Volume 118,Issue 24,2005 Table of Contents

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Original Article

Respiratory manifestations in amyloidosis
  2005,118(24):2027-2033 [Abstract(9108)]  [View PDF 211.32 K (5421)]
Early use of non-invasive positive pressure ventilation for acute exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a multicentre andomized controlled trial
  2005,118(24):2034-2040 [Abstract(10131)]  [View PDF 227.32 K (6352)]
Endovascular treatment of cerebral arteriovenous malformations with Onyx embolization
  2005,118(24):2041-2045 [Abstract(8767)]  [View PDF 556.75 K (4405)]
High mechanical index post-contrast ultrasonography improves tissue structural display of hepatocellular carcinoma
  2005,118(24):2046-2051 [Abstract(8571)]  [View PDF 542.93 K (4346)]
Effects of TNF-α and curcumin on the expression of VEGF in Raji and U937 cells and on angiogenesis in ECV304 cells
  2005,118(24):2052-2057 [Abstract(9048)]  [View PDF 406.17 K (4602)]
Increased expression of 70 kD heat shock protein in cultured primary human keratinocytes induced by human papillomavirus 16 E6/E7 gene
  2005,118(24):2058-2062 [Abstract(7793)]  [View PDF 254.32 K (3708)]
Construction and expression of a Rev-dependent TNF-R1 expressing HIV-infected-cell injurious vectors
  2005,118(24):2063-2071 [Abstract(7741)]  [View PDF 573.98 K (3677)]
Study on the relationship between level of CD58 expression in peripheral blood mononuclear cell and severity of HBV infection
  2005,118(24):2072-2076 [Abstract(6633)]  [View PDF 216.46 K (3323)]

Medical Progress

Genetic determination of osteoporosis in Chinese
  2005,118(24):2077-2088 [Abstract(6680)]  [View PDF 370.91 K (3905)]

Experience Exchange

Prognosis of microscopic polyangiitis with renal involvement: report of 60 Chinese patients
  2005,118(24):2089-2092 [Abstract(8431)]  [View PDF 372.00 K (4483)]

Brief Report

Heat shock protein 70 expression in relation to apoptosis in primary bladder transitional cell carcinoma
  2005,118(24):2093-2096 [Abstract(7694)]  [View PDF 256.35 K (3715)]
Relationship between MDR1 polymorphism and blood concentration of cyclosporine A
  2005,118(24):2097-2100 [Abstract(8321)]  [View PDF 171.21 K (3828)]