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A worldwide food safety concern in 2008—melamine-contaminated infant formula in China caused urinary tract stone in 290 000 children in China
  2009,122(3):243-244 [Abstract(6958)]  [View PDF]

Original Article

Diagnosis and treatment of melamine-associated urinary calculus complicated with acute renal failure in infants and young children
  2009,122(3):245-251 [Abstract(8720)]  [View PDF]
Ultrasonographic diagnosis of urinary calculus caused by melamine in children
  2009,122(3):252-256 [Abstract(8923)]  [View PDF]
Blood purification therapy in treatment of acute renal failure in infants with melamine-induced stones
  2009,122(3):257-261 [Abstract(6626)]  [View PDF]
Clinical analysis and follow-up study of chronic active Epstein-Barr virus infection in 53 pediatric cases
  2009,122(3):262-266 [Abstract(9590)]  [View PDF]
Picture perception in Chinese dyslexic children: an eye-movement study
  2009,122(3):267-271 [Abstract(6295)]  [View PDF]
Factors influencing ambulance use in patients with ST-elevation myocardial infarction in Beijing, China
  2009,122(3):272-278 [Abstract(5654)]  [View PDF]
Treatment of hypocalcemia caused by hypoparathyroidism or pseudohypoparathyroidism with domestic-made calcitriol: a prospective and self-controlled clinical trial
  2009,122(3):279-283 [Abstract(11220)]  [View PDF]
Effect of multiple-phase regional intra-arterial infusion chemotherapy on patients with resectable pancreatic head adenocarcinoma
  2009,122(3):284-290 [Abstract(6472)]  [View PDF]
Pharmacokinetics of sufentanil administered by target-controlled infusion in Chinese surgical patients
  2009,122(3):291-295 [Abstract(7950)]  [View PDF]
Rhinoplasty in Chinese: management of lower dorsum and bulbous nasal tip
  2009,122(3):296-300 [Abstract(13202)]  [View PDF]
Drug-resistant gene based genotyping for Acinetobacter baumannii in tracing epidemiological events and for clinical treatment within nosocomial settings
  2009,122(3):301-306 [Abstract(7574)]  [View PDF]
Evaluation of live attenuated S79 mumps vaccine effectiveness in mumps outbreaks: a matched case-control study
  2009,122(3):307-310 [Abstract(5387)]  [View PDF]
Electromyographic monitoring of facial nerve under different levels of neuromuscular blockade during middle ear microsurgery
  2009,122(3):311-314 [Abstract(5921)]  [View PDF]
Determination of oropharyngeal pathogenic colonization in the elderly community
  2009,122(3):315-318 [Abstract(5398)]  [View PDF]
Mast cell degranulator compound 48-80 promotes atherosclerotic plaque in apolipoprotein E knockout mice with perivascular common carotid collar placement
  2009,122(3):319-325 [Abstract(7091)]  [View PDF]
Inhibition of the cystathionine-γ-lyase/hydrogen sulfide pathway in rat vascular smooth muscle cells by cobalt-60 gamma radiation
  2009,122(3):326-330 [Abstract(6216)]  [View PDF]
Overexpression or knock-down of runt-related transcription factor 1 affects BCR-ABL-induced proliferation and migration in vitro and leukemogenesis in vivo in mice
  2009,122(3):331-337 [Abstract(62261)]  [View PDF]
Vascular endothelial growth factor up-regulates the expression of intracellular adhesion molecule-1 in retinal endothelial cells via reactive oxygen species, but not nitric oxide
  2009,122(3):338-343 [Abstract(7325)]  [View PDF]
Optimal in vitro culture conditions for murine predominant immature CD8a+ dendritic cells
  2009,122(3):344-348 [Abstract(6248)]  [View PDF]

Medical Progress

Promising of spatial-temporal model in public health
  2009,122(3):349-350 [Abstract(4972)]  [View PDF]

Review Article

Troponin not just a simple cardiac marker: prognostic significance of cardiac troponin
  2009,122(3):351-358 [Abstract(8783)]  [View PDF]

Images for diagnosis

Low-grade thermal injury
  2009,122(3):359-360 [Abstract(5969)]  [View PDF 129.50 K (3308)]