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Oral cancer: the current status and strategies of its management
  2008,121(19):1859-1860 [Abstract(4966)]  [View PDF]

Original Article

Clinical outcome of dental implants placed in fibula-free flaps for orofacial reconstruction
  2008,121(19):1861-1865 [Abstract(8720)]  [View PDF]
β-catenin expression pattern in primary oral squamous cell carcinoma
  2008,121(19):1866-1870 [Abstract(7041)]  [View PDF]
Occult cervical lymph node metastases in 100 consecutive patients with cN0 tongue cancer
  2008,121(19):1871-1874 [Abstract(6483)]  [View PDF]
Correlation between the expression of thrombospondin-1 and neovascularization in mucoepidermoid carcinoma
  2008,121(19):1875-1881 [Abstract(5282)]  [View PDF]
Benzo (a) pyrene induced tumorigenesity of human immortalized oral epithelial cells: transcription profiling
  2008,121(19):1882-1890 [Abstract(100450)]  [View PDF]
Establishment of cervical lymph node metastasis model of squamous cell carcinoma in the oral cavity in mice
  2008,121(19):1891-1895 [Abstract(8199)]  [View PDF]
Fatigue cyclic loading test of an auro-galvanoforming ceramic bridge
  2008,121(19):1896-1899 [Abstract(6250)]  [View PDF]
Surgical management for carcinoma of the gallbladder: a single-institution experience in 25 years
  2008,121(19):1900-1905 [Abstract(7066)]  [View PDF]
The height of the osteotomy and the correction of the kyphotic angle in thoracolumbar kyphosis
  2008,121(19):1906-1910 [Abstract(5927)]  [View PDF]
Pediatric penetrating keratoplasty in Shanghai: a retrospective multiple centre study from 2003 to 2007
  2008,121(19):1911-1914 [Abstract(5999)]  [View PDF]
Exercise test on the patients with normokalaemic periodic paralysis from a Chinese family with a mutation in the SCN4A gene
  2008,121(19):1915-1919 [Abstract(6941)]  [View PDF]
Different cell death modes of pancreatic acinar cells on macrophage activation in rats
  2008,121(19):1920-1924 [Abstract(6319)]  [View PDF]
Role of connective tissue growth factor in experimental radiation nephropathy in rats
  2008,121(19):1925-1931 [Abstract(5843)]  [View PDF]
Dynamic gadoteridol-enhanced MR imaging in the end of growing long bone of piglets
  2008,121(19):1932-1938 [Abstract(4937)]  [View PDF]

Meta analysis

Neoadjuvant chemotherapy of cisplatin and fluorouracil regimen in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma: a meta-analysis
  2008,121(19):1939-1944 [Abstract(8000)]  [View PDF 279.67 K (3509)]

Review Article

Combined and sequential treatment of oral and maxillofacial malignancies: an evolving concept and clinical protocol
  2008,121(19):1945-1952 [Abstract(8498)]  [View PDF]