Volume 118,Issue 2,2005 Table of Contents

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Original Article

A new 2-aminosteroid induces cellular differentiation and upregulates the expression of MafB and Egr-1 genes respectively in HL-60 and K562 leukemia cells
  2005,118(2):91-99 [Abstract(6545)]  [View PDF 1.22 M (4141)]
Proteomic analysis of nuclear matrix proteins during arsenic trioxide induced apoptosis in leukemia K562 cells
  2005,118(2):100-104 [Abstract(9546)]  [View PDF 2.75 M (4901)]
Experimental studies of the effects of ZnPcS2P2-based-photodynamic therapy on bone marrow purging
  2005,118(2):105-110 [Abstract(6567)]  [View PDF 10.12 M (3512)]
Change and significance of nuclear factor-κB in adriamycin induced cardiomyopathy in rats
  2005,118(2):111-115 [Abstract(8613)]  [View PDF 6.55 M (4850)]
Establishment of human embryonic stem cell line from gamete donors
  2005,118(2):116-122 [Abstract(8975)]  [View PDF 11.31 M (5809)]
Effects of antihypertensives on arterial responses associated with obstructive sleep apneas
  2005,118(2):123-129 [Abstract(8455)]  [View PDF 595.37 K (4441)]
Effect of nicardipine combined with esmolol on systemic and tissue oxygenation during off-pump coronary artery bypass grafting surgery
  2005,118(2):130-135 [Abstract(6067)]  [View PDF 473.11 K (3461)]
Expression of T cell factor- 4 in non-small-cell lung cancer
  2005,118(2):136-140 [Abstract(8172)]  [View PDF 387.17 K (4339)]
Relationship between antimicrobial resistance and aminoglycoside- modifying enzyme gene expressions in Acinetobacter baumannii
  2005,118(2):141-145 [Abstract(9211)]  [View PDF 351.31 K (5352)]
Combined effects of ramipril and angiotensin Ⅱ receptor blocker TCV116 on rat congestive heart failure after myocardial infarction
  2005,118(2):146-154 [Abstract(9035)]  [View PDF 11.82 M (4923)]
Effects of cecropin-XJ on growth and adherence of oral cariogenic bacteria in vitro
  2005,118(2):155-160 [Abstract(7163)]  [View PDF 905.26 K (4624)]

Medical Progress

Chronic mountain sickness on the Qinghai-Tibetan plateau
  2005,118(2):161-168 [Abstract(8948)]  [View PDF 599.98 K (5402)]

Brief Report

Stent-based delivery of triptolide reduces neointimal formation in rabbit iliac arteries
  2005,118(2):169-171 [Abstract(7732)]  [View PDF 304.73 K (4162)]

Experience Exchange

Immunochemotherapy of metastatic renal cell carcinoma: report of 28 cases
  2005,118(2):172-173 [Abstract(7555)]  [View PDF 112.63 K (3902)]

Case Report

Metastasis of leiomyosarcoma to the thyroid
  2005,118(2):174-176 [Abstract(7896)]  [View PDF 9.53 M (4236)]