Volume 118,Issue 4,2005 Table of Contents

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Original Article

The protein X4 of severe acute respiratory syndrome-associated coronavirus is expressed on both virus-infected cells and lung tissue of severe acute respiratory syndrome patients and inhibits growth of Balb/c 3T3 cell line
  2005,118(4):267-274 [Abstract(9670)]  [View PDF 26.21 M (4395)]
Cultured human embryonic neocortical cells survive and grow in infarcted cavities of adult rat brains and interconnect with host brain
  2005,118(4):275-280 [Abstract(7033)]  [View PDF 14.52 M (3934)]
The ectopic study of tissue-engineered bone with hBMP-4 gene modified bone marrow stromal cells in rabbits
  2005,118(4):281-288 [Abstract(9707)]  [View PDF 26.42 M (17400)]
Effects of adenovirus mediated vascular endothelial growth factor gene transfer on reconstitution of hematopoiesis in post-bone marrow transplantation mice
  2005,118(4):289-295 [Abstract(7547)]  [View PDF 24.83 M (3746)]
Anti-tumor effect of pEgr-interferon-γ-endostatin gene-radiotherapy in mice bearing Lewis lung carcinoma and its mechanism
  2005,118(4):296-301 [Abstract(7464)]  [View PDF 19.78 M (4277)]
Mutation analysis of PAX6 gene in a large Chinese family with aniridia
  2005,118(4):302-306 [Abstract(7180)]  [View PDF 3.13 M (3625)]
Oncolytic herpes simplex virus vectors for the treatment of human breast cancer
  2005,118(4):307-312 [Abstract(7950)]  [View PDF 41.07 M (4506)]
Enhancing DNA vaccine potency against hantavirus by co-administration of interleukin-12 expression vector as a genetic adjuvant
  2005,118(4):313-319 [Abstract(7895)]  [View PDF 5.64 M (4036)]
Relationship between tunnel widening and different rehabilitation procedures after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction with quadrupled hamstring tendons
  2005,118(4):320-326 [Abstract(9184)]  [View PDF 16.29 M (5884)]

Medical Progress

Present epidemic situation of liver alveolar echinococcosis in Gansu Province, China
  2005,118(4):327-328 [Abstract(8049)]  [View PDF 92.08 K (3817)]

Brief Report

Involvement of the p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase signal transduction pathway in burns-induced lung injury
  2005,118(4):329-332 [Abstract(8768)]  [View PDF 183.52 K (4334)]
Effects of mifepristone on the proliferation, apoptosis and cis-diamminedichloroplatinum sensitivity of cultured chemoresistant human ovarian cancer cells
  2005,118(4):333-336 [Abstract(23445)]  [View PDF 193.80 K (20594)]
Histopathological changes of free buccal mucosa and colonic mucosa grafts after translation to dog bladder
  2005,118(4):337-339 [Abstract(10380)]  [View PDF 5.38 M (6844)]
Inhibitory effects of reserpine and carbonyl cyanide m-chloro-phenylhydrazone on fluoroquinolone resistance of Acinetobacter baumannii
  2005,118(4):340-343 [Abstract(9435)]  [View PDF 734.45 K (4708)]

Experience Exchange

Surgical treatment of double outlet ventricle: report on 72 cases
  2005,118(4):344-347 [Abstract(9404)]  [View PDF 168.47 K (4989)]

Case Report

Intraspinal clear cell meningioma: a case report
  2005,118(4):348-349 [Abstract(7545)]  [View PDF 6.07 M (3575)]
Restoration of severe hypodontia associated with microdontia by using an overdenture: a clinical report
  2005,118(4):350-352 [Abstract(9745)]  [View PDF 3.65 M (6247)]