Volume 118,Issue 13,2005 Table of Contents

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Original Article

Age-related changes of normal adult brain structure: analysed with diffusion tensor imaging
  2005,118(13):1059-1065 [Abstract(7550)]  [View PDF 1.76 M (4552)]
Strategies for managing the insufficiency of the proximal landing zone during endovascular thoracic aortic repair
  2005,118(13):1066-1071 [Abstract(6901)]  [View PDF 6.25 M (3657)]
Repair of left ventricular aneurysm during off-pump coronary artery bypass surgery
  2005,118(13):1072-1075 [Abstract(7518)]  [View PDF 184.09 K (3912)]
Expression of NASG gene and its role in human nasopharyngeal homogenous tissue cells
  2005,118(13):1076-1080 [Abstract(6866)]  [View PDF 2.90 M (3317)]
N-methyl-N-nitrosourea-induced apoptosis of photoreceptor cells in Sprague-Dawley rats via nuclear factor-κB
  2005,118(13):1081-1086 [Abstract(7202)]  [View PDF 4.65 M (3568)]
CMV-hFasL transgenic mice prevent from experimental autoimmune thyroiditis
  2005,118(13):1087-1092 [Abstract(6667)]  [View PDF 3.52 M (3488)]
Age-related decrease in expression of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor α and its effects on development of dyslipidemia
  2005,118(13):1093-1098 [Abstract(7217)]  [View PDF 7.47 M (4152)]
Cellular toxic effects of combination of low dose of cisplatin and interstitial injection of 32P glass microspheres on mouse solid tumor S180
  2005,118(13):1099-1104 [Abstract(6409)]  [View PDF 8.74 M (3685)]

Brief Report

Preinfarction angina preserves myocardial microcirculation and function after revascularization
  2005,118(13):1105-1108 [Abstract(6415)]  [View PDF 183.59 K (3508)]
Mutation analysis of cathepsin C gene in a Chinese patient with pre-pubertal periodontitis
  2005,118(13):1109-1112 [Abstract(6199)]  [View PDF]
Therapeutic application of molecular adsorbents recirculating system in various pathogenic MODS/MOF patients
  2005,118(13):1113-1117 [Abstract(7333)]  [View PDF 223.06 K (3743)]
Hematopoietic-supportive effect of (2S, 3R)-ent-catechin on marrow-depressed mice
  2005,118(13):1118-1122 [Abstract(6877)]  [View PDF 6.14 M (3732)]
Modulation of breast cancer resistance protein mediated atypical multidrug resistance using RNA interference delivered by adenovirus
  2005,118(13):1123-1126 [Abstract(9325)]  [View PDF]

Experience Exchange

Cataract extraction in eyes with Fuchs’ endothelial dystrophy in China
  2005,118(13):1127-1130 [Abstract(8321)]  [View PDF 3.10 M (4209)]

Case Report

Metastatic tumor to the iris and ciliary body as an initial sign of lung cancer: a case report
  2005,118(13):1131-1133 [Abstract(7008)]  [View PDF 5.52 M (3929)]
Perfusion MR imaging and proton MR spectroscopy in a case of dysembryroplastic neuroepithelial tumor
  2005,118(13):1134-1136 [Abstract(7167)]  [View PDF]
Leishmaniasis cutis: report of two cases
  2005,118(13):1137-1139 [Abstract(6481)]  [View PDF]