
  郑永欣,王静,林浩添 and 李玲
  2011,124(1) [Abstract(217)]  [View PDF]
Diffused pulmonary metastases with negative 18FDG PET/CT and positive post-radioiodine therapy scan of papillary thyroid cancer
  2011,124(1) [Abstract(183)]  [View PDF]

Original Article

Nicotinamide mononucleotide adenylyltransferase 1 gene nmnat1 regulates neuronal dendrite and axon morphogenesis in vitro
  2011,124(1):1-5 [Abstract(1530)]  [View PDF 419.47 K (640)]
Inhibitory effects of Zengshengping fractions on DMBA-induced buccal pouch carcinogenesis in hamsters
  2011,124(1):1-6 [Abstract(1498)]  [View PDF 564.96 K (647)]


Promote translational medical research and report high quality medical studies
  2011,124(1):003-005 [Abstract(2984)]  [View PDF 47.47 K (1271)]
New year, new beginning
  2011,124(1):006-007 [Abstract(2528)]  [View PDF 22.52 K (1091)]
Anticholinergics may play more roles in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  2011,124(1):008-010 [Abstract(2577)]  [View PDF 82.25 K (1321)]

Original Article

Correlations of hypoxia-inducible factor-1α/hypoxia-inducible factor -2α expression with angiogenesis factors expression and prognosis in non-small cell lung cancer
  2011,124(1):011-018 [Abstract(4935)]  [View PDF 442.33 K (2092)]
Tumor gene mutations and messenger RNA expression: correlation with clinical response to icotinib hydrochloride in non-small cell lung cancer
  2011,124(1):019-025 [Abstract(5344)]  [View PDF 184.30 K (2434)]
Inhibition of allergic airway inflammation by antisense-induced blockade of STAT6 expression
  2011,124(1):026-031 [Abstract(4117)]  [View PDF 373.53 K (1811)]
Effect of p21Ras in vitro intervention on the phenotype of airway smooth muscle cells from asthmatic rats
  2011,124(1):032-037 [Abstract(3435)]  [View PDF 399.68 K (1354)]
Dexamethasone protects airway epithelial cell line NCI-H292 against lipopolysaccharide induced endoplasmic reticulum stress and apoptosis
  2011,124(1):038-044 [Abstract(4119)]  [View PDF 385.23 K (1843)]
Effect of angiotensin converting enzyme gene I/D polymorphism in patients with metabolic syndrome in North Indian population
  2011,124(1):045-048 [Abstract(3518)]  [View PDF 144.37 K (1513)]
Subtemporal transpetrosal apex approach: study on its use in large and giant petroclival meningiomas
  2011,124(1):049-055 [Abstract(3904)]  [View PDF 207.76 K (1707)]
Long-term efficacy and safety of tamsulosin hydrochloride for the treatment of lower urinary tract symptoms associated with benign prostatic hyperplasia: data from China
  2011,124(1):056-060 [Abstract(4460)]  [View PDF 182.52 K (2090)]
The in vitro proliferation and cytokine production of Vα24+Vβ11+ natural killer T cells in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus
  2011,124(1):061-065 [Abstract(3667)]  [View PDF 204.38 K (1658)]
Polymorphism on chromosome 9p21.3 contributes to early-onset and severity of coronary artery disease in non-diabetic and type 2 diabetic patients
  2011,124(1):066-071 [Abstract(3900)]  [View PDF 158.53 K (1745)]
Relationship between endothelial cell protein C receptor gene 6936A/G polymorphisms and deep venous thrombosis
  2011,124(1):072-075 [Abstract(3310)]  [View PDF 129.19 K (1691)]
Evaluation of the traditional Chinese medicine Shensongyangxin capsule on treating premature ventricular contractions: a randomized, double-blind, controlled multicenter trial
  2011,124(1):076-083 [Abstract(3426)]  [View PDF 360.04 K (2074)]
A novel missense mutation of the ubiquitin protein ligase E3A gene in a patient with Angelman syndrome
  2011,124(1):084-088 [Abstract(4599)]  [View PDF 249.05 K (2460)]
Fluvastatin attenuates myocardial interstitial fibrosis and cardiac dysfunction in diabetic rats by inhibiting over-expression of connective tissue growth factor
  2011,124(1):089-094 [Abstract(3884)]  [View PDF 180.48 K (1949)]
ADAMTS-1 expression in rat myocardium after ischemic preconditioning: age-associated differences
  2011,124(1):095-099 [Abstract(3147)]  [View PDF 170.37 K (1600)]
Coronary microembolization induced myocardial contractile dysfunction and tumor necrosis factor-α mRNA expression partly inhibited by SB203580 through a p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase pathway
  2011,124(1):100-105 [Abstract(3289)]  [View PDF 342.79 K (1477)]
Design of functional small interfering RNAs targeting amyotrophic lateral sclerosis-associated mutant alleles
  2011,124(1):106-110 [Abstract(3318)]  [View PDF 272.33 K (1660)]
SKOV-3 cell imaging by paramagnetic particles labeled with hairpin cell-penetrating peptides
  2011,124(1):111-117 [Abstract(3418)]  [View PDF 669.10 K (1512)]
Effect of DLL4 siRNA on proliferation, migration and tube formation of choroid-retinal endothelial cells under hypoxic conditions
  2011,124(1):118-126 [Abstract(4330)]  [View PDF 516.38 K (2158)]
Effects of hepatocyte growth factor-mediated activation of Dll4-Notch-Hey2 signaling pathway
  2011,124(1):127-131 [Abstract(3816)]  [View PDF 188.55 K (1590)]

Review Article

Mapping and localization of susceptible genes in asthma
  2011,124(1):132-143 [Abstract(4639)]  [View PDF 200.97 K (2040)]

Brief Report

Glycemic variability in insulin treated type 2 diabetes with well-controlled hemoglobin A1c and its response to further treatment with acarbose
  2011,124(1):144-147 [Abstract(5051)]  [View PDF 146.37 K (2487)]
Morphological analysis on adhesion and invasion involved in endometriosis with tissue culture
  2011,124(1):148-151 [Abstract(4071)]  [View PDF 96.30 K (1813)]

Case Report

A case of ceftriaxone-induced haemolysis complicated by acute portal vein thrombosis
  2011,124(1):152-154 [Abstract(3736)]  [View PDF 221.21 K (1456)]

Images for diagnosis

Retroperitoneal hemangiopericytoma: case report and literature review
  2011,124(1):155-156 [Abstract(3997)]  [View PDF 87.55 K (1979)]
Instructions for authors
  2011,124(1):157-160 [Abstract(2310)]  [View PDF 45.50 K (941)]