Volume 119,Issue 8,2006 Table of Contents

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New approach for new target: adaptive servo-ventilation on Cheyne-Stokes respiration in congestive heart failure
  2006,119(8):619-621 [Abstract(7520)]  [View PDF]

Original Article

Efficacy of adaptive servoventilation in patients with congestive heart failure and Cheyne-Stokes respiration
  2006,119(8):622-627 [Abstract(8348)]  [View PDF]
The role of serum leptin and tumor necrosis factor-α in malnutrition of male chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients
  2006,119(8):628-633 [Abstract(8776)]  [View PDF]
The role of 11C-choline positron emission tomographycomputed tomography and videomediastinoscopy in the evaluation of diseases of middle mediastinum
  2006,119(8):634-639 [Abstract(8907)]  [View PDF]
Treatment of allergic airway inflammation and hyperrespon- siveness by imiquimod modulating transcription factors T-bet and GATA-3
  2006,119(8):640-648 [Abstract(9035)]  [View PDF]
Effects of angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor, angiotensin II type I receptor blocker and their combination on postinfarcted ventricular remodeling in rats
  2006,119(8):649-655 [Abstract(8883)]  [View PDF]
Effect of ecoimmunonutrition supports on maintenance of integrity of intestinal mucosal barrier in severe acute pancreatitis in dogs
  2006,119(8):656-661 [Abstract(8501)]  [View PDF]

Review Article

Meta-analysis of defibrase in treatment of acute cerebral infarction
  2006,119(8):662-668 [Abstract(9223)]  [View PDF]

Medical Progress

Increasing awareness of recognition of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  2006,119(8):669-675 [Abstract(7429)]  [View PDF]
Links between allergic rhinitis and asthma
  2006,119(8):676-683 [Abstract(10596)]  [View PDF]

Brief Report

Relationship among bacterial colonization, airway inflam- mation, and bronchodilator response in patients with
  2006,119(8):684-687 [Abstract(6759)]  [View PDF]
Pulmonary major histocompatability complex expression pattern is suggestive of the characteristics of airway antigen
  2006,119(8):688-691 [Abstract(6132)]  [View PDF]
Effect of mycobacteriophage to intracellular mycobateria in vitro
  2006,119(8):692-695 [Abstract(8125)]  [View PDF]
Electrochemotherapy for rat implanted liver tumour
  2006,119(8):696-700 [Abstract(7297)]  [View PDF]
Dynamic observation of polypide in semen and blood of rabbits infected with Toxoplasma tachyzoites
  2006,119(8):701-704 [Abstract(7382)]  [View PDF]