Volume 122,Issue 7,2009 Table of Contents

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Management of variceal hemorrhage: current status
  2009,122(7):763-765 [Abstract(5401)]  [View PDF 34.48 K (3263)]


Esophagogastric variceal bleeding in cirrhotic portal hypertension: consensus on prevention and management (2008)
  2009,122(7):766-775 [Abstract(5311)]  [View PDF 190.11 K (3208)]

Original Article

Narrow-band imaging in the diagnosis of early esophageal cancer and precancerous lesions
  2009,122(7):776-780 [Abstract(6265)]  [View PDF 192.37 K (3082)]
Outcomes of adult-to-adult living donor liver transplantation: a single center experience
  2009,122(7):781-786 [Abstract(6796)]  [View PDF 132.94 K (2255)]
Stent-grafting for unfavorable abdominal aortic aneurysm: a practical challenge
  2009,122(7):787-792 [Abstract(6066)]  [View PDF 209.73 K (2815)]
A high maintenance dose of clopidogrel improves short-term clinical outcomes in patients with acute coronary syndrome undergoing drug-eluting stent implantation
  2009,122(7):793-797 [Abstract(6428)]  [View PDF 176.89 K (3124)]
Comparison of tamsulosin with extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy in treating distal ureteral stones
  2009,122(7):798-801 [Abstract(6221)]  [View PDF 123.94 K (3285)]
Prognostic factors affecting the all-cause death and sudden cardiac death rates of post myocardial infarction patients with low left ventricular ejection fraction
  2009,122(7):802-806 [Abstract(6338)]  [View PDF 210.19 K (2922)]
Preliminary study on CT perfusion imaging in guiding biopsy of pulmonary lumps
  2009,122(7):807-812 [Abstract(4697)]  [View PDF 302.89 K (2317)]
Long-term efficacy of excimer laser in situ keratomileusis in the management of children with high anisometropic amblyopia
  2009,122(7):813-817 [Abstract(5956)]  [View PDF 126.41 K (2564)]
Medial plica after reconstruction of anterior cruciate ligament
  2009,122(7):818-822 [Abstract(6591)]  [View PDF 119.26 K (3246)]
Temporally shifted hemodynamic response model helps to extract acupuncture-induced functional magnetic resonance imaging blood oxygenation-level dependent activities
  2009,122(7):823-829 [Abstract(6227)]  [View PDF 502.86 K (2470)]
Phenotype and genotype analysis of a Chinese family with prelingual X-linked hereditary hearing impairment
  2009,122(7):830-833 [Abstract(5250)]  [View PDF 248.60 K (2507)]
Reduction of pulmonary inflammatory response by erythropoietin in a rat model of endotoxaemia
  2009,122(7):834-838 [Abstract(5733)]  [View PDF 294.62 K (2773)]
Recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein-2 promotes the proliferation of mesenchymal stem cells in vivo and in vitro
  2009,122(7):839-843 [Abstract(6246)]  [View PDF 241.49 K (3048)]

Medical Progress

Advances in understanding of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis
  2009,122(7):844-857 [Abstract(8978)]  [View PDF 208.55 K (5090)]
Role of contrast enhanced ultrasound in detection of abdominal aortic abnormalities in comparison with multislice computed tomography
  2009,122(7):858-864 [Abstract(7314)]  [View PDF 437.81 K (3637)]

Brief Report

Quantitative differences in protein expression between cisplatin sensitive C0C1 ovarian carcinoma cells and cisplatin resistant C0C1/DDP cells
  2009,122(7):865-869 [Abstract(5576)]  [View PDF 136.36 K (2699)]

Case Report

Delayed endotracheal tube obstruction by mucus plug in a child
  2009,122(7):870-872 [Abstract(7836)]  [View PDF 101.03 K (3775)]
Rosai-Dorfman disease of lung: a case report and review of the literatures
  2009,122(7):873-874 [Abstract(5247)]  [View PDF 146.51 K (2984)]

Images for diagnosis

Severe liver injury induced by repeated use of hair dye
  2009,122(7):875-877 [Abstract(6730)]  [View PDF 143.85 K (4293)]
Delayed cerebral lipiodol embolism after transcatheter arterial chemoembolization of hepatocellular carcinoma
  2009,122(7):878-880 [Abstract(5798)]  [View PDF 493.93 K (2491)]