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Supplementary note

CGRP induces proliferation and MCP-1 expression via ERK activation in rat osteoblasts
  Na Han,,, and
  2010,123(13) [Abstract(161)]  [View PDF]
Early PET/CT after Radiofrequency Ablation in Liver Metastases:is it useful?
  刘兆玉, and
  2010,123(13) [Abstract(166)]  [View PDF]
A New Protein Girdin in Tumor Metastasis
  2010,123(13) [Abstract(163)]  [View PDF]
Arsenic trioxide Up-Regulate Fas Expression in Human Osteosarcoma Cells
  2010,123(13) [Abstract(165)]  [View PDF]
Relationship between symptom response and the esophageal pH level on standard dose of esomeprazole treatment for gastro-esophageal reflux disease
  Sui Peng,Li-Shou Xiong,Ying-Lian Xiao,An-Jiang Wang,Jin-Kun Lin,Pin-Jin Hu,Min-Hu Chen
  2010,123(13) [Abstract(150)]  [View PDF]
Rapid hemofiltration is associated with increased sepsis and mortality among patients with severe acute pancreatitis
  毛恩强,费健,,, and
  2010,123(13) [Abstract(263)]  [View PDF]
Brain motor control function in a patient with sub-acute, incomplete, asymmetrical spinal cord injury
  2010,123(13) [Abstract(170)]  [View PDF]

Criteria and guidance

Intravitreal bevacizumab injection for chronic central serous chorioretinopathy
  2010,123(13) [Abstract(200)]  [View PDF]


Toward more uniform conflict disclosures: the updated ICMJE Conflict of Interest Reporting Form
  2010,123(13):1621-1622 [Abstract(2876)]  [View PDF 22.09 K (1358)]

Original Article

Transcription factor HAND2 mutations in sporadic Chinese patients with congenital heart disease
  2010,123(13):1623-1627 [Abstract(123749)]  [View PDF 131.87 K (121763)]
Prognostic value of baseline C-reactive protein levels in patients undergoing coronary revascularization
  2010,123(13):1628-1632 [Abstract(4174)]  [View PDF 125.02 K (1922)]
Death mode-dependent reduction in succinate dehydrogenase activity in hair cells of aging rat cochleae
  2010,123(13):1633-1638 [Abstract(3765)]  [View PDF 327.36 K (1717)]
Rapid hemodilution is associated with increased sepsis and mortality among patients with severe acute pancreatitis
  2010,123(13):1639-1644 [Abstract(5674)]  [View PDF 181.33 K (3112)]
Echocardiographic mapping of left ventricular resynchronization during cardiac resynchronization therapy procedures
  2010,123(13):1645-1651 [Abstract(3797)]  [View PDF 198.80 K (1701)]
Salmeterol/fluticasone treatment reduces circulating C-reactive protein level in patients with stable chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  2010,123(13):1652-1657 [Abstract(4001)]  [View PDF 191.27 K (1959)]
Role of adrenalectomy in recurrent Cushing’s disease
  2010,123(13):1658-1662 [Abstract(5105)]  [View PDF 100.39 K (2155)]
Diagnosis and fine localization of deletion region in Wolf- Hirschhorn syndrome patients
  2010,123(13):1663-1667 [Abstract(3978)]  [View PDF 164.29 K (2642)]
Characteristics associated with falls among the elderly within aged care wards in a tertiary hospital: a retrospective
  2010,123(13):1668-1672 [Abstract(5359)]  [View PDF 134.33 K (3057)]
Ningbo thyroid dysfunction prevalence study: a cross-sectional survey in an employees-cohort
  2010,123(13):1673-1678 [Abstract(3732)]  [View PDF 185.21 K (1601)]
Dynamic change of mother-source neutralizing antibodies against enterovirus 71 and coxsackievirus A16 in infants
  2010,123(13):1679-1684 [Abstract(4014)]  [View PDF 135.14 K (2290)]
Influence of drug treatment on glucocorticoid receptor levels in patients with coronary heart disease
  2010,123(13):1685-1689 [Abstract(3784)]  [View PDF 161.59 K (1635)]
Early PET/CT after radiofrequency ablation in colorectal cancer liver metastases: is it useful?
  2010,123(13):1690-1694 [Abstract(4609)]  [View PDF 293.03 K (2240)]
A small-dose naloxone infusion alleviates nausea and sedation without impacting analgesia via intravenous tramadol
  2010,123(13):1695-1698 [Abstract(5067)]  [View PDF 47.27 K (2297)]
Epidemiology of pterygium in aged rural population of Beijing, China
  2010,123(13):1699-1701 [Abstract(4028)]  [View PDF 176.01 K (1924)]
AKT-modified autologous intracoronary mesenchymal stem cells prevent remodeling and repair in swine infarcted myocardium
  2010,123(13):1702-1708 [Abstract(4706)]  [View PDF 560.28 K (2597)]
Cigarette smoke extract promotes proliferation of airway smooth muscle cells in asthmatic rats via regulating cyclin D1 expression
  2010,123(13):1709-1714 [Abstract(3826)]  [View PDF 284.71 K (1823)]
Role of extracellular signal-regulated kinase in regulating expression of interleukin 13 in lymphocytes from an asthmatic rat model
  2010,123(13):1715-1719 [Abstract(4045)]  [View PDF 337.91 K (2133)]
Inflammatory airway features and hypothalamic-pituitary- adrenal axis function in asthmatic rats combined with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  2010,123(13):1720-1726 [Abstract(4182)]  [View PDF 182.85 K (1827)]
Effect of cholinesterase inhibitor galanthamine on circulating tumor necrosis factor alpha in rats with lipopolysaccharide- induced peritonitis
  2010,123(13):1727-1730 [Abstract(4125)]  [View PDF 201.56 K (1787)]
Up-regulation of the transient A-type K+ current (IA) in the differentiation of neural stem cells of the early postnatal rat hippocampus
  2010,123(13):1731-1735 [Abstract(3636)]  [View PDF 187.69 K (1572)]
Effects of buried penis on the structure and function of corpus cavernosum in a rat model
  2010,123(13):1736-1740 [Abstract(4409)]  [View PDF 460.44 K (2390)]
Blood hibernation: a novel strategy to inhibit systemic inflammation and coagulation induced by cardiopulmonary bypass
  2010,123(13):1741-1747 [Abstract(3578)]  [View PDF 556.92 K (1664)]
Calcitonin gene-related peptide induces proliferation and monocyte chemoattractant protein-1 expression via extracellular signal-regulated kinase activation in rat osteoblasts
  2010,123(13):1748-1753 [Abstract(3655)]  [View PDF 353.67 K (1782)]
Activated vascular endothelia regulate invasion of glioma cells through expression of fibronectin
  2010,123(13):1754-1761 [Abstract(4307)]  [View PDF 401.17 K (2058)]
Role of Toll-like receptor 4 and human defensin 5 in primary endocervical epithelial cells
  2010,123(13):1762-1767 [Abstract(3840)]  [View PDF 487.47 K (2149)]
Arsenic trioxide up-regulates Fas expression in human osteosarcoma cells
  2010,123(13):1768-1773 [Abstract(3973)]  [View PDF 302.62 K (2144)]
Safety and efficacy of transulnar approach for coronary angiography and intervention
  2010,123(13):1774-1779 [Abstract(4367)]  [View PDF 157.52 K (1991)]
Increased hsp70 of glucocorticoid receptor complex induced by scald and heat stress and its possible effect on the affinity of glucocorticoid receptor
  2010,123(13):1780-1785 [Abstract(3588)]  [View PDF 209.46 K (1738)]

