Volume 119,Issue 12,2006 Table of Contents

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Current status and correlated issues on cochlear implantation
  2006,119(12):971-973 [Abstract(5641)]  [View PDF]

Original Article

Cochlear function after selective spiral ganglion cells degeneration induced by ouabain
  2006,119(12):974-979 [Abstract(7540)]  [View PDF]
Aminoglycoside ototoxicity in three murine strains and effects on NKCC1 of stria vascularis
  2006,119(12):980-985 [Abstract(7396)]  [View PDF]
Comparison of three methods for isolation of nucleic acids from membranate inner ear tissue of rats
  2006,119(12):986-990 [Abstract(10109)]  [View PDF]
Intranasal application of Epstein-Barr virus/lipoplex to abrogate eosinophillia in murine model of allergic rhinitis
  2006,119(12):991-997 [Abstract(7958)]  [View PDF]
Changes of the proportion and mortality of pulmonary thromboembolism in hospitalized patients from 1974 to 2005
  2006,119(12):998-1002 [Abstract(7614)]  [View PDF]
Early experiences on living donor liver transplantation in China: multicenter report
  2006,119(12):1003-1009 [Abstract(8893)]  [View PDF]
Connective tissue growth factor is associated with the early renal hypertrophy in uninephrectomized diabetic rats
  2006,119(12):1010-1016 [Abstract(7827)]  [View PDF]

Medical Progress

Interleukin-16 in asthma
  2006,119(12):1017-1025 [Abstract(7417)]  [View PDF]

Brief Report

BrdU-labelled neurons regeneration after cerebral cortex injury in rats
  2006,119(12):1026-1029 [Abstract(7825)]  [View PDF]
Effects of co-engraftment of Schwann cells with neural stem cells into rats with Parkinson disease
  2006,119(12):1030-1033 [Abstract(7211)]  [View PDF]
HIV-1 DNA vaccine with adjuvant cytokines induces specific immune responses against HIV-1 infection in mice
  2006,119(12):1034-1037 [Abstract(7270)]  [View PDF]
Influence on the immune function of the human peripheral blood mononuclear cells transfected by retrovirus- mediated HSV-tk gene
  2006,119(12):1038-1041 [Abstract(7134)]  [View PDF]
Pro-apoptotic effect of cecropin AD on nasopharyngeal carcinoma cells
  2006,119(12):1042-1046 [Abstract(7699)]  [View PDF]

Experience Exchange

Initial experience with circumferential pulmonary vein ablation guided by fusion of magnetic resonance imaging with three-dimensional electroanatomic mapping
  2006,119(12):1047-1052 [Abstract(7183)]  [View PDF]

Case Report

Neurilemmomas of the nasal vestibule: report of two cases
  2006,119(12):1053-1055 [Abstract(6400)]  [View PDF]


Can green tea protect against not only sunburn but also melanoma?
  2006,119(12):1056 [Abstract(8082)]  [View PDF]