Volume 118,Issue 20,2005 Table of Contents

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Original Article

Outcome of 1355 consecutive transabdominal chorionic villus samplings in 1351 patients
  2005,118(20):1675-1681 [Abstract(7835)]  [View PDF 249.66 K (4242)]
Intraperitoneal hemorrhage during and after percutaneous radiofrequency ablation of hepatic tumors: reasons and management
  2005,118(20):1682-1687 [Abstract(10137)]  [View PDF 572.81 K (4467)]
Anti-tumor effect of thalidomide and paclitaxel on hepatocellular carcinoma in nude mice
  2005,118(20):1688-1694 [Abstract(7993)]  [View PDF]
Mechanism of reduction of albumin expression induced by lipopolysaccharide in rat hepatocytes
  2005,118(20):1695-1702 [Abstract(7938)]  [View PDF 384.89 K (3923)]
Effects of secretive bone morphogenetic protein 2 induced by gene transfection on the biological changes of NIH3T3 cells
  2005,118(20):1703-1709 [Abstract(7966)]  [View PDF 553.80 K (4081)]
Differential expression of Bmp2, Bmp4 and Bmp3 in embryonic development of mouse anterior and posterior palate
  2005,118(20):1710-1716 [Abstract(8057)]  [View PDF 859.94 K (4965)]
Mechanism linking atherosclerosis and type 2 diabetes: increased expression of scavenger receptor CD36 in monocytes
  2005,118(20):1717-1722 [Abstract(9651)]  [View PDF 319.33 K (5097)]
Mechanism of the protective effects of noninvasive limbs preconditioning on myocardial ischemia-reperfusion injury
  2005,118(20):1723-1727 [Abstract(7452)]  [View PDF 243.72 K (3651)]
Mesenchymal stem cells transduced by PLEGFP-N1 retroviral vector maintain their biological features and differentiation
  2005,118(20):1728-1734 [Abstract(8435)]  [View PDF 548.40 K (4220)]

Brief Report

KCNE3 R53H substitution in familial atrial fibrillation
  2005,118(20):1735-1738 [Abstract(7562)]  [View PDF 191.97 K (3774)]
Detection and evaluation of the mutations of embB gene in ethambutol-susceptible and resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis isolates from China
  2005,118(20):1739-1741 [Abstract(8132)]  [View PDF 135.79 K (4053)]
Glucocorticoids upregulate transepithelial electrical resistance and expression of tight junction-related protein in human trabecular meshwork cells
  2005,118(20):1742-1745 [Abstract(6627)]  [View PDF 179.13 K (3430)]

Experience Exchange

DK crush technique: modified treatment of bifurcation lesions in coronary artery
  2005,118(20):1746-1750 [Abstract(8254)]  [View PDF 645.33 K (4581)]
Congenital aortic arch anomalies: diagnosis using contrast enhanced magnetic resonance angiography
  2005,118(20):1751-1753 [Abstract(6923)]  [View PDF 321.28 K (3459)]
Prognostic factors of fulminant hepatitis in pregnancy
  2005,118(20):1754-1757 [Abstract(10543)]  [View PDF 175.33 K (3765)]

Case Report

Intranodal palisaded myofibroblastoma and differential diagnosis: a case report
  2005,118(20):1758-1760 [Abstract(7953)]  [View PDF 253.62 K (4289)]