Volume 121,Issue 22,2008 Table of Contents

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Original Article

Endovascular stent-grafts for acute and chronic type B aortic dissection: comparison of clinical outcomes
  2008,121(22):2213-2217 [Abstract(6139)]  [View PDF]
Effects of different levels of end-expiratory positive pressure on lung recruitment and protection in patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome
  2008,121(22):2218-2223 [Abstract(6145)]  [View PDF]
Factors affecting proprioceptive recovery after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction
  2008,121(22):2224-2228 [Abstract(9468)]  [View PDF]
Decreased anaerobic performance and hormone adaptation after expedition to Peak Lenin
  2008,121(22):2229-2233 [Abstract(5008)]  [View PDF]
Changes of activated circulating endothelial cells and survivin in patients with non-small cell lung cancer after antiangiogenesis therapy
  2008,121(22):2234-2240 [Abstract(7388)]  [View PDF]


China’s quality watchdog: Latest tests show infant formula milk safe
  2008,121(22):2240 [Abstract(3626)]  [View PDF]

Original Article

Prevalence of dental caries among preschool children in Shanghe County of Shandong Province and relevant prevention and treatment strategies
  2008,121(22):2246-2249 [Abstract(7047)]  [View PDF]
Role of dissection of secondary branches of splenic pedicle in portal hypertension cases undergoing splenectomy
  2008,121(22):2250-2253 [Abstract(4946)]  [View PDF]
Characterization of human metapneumoviruses isolated in Chongqing, China
  2008,121(22):2254-2257 [Abstract(5342)]  [View PDF]
Effect of endothelial PAS domain protein 1 and hypoxia inducible factor 1α on vascular endothelial growth factor expression in human pancreatic carcinoma
  2008,121(22):2258-2264 [Abstract(6208)]  [View PDF]
Diet-induced hyperhomocysteinemia exacerbates vascular reverse remodeling of balloon-injured arteries in rat
  2008,121(22):2265-2271 [Abstract(5791)]  [View PDF]
Voltage-gated potassium channel Kv1.3 in rabbit ciliary epithelium regulates the membrane potential via coupling intracellular calcium
  2008,121(22):2272-2277 [Abstract(4361)]  [View PDF]
Cross-talk between MEK1/2-ERK1/2 signaling and G protein-couple signaling in synoviocytes of collagen-induced arthritis rats
  2008,121(22):2278-2283 [Abstract(5380)]  [View PDF]


China marks Men’s Health Day, targeting migrant workers
  2008,121(22):2289 [Abstract(3533)]  [View PDF]

Original Article

Effect of transplanted mesenchymal stem cells from rats of different ages on the improvement of heart function after acute myocardial infarction
  2008,121(22):2290-2298 [Abstract(6214)]  [View PDF]


Mainland, Taiwan open new channel to address food safety
  2008,121(22):2304 [Abstract(3669)]  [View PDF]

Original Article

Inflammatory reaction versus endogenous peroxisome proliferator- activated receptors expression, re-exploring secondary organ complications of spontaneously hypertensive rats
  2008,121(22):2305-2311 [Abstract(5675)]  [View PDF]
Effect of valsartan on the expression of angiotensin II receptors in the lung of chronic antigen exposure rats
  2008,121(22):2312-2319 [Abstract(7722)]  [View PDF]
Altered angiotensin-converting enzyme and its effects on the brain in a rat model of Alzheimer disease
  2008,121(22):2320-2323 [Abstract(5634)]  [View PDF]
Effects of cloned tumstatin-related and angiogenesis-inhibitory peptides on proliferation and apoptosis of endothelial cells
  2008,121(22):2324-2330 [Abstract(7087)]  [View PDF]

Meta analysis

Comparison of laser epithelial keratomileusis and photorefractive keratectomy for the correction of myopia: a meta-analysis
  2008,121(22):2331-2335 [Abstract(7321)]  [View PDF 316.70 K (4583)]

Medical Progress

Interventional therapy of coronary artery disease in China:retrospective and perspective
  2008,121(22):2336-2341 [Abstract(5692)]  [View PDF]

Brief Report

Inhibition of interleukin-13 gene expression in T cells through GATA-3 pathway by arsenic trioxide
  2008,121(22):2346-2349 [Abstract(6385)]  [View PDF]


Hong Kong government offers free flu vaccination to target groups
  2008,121(22):2349 [Abstract(4106)]  [View PDF]

Clinical experience

Effect of sub-hypothermia therapy on coagulopathy after severe head injury
  2008,121(22):2350-2352 [Abstract(5291)]  [View PDF 95.81 K (2714)]
Evaluating transcatheter arterial chemoembolization for primary hepatic cancer by magnetic resonance diffusion-weighted imaging
  2008,121(22):2353-2356 [Abstract(7085)]  [View PDF 274.12 K (2635)]

Case Report

Asymptomatic Paget’s disease of bone presenting with complete atrioventricular block
  2008,121(22):2357-2359 [Abstract(5345)]  [View PDF]
Is correction of severe hypoalbuminemia necessary in the critically ill?
  2008,121(22):2360-2362 [Abstract(7270)]  [View PDF]
Diagnosis and treatment of pancreatic somatostatinoma:
  2008,121(22):2363-2365 [Abstract(5069)]  [View PDF]
Cutaneous and eyes Aspergillus fumigatus infection
  2008,121(22):2366-2368 [Abstract(10823)]  [View PDF]