Volume 118,Issue 16,2005 Table of Contents

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Original Article

Molecular detection of EWS-Ets fusion transcripts and their clinicopathologic significance in Ewing’s sarcoma/peripheral primitive neuroectodermal tumor
  2005,118(16):1323-1329 [Abstract(7715)]  [View PDF 475.40 K (4726)]
Experimental study on anti-neoplastic activity of epigallocatechin-3-gallate to digestive tract carcinomas
  2005,118(16):1330-1337 [Abstract(7563)]  [View PDF 377.55 K (4171)]
Highly active antiretroviral therapy per se decreased mortality and morbidity of advanced human immunodeficiency virus disease in Hong Kong
  2005,118(16):1338-1345 [Abstract(8154)]  [View PDF 347.80 K (3807)]
Construction of antisense Bmi-1 expression plasmid and its inhibitory effect on K562 cells proliferation
  2005,118(16):1346-1350 [Abstract(8048)]  [View PDF 268.12 K (4520)]
Specific anti-viral effects of RNA interference on replication and expression of hepatitis B virus in mice
  2005,118(16):1351-1356 [Abstract(9213)]  [View PDF 428.28 K (5159)]
Paraquat induces selective dopaminergic nigrostriatal degeneration in aging C57BL/6 mice
  2005,118(16):1357-1361 [Abstract(9595)]  [View PDF 313.81 K (5252)]
A peroxisome proliferator response elements regulatory system in xenopus oocytes and its application
  2005,118(16):1362-1367 [Abstract(6838)]  [View PDF 452.62 K (3986)]
Morphological characteristics of submandibular glands of miniature pig
  2005,118(16):1368-1373 [Abstract(8253)]  [View PDF 513.34 K (4259)]
Study on the signalling pathway of inhibitory effect of adreno-medullin on the growth of cultured glomerular mesangial cells
  2005,118(16):1374-1379 [Abstract(7040)]  [View PDF 7.73 K (4332)]

Brief Report

A novel LEN-derived β-lactamase from Klebsiela pneumoniae
  2005,118(16):1380-1383 [Abstract(6793)]  [View PDF 210.61 K (3704)]
Observation of blood B-type natriuretic peptide level changes in different periods and different cardiac pacing modes
  2005,118(16):1384-1387 [Abstract(7123)]  [View PDF 171.55 K (3657)]
Propofol evokes endothelium-independent relaxation in rabbit thoracic aorta strips: role of K+ channels
  2005,118(16):1388-1391 [Abstract(8592)]  [View PDF 188.66 K (3348)]
Investigation of the genotype distribution of hepatitis C virus among Turkish population in Turkey and various European countries
  2005,118(16):1392-1394 [Abstract(8380)]  [View PDF 133.46 K (4512)]

Experience Exchange

Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome associated disseminated Penicillium Marneffei infection: report of 8 cases
  2005,118(16):1395-1399 [Abstract(7708)]  [View PDF 344.12 K (3979)]

Case Report

Interrupted aortic arch diagnosed by ECG-gated multi-slice computed tomography angiography: a case report
  2005,118(16):1400-1401 [Abstract(6777)]  [View PDF 183.75 K (3357)]
Small cell undifferentiated carcinoma in the epididymis
  2005,118(16):1402-1404 [Abstract(6596)]  [View PDF 485.32 K (3643)]
Treatment of severe lithium poisoning and dialysis-induced hypophosphatemia with phosphorus-enriched hemodialysis: a case report
  2005,118(16):1405-1408 [Abstract(8132)]  [View PDF 150.04 K (4115)]