Volume 122,Issue 2,2009 Table of Contents

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Has the time come for another breakthrough in surgical myocardial revascularization?
  2009,122(2):123-125 [Abstract(4077)]  [View PDF]
Current status of coronary artery bypass surgery
  2009,122(2):126-128 [Abstract(4238)]  [View PDF]

Original Article

Bilateral bidirectional superior cavopulmonary shunt is more beneficial in medium and long term clinical outcomes than unilateral shunt
  2009,122(2):129-135 [Abstract(7949)]  [View PDF]
Using intramyocardial electrograms combined with other noninvasive methods for monitoring acute rejection following human heart transplantation
  2009,122(2):136-139 [Abstract(4279)]  [View PDF]
Clinical study of domestic ZQL-type retrievable vena cava filter
  2009,122(2):140-144 [Abstract(7851)]  [View PDF]
Assessment of the anterior spinal artery and the artery of Adamkiewicz using multi-detector CT angiography
  2009,122(2):145-149 [Abstract(7065)]  [View PDF]
Effect of myocardial protection during beating heart surgery with right sub-axiliary approach
  2009,122(2):150-152 [Abstract(5771)]  [View PDF]
Decreased expression of neurotrophic tyrosine receptor kinase 3 is associated with the outflow tract defect of human tetralogy of Fallot
  2009,122(2):153-157 [Abstract(5190)]  [View PDF]
Coronary stenting does not improve the long-term cardiovascular outcome of patients with mild to moderate renal insufficiency
  2009,122(2):158-164 [Abstract(6083)]  [View PDF]
The utilization status of aspirin for the secondary prevention of ischemic stroke
  2009,122(2):165-168 [Abstract(5611)]  [View PDF]
Fluid therapy for severe acute pancreatitis in acute response stage
  2009,122(2):169-173 [Abstract(7219)]  [View PDF]
Intraoperative monitoring for safety of total hip arthroplasty using third-generation cementing technique
  2009,122(2):174-177 [Abstract(5722)]  [View PDF]
A new study on diffusion tensor imaging of the whole visual pathway fiber bundle and clinical application
  2009,122(2):178-182 [Abstract(6721)]  [View PDF]
Chemokine stromal cell-derived factor 1/CXCL12 increases homing of mesenchymal stem cells to injured myocardium and neovascularization following myocardial infarction
  2009,122(2):183-187 [Abstract(7290)]  [View PDF]
Celecoxib plays a multiple role to peripheral blood lymphocytes and allografts in acute rejection in rats after cardiac transplantation
  2009,122(2):188-192 [Abstract(5323)]  [View PDF]
Strain rate imaging in assessing the size of acute ischemic myocardium in dogs
  2009,122(2):193-198 [Abstract(8666)]  [View PDF]
Could mycophenolate mofetil combined with benazapril delay tubulointerstitial fibrosis in 5/6 nephrectomized rats?
  2009,122(2):199-204 [Abstract(8429)]  [View PDF]
The regulating role of mutant IκBα in expression of TIMP-2 and MMP-9 in human glioblastoma multiform
  2009,122(2):205-211 [Abstract(6344)]  [View PDF]
Effects of prior freezing or drying on the swelling behaviour of the bovine cornea
  2009,122(2):212-218 [Abstract(4376)]  [View PDF]

Review Article

Classification and management of the tandem ossification of the posterior longitudinal ligament and flaval ligament
  2009,122(2):219-224 [Abstract(6272)]  [View PDF]
Human umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells and the treatment of spinal cord injury
  2009,122(2):225-231 [Abstract(15306)]  [View PDF]

Clinical experience

Diagnosis and surgical treatment of post-infarction left ventricular pseudoaneurysm
  2009,122(2):232-235 [Abstract(5797)]  [View PDF 137.53 K (2730)]

Case Report

A giant cyst-like mass: an unusual morphous of left atrial myxoma
  2009,122(2):236-237 [Abstract(5994)]  [View PDF]

Clinical solution

Isolated superior mesenteric artery dissection: case for conservative treatment and endovascular repair
  2009,122(2):238-240 [Abstract(6708)]  [View PDF 269.63 K (3785)]