Volume 119,Issue 11,2006 Table of Contents

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Neuroanesthesia and neuroprotection: where are we now?
  2006,119(11):883-886 [Abstract(6288)]  [View PDF 53.42 K (3670)]

Original Article

Diazoxide preconditioning plus subsequent hypothermia increased resistance of rat cultured hippocampal neurons against hypoxia-reoxygenation injury
  2006,119(11):887-893 [Abstract(6395)]  [View PDF 242.29 K (3544)]
Can bispectral index or auditory evoked potential index predict implicit memory during propofol-induced sedation?
  2006,119(11):894-898 [Abstract(8299)]  [View PDF 171.10 K (4150)]
Comparative study of hemodynamic responses to orotra- cheal intubation with intubating laryngeal mask airway
  2006,119(11):899-904 [Abstract(8402)]  [View PDF 106.25 K (4151)]
Study on the bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells induced drug resistance in the U937 cells and its mechanism
  2006,119(11):905-910 [Abstract(9815)]  [View PDF 258.87 K (4732)]
STI571 combined with vincristine greatly suppressed the tumor formation of multidrug-resistant K562 cells in a human-nude mice xenograft model
  2006,119(11):911-918 [Abstract(8848)]  [View PDF 481.12 K (4782)]
Assessment of left ventricular systolic synchronicity by real-time three-dimensional echocardiography in patients with dilated cardiomyopathy
  2006,119(11):919-924 [Abstract(7383)]  [View PDF 149.00 K (3840)]
Impact of automatic threshold capture on pulse generator longevity
  2006,119(11):925-929 [Abstract(6488)]  [View PDF 96.17 K (3789)]

Review Article

The immune system: a new look at pain
  2006,119(11):930-938 [Abstract(9353)]  [View PDF 145.36 K (5576)]

Brief Report

Perioperative changes of ventricular function and three indicators of myocardial injury during orthotopic liver transplantation
  2006,119(11):939-943 [Abstract(8082)]  [View PDF 84.90 K (3527)]
Differences of promethazine and terfenadine on ion channels in guinea pig ventricular myocytes
  2006,119(11):944-947 [Abstract(7175)]  [View PDF 145.87 K (3512)]
Role of Baicalein in the regulation of proliferation and apoptosis in human myeloma RPMI8226 cells
  2006,119(11):948-952 [Abstract(7964)]  [View PDF 114.81 K (4385)]

Experience Exchange

Immediate effect of Fu’s subcutaneous needling for low back pain
  2006,119(11):953-956 [Abstract(8241)]  [View PDF 212.02 K (4104)]
Short-term results of carotid stenting for the treatment of extracranial carotid occlusive disease
  2006,119(11):957-962 [Abstract(6088)]  [View PDF 68.78 K (3074)]

Case Report

Anesthetic management of a patient with stiff-person syndrome and thymoma: a case report
  2006,119(11):963-965 [Abstract(8006)]  [View PDF 48.90 K (4513)]
Primary cardiac hemangioendothelioma: a case report
  2006,119(11):966-968 [Abstract(7265)]  [View PDF 167.85 K (3604)]