Volume 121,Issue 12,2008 Table of Contents

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A glance at Chinese neurosurgery
  2008,121(12):1059-1060 [Abstract(5510)]  [View PDF]

Original Article

Surgical management of large and giant intracavernous and paraclinoid aneurysms
  2008,121(12):1061-1064 [Abstract(6361)]  [View PDF]
Postoperative recovery from posterior communicating aneurysm complicated by oculomotor palsy
  2008,121(12):1065-1067 [Abstract(6128)]  [View PDF]
Treatment of patients older than 60 years with symptomatic vertebrobasilar artery stenosis
  2008,121(12):1068-1071 [Abstract(6135)]  [View PDF]
A multivariate analysis of the prognostic factors of grade III gliomas
  2008,121(12):1072-1075 [Abstract(7374)]  [View PDF]
Clinical and pathological changes in cerebral arteriovenous malformations after stereotactic radiosurgery failure
  2008,121(12):1076-1079 [Abstract(7264)]  [View PDF]
Risk factors related to hospital mortality in patients with isolated traumatic acute subdural haematoma: analysis of 308 patients undergone surgery
  2008,121(12):1080-1084 [Abstract(6984)]  [View PDF]
Clinical characteristics and surgical treatment of patients with giant intracranial aneurysms
  2008,121(12):1085-1088 [Abstract(6189)]  [View PDF]
Dorsal root entry zone coagulation for treatment of deafferentation pain syndromes
  2008,121(12):1089-1092 [Abstract(7073)]  [View PDF]
Aortic valve annulus and sinus-tube joint diameters in normal adults of Chinese Han ethnic group
  2008,121(12):1093-1095 [Abstract(7349)]  [View PDF]
Brain glucose metabolic changes associated with chronic spontaneous pain due to brachial plexus avulsion: a preliminary positron emission tomography study
  2008,121(12):1096-1100 [Abstract(7086)]  [View PDF]
Transnasal endoscopic repair of acquired posterior choanal stenosis and atresia
  2008,121(12):1101-1104 [Abstract(10037)]  [View PDF]
Detection of recent HIV-1 infections among men who have sex with men in Beijing during 2005–2006
  2008,121(12):1105-1108 [Abstract(6703)]  [View PDF]


Mediterranean diet may reduce risk of diabetes
  2008,121(12):1113 [Abstract(4621)]  [View PDF]

Original Article

Isocitrate lyase from Mycobacterium tuberculosis promotes survival of Mycobacterium smegmatis within macrophage by suppressing cell apoptosis
  2008,121(12):1114-1119 [Abstract(7894)]  [View PDF]
Change of extracellular ascorbic acid in the brain cortex following ice water vestibular stimulation: an on-line electrochemical detection coupled with in vivo microdialysis sampling
  2008,121(12):1120-1125 [Abstract(5776)]  [View PDF]
Transradial approach for coronary angioplasty in Chinese elderly patients
  2008,121(12):1126-1129 [Abstract(5883)]  [View PDF]
Radical pancreatoduodenectomy combined with retroperitoneal nerve, lymph, and soft-tissue dissection in pancreatic head cancer
  2008,121(12):1130-1133 [Abstract(6065)]  [View PDF]

Clinical experience

Preoperative surgical planning and simulation of complex cranial base tumors in virtual reality
  2008,121(12):1134-1136 [Abstract(6010)]  [View PDF 90.23 K (3081)]
Combined microneurosurgical and thoracoscopic resection for thoracic spine dumbbell tumors
  2008,121(12):1137-1139 [Abstract(6719)]  [View PDF 236.53 K (3441)]
Extraordinary effects of liquid capsule application after resection of a giant meningioma
  2008,121(12):1140-1142 [Abstract(5899)]  [View PDF 143.52 K (2644)]
Detection of markers of hepatitis viral infection in the tissue of bile duct carcinoma
  2008,121(12):1143-1144 [Abstract(5216)]  [View PDF 27.26 K (2253)]

Case Report

Unilateral moyamoya disease associated with cerebellar arteriovenous malformation: one case report
  2008,121(12):1145-1147 [Abstract(5747)]  [View PDF]
Fracture of a cerebral protection device wire in carotid artery stenting: an unexpected complication
  2008,121(12):1148-1149 [Abstract(5976)]  [View PDF]
Intradural spinal seeding and fatal progression of a sacrococcygeal chordoma: a case report
  2008,121(12):1150-1152 [Abstract(6654)]  [View PDF]