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Potential role of Chinese medicinal herbs in the prevention of coronary artery restenosis
  2006,119(1):3-5 [Abstract(6135)]  [View PDF 70.91 K (3262)]

Original Article

XS0601 reduces the incidence of restenosis: a prospective study of 335 patients undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention in China
  2006,119(1):6-13 [Abstract(8179)]  [View PDF 199.83 K (4080)]
Prognosis of unprotected left main coronary artery stenting and the factors affecting the outcomes in Chinese
  2006,119(1):14-20 [Abstract(9304)]  [View PDF 145.17 K (4225)]
Comparison of short- and mid-term outcomes between CYPHER and TAXUS stents in patients with complex lesions of the coronary arteries
  2006,119(1):21-25 [Abstract(8512)]  [View PDF 107.70 K (4191)]
Impact of Chinese guidelines for management of patients with acute myocardial infarction on outcomes of hospitalized patients
  2006,119(1):26-31 [Abstract(7463)]  [View PDF 254.78 K (3586)]
Effect of aspirin plus clopidogrel on inflammatory markers in patients with non-ST-segment elevation acute coronary syndrome
  2006,119(1):32-36 [Abstract(10455)]  [View PDF 199.41 K (5252)]
A new modification of transanal Soave pull-through procedure for Hirschsprung's disease
  2006,119(1):37-42 [Abstract(17021)]  [View PDF 189.01 K (13104)]
Identification of Mycobacterium marinum 65 kD heat shock protein gene by polymerase chain reaction restriction analysis from lesions of swimming pool granuloma
  2006,119(1):43-48 [Abstract(8346)]  [View PDF 276.41 K (4289)]

Brief Report

Three novel FOXL2 gene mutations in Chinese patients with blepharophimosis-ptosis-epicanthus inversus syndrome
  2006,119(1):49-52 [Abstract(9372)]  [View PDF 206.88 K (4593)]
Effect of high tidal volume ventilation and lipopolysaccharide on mitogen-activated protein kinase in rat lung tissue
  2006,119(1):53-56 [Abstract(7455)]  [View PDF]
The role of connective tissue growth factor, transforming growth factor β1 and Smad signaling pathway in cornea wound healing
  2006,119(1):57-62 [Abstract(9048)]  [View PDF 194.14 K (4305)]

Original Article

Efficacy and safety of gefitinib as monotherapy for Chinese patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer
  2006,119(1):63-68 [Abstract(8179)]  [View PDF 98.97 K (3794)]

Case Report

Percutaneous closure of huge patent ductus arterious associated with anomalous inferior vein cava drainage and dextrocardia with muscular ventricular septal defect occluder
  2006,119(1):69-72 [Abstract(7981)]  [View PDF 651.30 K (3616)]
Takotsubo syndrome with transient complete atrioventricular block
  2006,119(1):73-76 [Abstract(9185)]  [View PDF 775.67 K (4507)]
Multiple sclerosis after hepatitis B vaccination in a 16-year-old patient
  2006,119(1):77-79 [Abstract(21814)]  [View PDF 815.01 K (17518)]


A clinical classification of hypertension
  2006,119(1):80-83 [Abstract(18860)]  [View PDF 59.92 K (13612)]

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Instructions for authors
  2006,119(1):84-88 [Abstract(5211)]  [View PDF 76.61 K (2227)]