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Management of hepatitis B in China
  2009,122(1):3-4 [Abstract(7705)]  [View PDF 87.80 K (4323)]

Original Article

Prevalence of antinuclear and anti-liver-kidney-microsome type-1 antibodies in patients with chronic hepatitis C in China
  2009,122(1):5-9 [Abstract(6452)]  [View PDF 112.69 K (3503)]
Altered expression profiles of microRNAs in a stable hepatitis B virus-expressing cell line
  2009,122(1):10-14 [Abstract(10447)]  [View PDF 200.68 K (5871)]
Proteomic analysis of differently expressed proteins in human hepatocellular carcinoma cell lines HepG2 with transfecting hepatitis B virus X gene
  2009,122(1):15-23 [Abstract(8989)]  [View PDF 383.06 K (4029)]
Association among plasma interleukin-18 levels, carotid intima- media thickness and severity of obstructive sleep apnea
  2009,122(1):24-29 [Abstract(6070)]  [View PDF 165.08 K (2868)]
Association of TBX5 gene polymorphism with ventricular septal defect in the Chinese Han population
  2009,122(1):30-34 [Abstract(7621)]  [View PDF 211.63 K (3799)]
Rapamycin instead of mycophenolate mofetil or azathioprine in treatment of post-renal transplantation urothelial carcinoma
  2009,122(1):35-38 [Abstract(5232)]  [View PDF 42.23 K (2446)]
Preliminary study of 3T 1H MR spectroscopy in bone and soft tissue tumors
  2009,122(1):39-43 [Abstract(5891)]  [View PDF 681.30 K (2997)]
Comparison of bolus remifentanil versus bolus fentanyl for blunting cardiovascular intubation responses in children: a randomized, double-blind study
  2009,122(1):44-50 [Abstract(6970)]  [View PDF 318.71 K (3349)]
Analysis of soft tissue sarcomas in 1118 cases
  2009,122(1):51-53 [Abstract(8830)]  [View PDF 121.72 K (4115)]
Involvement of connexin 43 in acupuncture analgesia
  2009,122(1):54-60 [Abstract(23486)]  [View PDF 283.38 K (20256)]
Dihydroxyflavonol reduces post-infarction left ventricular remodeling by preventing myocyte apoptosis in the non-infarcted zone in goats
  2009,122(1):61-67 [Abstract(6573)]  [View PDF 331.65 K (2762)]
Effect of chronic intermittent hypoxia on the expression of Nip3, cell apoptosis, β-amyloid protein deposit in mice brain cortex
  2009,122(1):68-73 [Abstract(6796)]  [View PDF 802.67 K (2874)]
Probucol attenuates atrial autonomic remodeling in a canine model of atrial fibrillation produced by prolonged atrial pacing
  2009,122(1):74-82 [Abstract(6441)]  [View PDF 448.35 K (2885)]
Preliminary separation of the growth factors in platelet-rich plasma: effects on the proliferation of human marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells
  2009,122(1):83-87 [Abstract(7716)]  [View PDF 402.50 K (4483)]

Meta analysis

Clinical outcomes of serolimus-eluting stents versus bare metal stents in ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction patients: a meta-analysis
  2009,122(1):88-92 [Abstract(7139)]  [View PDF 181.48 K (3051)]

Medical Progress

Human immunodeficiency virus and hepatitis C virus co-infection: epidemiology, natural history and the situation in China
  2009,122(1):93-97 [Abstract(53015)]  [View PDF 110.17 K (49072)]

Review Article

Vaccination against hepatitis B: the Chinese experience
  2009,122(1):98-102 [Abstract(9814)]  [View PDF 134.88 K (4664)]

Clinical experience

Postmastectomy radiation in supraclavicular and internal mammary regions of patients with breast cancer of stage II/III
  2009,122(1):103-105 [Abstract(6500)]  [View PDF 156.08 K (2939)]


Angiotensin II vaccine promising for patients with chronic heart failure
  2009,122(1):106-109 [Abstract(6428)]  [View PDF 99.60 K (2840)]

Case Report

Malignant transformation of aneurysmal bone cysts: a case report
  2009,122(1):110-112 [Abstract(6561)]  [View PDF 126.59 K (2995)]

Clinical solution

Ultimate treatment for a patient with severe traumatic brain injury without intake for 192 hours after Wenchuan massive earthquake
  2009,122(1):113-116 [Abstract(6184)]  [View PDF 458.70 K (3256)]


Instructions for authors
  2009,122(1):117-120 [Abstract(3633)]  [View PDF 39.60 K (1491)]