Volume 121,Issue 11,2008 Table of Contents

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Original Article

Transplantation of autologous bone marrow mononuclear cells for patients with lower limb ischemia
  2008,121(11):963-967 [Abstract(6638)]  [View PDF]
Risk factors of mortality in road traffic injury patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome
  2008,121(11):968-972 [Abstract(6943)]  [View PDF]
Reliability of transthoracic echocardiography in estimating the size of Amplatzer septal occluder and guiding percutaneous closure of atrial septal defects
  2008,121(11):973-976 [Abstract(7775)]  [View PDF]
Fuji Intelligent Chromo Endoscopy and staining technique for the diagnosis of colon tumor
  2008,121(11):977-982 [Abstract(9578)]  [View PDF]
Intrarenal activation of renin angiotensin system in the development of cyclosporine A induced chronic nephrotoxicity
  2008,121(11):983-988 [Abstract(7119)]  [View PDF]
Clinical experience of airway management and tracheal intubation under general anesthesia in patients with scar contracture of the neck
  2008,121(11):989-997 [Abstract(14217)]  [View PDF 530.54 K (8612)]
A proposal on auxiliary business insurance for peritoneal dialysis treatment
  2008,121(11):998-1002 [Abstract(5413)]  [View PDF 203.14 K (2678)]
Acute cerebral and pulmonary edema induced by hemodialysis
  2008,121(11):1003-1009 [Abstract(9788)]  [View PDF 316.58 K (5223)]
Protective effects of emodin and astragalus polysaccharides on chronic hepatic injury in rats
  2008,121(11):1010-1014 [Abstract(6460)]  [View PDF 242.56 K (3614)]
Induction of biliary cholangiocarcinoma cell apoptosis by 103Pd cholangial radioactive stent γ-rays
  2008,121(11):1020-1024 [Abstract(12918)]  [View PDF 446.40 K (9413)]


China steps up efforts on infectious diseases ahead of Olympics
  2008,121(11):1024 [Abstract(4649)]  [View PDF 153.24 K (2842)]

Just published

International Travel and Health 2008
  2008,121(11):1031 [Abstract(4390)]  [View PDF 518.23 K (4147)]

Original Article

External quality assessment on detection of hepatitis C virus RNA in clinical laboratories of China
  2008,121(11):1032-1036 [Abstract(6149)]  [View PDF 206.95 K (3261)]

Medical Progress

Management of head and neck hemangiomas in China
  2008,121(11):1037-1042 [Abstract(7301)]  [View PDF 139.80 K (3925)]


New trends for clinical research of traditional Chinese medicine in China
  2008,121(11):1050-1051 [Abstract(6599)]  [View PDF 216.77 K (6237)]

Clinical experience

Transrectal ultrasonography-guided transperineal bilateral seminal vesicle puncture and continuous irrigation for the treatment of intractable hematospermia
  2008,121(11):1052-1054 [Abstract(6289)]  [View PDF 86.65 K (3149)]

Case Report

Compressive brainstem deformation resulting from subdural hygroma after neurosurgery: a case report
  2008,121(11):1055-1056 [Abstract(6967)]  [View PDF 266.40 K (3766)]