Volume 119,Issue 16,2006 Table of Contents

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Materials for neuro-transplantation and the amnion
  2006,119(16):1323-1326 [Abstract(4952)]  [View PDF]
Clinical application of keyhole techniques in minimally invasive neurosurgery
  2006,119(16):1327-1330 [Abstract(5965)]  [View PDF]

Original Article

Human neural stem cells promote corticospinal axons regeneration and synapse reformation in injured spinal cord of rats
  2006,119(16):1331-1338 [Abstract(10990)]  [View PDF]
Keyhole approach surgery for petroclival meningioma
  2006,119(16):1339-1342 [Abstract(10202)]  [View PDF]
Radical microsurgical treatment of intramedullary spinal cord tumors
  2006,119(16):1343-1347 [Abstract(11270)]  [View PDF]
Treatment of alternated water-electrolyte balance and endocrine status after removal of craniopharyngioma in adults
  2006,119(16):1348-1352 [Abstract(8083)]  [View PDF]
A novel full-length gene of human ribosomal protein L14.22 related to human glioma
  2006,119(16):1353-1358 [Abstract(6830)]  [View PDF]
Risk factors for intracranial aneurysm in a Chinese ethnic population
  2006,119(16):1359-1364 [Abstract(13930)]  [View PDF]
Suppression of experimental osteoarthritis by adenovirus- mediated double gene transfer
  2006,119(16):1365-1373 [Abstract(8307)]  [View PDF]
Effects of serum of the rats ventilated with high tidal volume on endothelial cell permeability and therapeutic effects of ulinastatin
  2006,119(16):1374-1380 [Abstract(7850)]  [View PDF]

Review Article

Current understanding of dystrophin-related muscular dystrophy and therapeutic challenges ahead
  2006,119(16):1381-1391 [Abstract(16581)]  [View PDF]

Experience Exchange

Outcome of Cox Maze procedure concomitant with mitral valve operation in treatment of atrial fibrillation
  2006,119(16):1392-1395 [Abstract(8100)]  [View PDF]

Brief Report

T-bet/GATA-3 ratio is a surrogate measure of Th1/Th2 cytokine profiles and may be novel targets for CpG ODN treatment in asthma patients
  2006,119(16):1396-1399 [Abstract(9281)]  [View PDF]
Analysis of PAX6 gene in a Chinese aniridia family
  2006,119(16):1400-1402 [Abstract(6906)]  [View PDF]

Case Report

Splenic hamartoma: case report and review of literature
  2006,119(16):1403-1408 [Abstract(9993)]  [View PDF]