Volume 118,Issue 9,2005 Table of Contents

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Original Article

Variation analysis of the severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus putative non-structural protein 2 gene and construction of three-dimensional model
  2005,118(9):707-713 [Abstract(9952)]  [View PDF 8.52 M (4654)]
Potent and specific inhibition of SARS-CoV antigen expression by RNA interference
  2005,118(9):714-719 [Abstract(8931)]  [View PDF 17.58 M (5232)]
Epidemiologic study on human immunodeficiency virus infection among children in a former paid plasma donating community in China
  2005,118(9):720-724 [Abstract(8007)]  [View PDF 1.99 M (4801)]
Detection and analysis of anti-latent membrane protein 2A antibodies in the sera of patients with Epstein-Barr virus associated malignancies
  2005,118(9):725-730 [Abstract(6603)]  [View PDF 3.28 M (4105)]
Effect of angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor on the calcium transients and calcium handling proteins in ventricular myocytes from rats with heart failure
  2005,118(9):731-737 [Abstract(7438)]  [View PDF 3.61 M (4422)]
Computer construction and analysis of protein models of the mutant γD-crystallin gene
  2005,118(9):738-741 [Abstract(9198)]  [View PDF 4.26 M (6093)]
Using quantitative CT to predict postoperative pulmonary function in patients with lung cancer
  2005,118(9):742-746 [Abstract(8513)]  [View PDF 6.58 M (4558)]
Clinical presentation of inflammatory bowel disease: a hospital based retrospective study of 379 patients in eastern China
  2005,118(9):747-752 [Abstract(7968)]  [View PDF 1017.40 K (4777)]
An imaging study using laminin peptide 99mTc-YIGSR in mice bearing Ehrlich ascites tumour
  2005,118(9):753-758 [Abstract(6848)]  [View PDF 4.90 M (3746)]

Medical Progress

Medical parasitology in China: a historical perspective
  2005,118(9):759-761 [Abstract(6992)]  [View PDF 145.85 K (4006)]

Brief Report

Cloning and expression of the fusion protein of interleukin-2 and ESAT6 in Mycobacterium bovis Bacillus Calmette Guérin strain
  2005,118(9):762-765 [Abstract(8189)]  [View PDF 3.05 M (4174)]
Immunization effect of purified bivalent vaccine to haemorrhagic fever with renal syndrome manufactured from primary cultured hamster kidney cells
  2005,118(9):766-768 [Abstract(6440)]  [View PDF 159.42 K (3542)]
Epidermal growth factor receptor mutations detected in tumors from Chinese “never smokers” with lung adenocarcinoma
  2005,118(9):769-771 [Abstract(8345)]  [View PDF 5.98 M (4258)]
Successful transplantation of double unit umbilical-cord blood from unrelated donors in high risk leukemia with a long follow-up
  2005,118(9):772-776 [Abstract(7192)]  [View PDF 222.37 K (4082)]
Experimental study of acute lung injury induced by different tidal volume ventilation in rats
  2005,118(9):777-780 [Abstract(7441)]  [View PDF 11.72 M (3829)]
Transferrin receptor and Fc α/μ receptor may not be the major IgA1 receptor on human mesangial cells
  2005,118(9):781-785 [Abstract(7458)]  [View PDF 2.57 M (3713)]

Experience Exchange

Free vascularized fibular grafting for treatment of old femoral neck fractures
  2005,118(9):786-789 [Abstract(7201)]  [View PDF 5.29 M (3884)]

Case Report

Aplastic anemia associated with dyskeratosis congenita treated with antilymphocyte globulin and cyclosporine: a case report
  2005,118(9):790-792 [Abstract(6598)]  [View PDF 136.80 K (4158)]