Volume 121,Issue 6,2008 Table of Contents

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Shortening the door-to-balloon time for transferring primary percutaneous coronary intervention: physician transfer may be a better way in China
  2008,121(6):483-484 [Abstract(5269)]  [View PDF]

Original Article

Prospective multicenter randomized trial comparing physician versus patient transfer for primary percutaneous coronary intervention in acute ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction
  2008,121(6):485-491 [Abstract(6444)]  [View PDF]
Sirolimus-eluting cobalt-chromium stents: two-year clinical results
  2008,121(6):492-497 [Abstract(7704)]  [View PDF]
A more than 2-year follow-up of incomplete apposition after drug-eluting stent implantation
  2008,121(6):498-502 [Abstract(6584)]  [View PDF]

Conference Information

2008 Focus in Surgery
  2008,121(6):507 [Abstract(5010)]  [View PDF]
2008 Obstetrics & Gynecology Symposium in China
  2008,121(6):512 [Abstract(4768)]  [View PDF]

Original Article

Is adjunctive balloon postdilatation necessary with drug-eluting stents? One center experience in Chinese patients
  2008,121(6):513-517 [Abstract(6022)]  [View PDF]
Multi-wire plaque crushing as a novel technique in treating chronic total occlusions
  2008,121(6):518-521 [Abstract(6199)]  [View PDF]
Effect of tirofiban plus clopidogrel and aspirin on primary percutaneous coronary intervention via transradial approach in patients with acute myocardial infarction
  2008,121(6):522-527 [Abstract(8377)]  [View PDF]
Crush stenting in treating coronary bifurcate lesions: paclitaxel eluting stents versus sirolimus eluting stents
  2008,121(6):528-533 [Abstract(5958)]  [View PDF]


Survey: Chinese children get inadequate sleep
  2008,121(6):539 [Abstract(4710)]  [View PDF]

Original Article

Relationship between tissue type plasminogen activator and coronary vulnerable plaque in patients with acute coronary syndrome: virtual histological study
  2008,121(6):540-543 [Abstract(6752)]  [View PDF]
Transplantation of magnetically labeled mesenchymal stem cells improves cardiac function in a swine myocardial infarction model
  2008,121(6):544-550 [Abstract(9293)]  [View PDF]
Cardioprotective effects of simvastatin on reversing electrical remodeling induced by myocardial ischemia-reperfusion in normocholesterolemic rabbits
  2008,121(6):551-556 [Abstract(7541)]  [View PDF]
Morphological changes of blood spleen barrier in portal hypertensive spleen
  2008,121(6):561-565 [Abstract(7045)]  [View PDF]


Fifteen infectious diseases have been enrolled in the national immunization drive
  2008,121(6):565 [Abstract(4884)]  [View PDF]

Medical Progress

Inflammatory response, drug-eluting stent and restenosis
  2008,121(6):566-572 [Abstract(7204)]  [View PDF]

Clinical experience

Transcatheter closure of perimembranous ventricular septal defects by a new Amplatzer membranous ventricular septal
  2008,121(6):573-576 [Abstract(7028)]  [View PDF 407.06 K (3433)]


Lack of sexual knowledge blamed for HIV/AIDS among Latin American youths
  2008,121(6):1496 [Abstract(3772)]  [View PDF 854.41 K (2116)]