Medical Progress

A new protein Girdin in tumor metastasis
  2010,123(13):1786-1788 [Abstract(3962)]  [View PDF 186.23 K (2023)]
Novel biomarkers for progression of chronic kidney disease
  2010,123(13):1789-1792 [Abstract(5278)]  [View PDF 131.54 K (2252)]

Brief Report

Protein causes hyperinsulinemia: a Chinese patient with hyperinsulinism/hyperammonaemia syndrome due to a glutamate dehydrogenase gene mutation
  2010,123(13):1793-1795 [Abstract(3190)]  [View PDF 108.77 K (1510)]


Globalized health and its governance
  2010,123(13):1796-1799 [Abstract(3335)]  [View PDF 45.43 K (1417)]

Case Report

Preoperative preparation and surgical separation of conjoined pygopagus twins
  2010,123(13):1800-1803 [Abstract(3515)]  [View PDF 147.75 K (1758)]
Laparoscopic resection of an obturator schwannoma: a case report
  2010,123(13):1804-1806 [Abstract(3324)]  [View PDF 49.11 K (1548)]

Clinical solution

Black hairy tongue associated with allo peripheral blood hematopoietic stem cell transplantation
  2010,123(13):1807-1808 [Abstract(4341)]  [View PDF 49.19 K (1634)]

Images for diagnosis

Laparoscopic approach of Castleman’s disease in the pararenal retroperitoneum: report of two cases
  2010,123(13):1809-1811 [Abstract(4024)]  [View PDF 174.39 K (2329)]
Brain motor control function in a patient with subacute, incomplete, asymmetrical spinal cord injury
  2010,123(13):1812-1814 [Abstract(3739)]  [View PDF 90.84 K (1773)]
Primary malignant melanoma of the lung in the elderly: case report and literature review
  2010,123(13):1815-1817 [Abstract(4083)]  [View PDF 229.74 K (1975)]
A giant primary myxoid liposarcoma of the posterior mediastinum
  2010,123(13):1818-1820 [Abstract(3858)]  [View PDF 89.53 K (1900)]