Volume 120,Issue 23,2007 Table of Contents

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Serotonin, visceral sensation in irritable bowel syndrome
  2007,120(23):2067-2068 [Abstract(6340)]  [View PDF]

Original Article

Expression and role of 5-HT7 receptor in brain and intestine in rats with irritable bowel syndrome
  2007,120(23):2069-2074 [Abstract(6785)]  [View PDF]
Application of double-balloon enteroscopy in the diagnosis and therapy of small intestinal diseases
  2007,120(23):2075-2080 [Abstract(8912)]  [View PDF]
Treatment of gastric varices by endoscopic sclerotherapy using butyl cyanoacrylate: 10 years’ experience of 635 cases
  2007,120(23):2081-2085 [Abstract(9680)]  [View PDF]
Aspirin inhibits the proliferation of tobacco-related esophageal squamous carcinomas cell lines through cyclooxygenase 2 pathway
  2007,120(23):2086-2091 [Abstract(6711)]  [View PDF]
Up-regulated manganese superoxide dismutase expression increases apoptosis resistance in human esophageal squamous cell carcinomas
  2007,120(23):2092-2098 [Abstract(6412)]  [View PDF]
Decreased expression of DICER1 in gastric cancer
  2007,120(23):2099-2104 [Abstract(6399)]  [View PDF]
Inhibition of the proliferation of human gastric cancer cells SGC-7901 in vitro and in vivo using Bcl-2 siRNA
  2007,120(23):2105-2111 [Abstract(7903)]  [View PDF]
Histone deacetylase inhibitor trichostatin A induced caspase- independent apoptosis in human gastric cancer cell
  2007,120(23):2112-2118 [Abstract(8211)]  [View PDF]
Mutation analysis of the checkpoint kinase 2 gene in colorectal cancer cell lines
  2007,120(23):2119-2123 [Abstract(8145)]  [View PDF]
Osteopontin gene polymorphism in association with systemic lupus erythematosus in Chinese patients
  2007,120(23):2124-2128 [Abstract(7435)]  [View PDF]
Changes of vasoactive polypeptides during postoperative hypertensive crisis in patients with hypertensive intracerebral hemorrhage
  2007,120(23):2129-2131 [Abstract(4689)]  [View PDF]
Dysfunction of endothelial NO system originated from homocysteine-induced aberrant methylation pattern in promoter region of DDAH2 gene
  2007,120(23):2132-2137 [Abstract(7561)]  [View PDF]

Review Article

Type IV secretion system in Helicobacter pylori: a new insight into pathogenicity
  2007,120(23):2138-2142 [Abstract(8506)]  [View PDF]


Controversies and limitations in irritable bowel syndrome studies
  2007,120(23):2143-2145 [Abstract(5056)]  [View PDF]

Clinical experience

Reflux symptom questionnaire in the diagnosis of reflux oesophagitis
  2007,120(23):2146-2148 [Abstract(5015)]  [View PDF 587.17 K (2833)]

Case Report

Aortoesophageal fistula caused by descending aortic pseudoaneurysm: one case report
  2007,120(23):2149-2150 [Abstract(5204)]  [View PDF]
Neurofibromatosis complicated with meningoencephalocele: one case report
  2007,120(23):2151-2152 [Abstract(5193)]  [View PDF]