Volume 120,Issue 4,2007 Table of Contents

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What should be done in glaucoma research in China
  2007,120(4):267-268 [Abstract(6625)]  [View PDF 40.62 K (3555)]

Original Article

Ocular higher-order aberrations features analysis after corneal refractive surgery
  2007,120(4):269-273 [Abstract(7406)]  [View PDF 184.27 K (3892)]
Pericytes are correlated with the permeability of rat corneal neovascular vessels induced by alkali burn
  2007,120(4):274-279 [Abstract(7711)]  [View PDF 471.45 K (4078)]
Comparative study on preventing avoidable blindness in China and in Nepal
  2007,120(4):280-283 [Abstract(6284)]  [View PDF 141.14 K (2957)]
Peripheral radial chop technique for phacoemulsification of hard cataracts
  2007,120(4):284-286 [Abstract(7701)]  [View PDF 83.47 K (3841)]
Analysis of risk factors for hospital mortality in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases requiring invasive mechanical ventilation
  2007,120(4):287-293 [Abstract(8074)]  [View PDF 214.32 K (3802)]
Clinical application and analysis of hepatitis C virus NS3 antigen detection by ELISA in human serum
  2007,120(4):294-299 [Abstract(7947)]  [View PDF 234.77 K (3735)]
Transplantation of autologous adipose-derived stem cells ameliorates cardiac function in rabbits with myocardial infarction
  2007,120(4):300-307 [Abstract(9164)]  [View PDF 424.99 K (5600)]
Scanning electron microscopic observation: three-dimensional architecture of the collagen in hepatic fibrosis rats
  2007,120(4):308-312 [Abstract(8198)]  [View PDF 766.29 K (4095)]
Expression of aquaporin 8 in colonic epithelium with diarrhoea- predominant irritable bowel syndrome
  2007,120(4):313-316 [Abstract(6028)]  [View PDF 172.04 K (3227)]
Risk factors for mortality after coronary artery bypass grafting in patients with low left ventricular ejection fraction
  2007,120(4):317-322 [Abstract(7868)]  [View PDF 200.42 K (4099)]
Intraoperative facial motor evoked potentials monitoring with transcranial electrical stimulation for preservation of facial nerve function in patients with large acoustic neuroma
  2007,120(4):323-325 [Abstract(7723)]  [View PDF 133.04 K (3986)]

Medical Progress

Glial cells and glaucomatous neuropathy
  2007,120(4):326-335 [Abstract(8782)]  [View PDF 299.57 K (4701)]

Brief Report

Effect of fiberoptic bronchoscope compared with direct laryngoscope on hemodynamic responses to orotracheal intubation
  2007,120(4):336-338 [Abstract(7056)]  [View PDF 101.88 K (3261)]
Relationship between event-related potential P300 and first episode schizophrenia
  2007,120(4):339-341 [Abstract(6827)]  [View PDF 55.51 K (3541)]

Clinical experience

Treatment of skull base communicating tumor with endoscope- assisted microneurosurgery and diode laser
  2007,120(4):342-344 [Abstract(7028)]  [View PDF 160.74 K (3363)]
Clinical features of renal artery stenosis in elderly patients
  2007,120(4):345-347 [Abstract(6588)]  [View PDF 153.74 K (2963)]

Case Report

Is surface dyslexia in Chinese the same as in alphabetic one?
  2007,120(4):348-349 [Abstract(8332)]  [View PDF 164.74 K (4464)]
Vascular leiomyoma of the nasal cavity: case report
  2007,120(4):350-352 [Abstract(7574)]  [View PDF 204.99 K (3435)]