Volume 118,Issue 11,2005 Table of Contents

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Cardiovascular risk in Chinese patients with chronic kidney diseases: where do we stand?
  2005,118(11):883-886 [Abstract(7908)]  [View PDF 173.53 K (3968)]

Original Article

Prevalence and risk factors of urinary incontinence in Fuzhou Chinese women
  2005,118(11):887-892 [Abstract(8939)]  [View PDF 261.31 K (5138)]
Reversal of MDR1 gene-dependent multidrug resistance using short hairpin RNA expression vectors
  2005,118(11):893-902 [Abstract(11560)]  [View PDF 16.55 M (7425)]
Antidepressant-like effects of BCEF0083 in the chronic unpredictable stress models in mice
  2005,118(11):903-908 [Abstract(6556)]  [View PDF 762.99 K (3749)]
RANTES gene single nucleotide polymorphisms and expression in patients with chronic hepatitis B virus infection
  2005,118(11):909-914 [Abstract(7925)]  [View PDF 1.10 M (4136)]
Association between coinfection of Porphyromonas gingivalis, Actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans and Treponema denticola and periodontal tissue destruction in chronic periodontitis
  2005,118(11):915-921 [Abstract(7871)]  [View PDF 918.72 K (5179)]
Clinical misdiagnosis of solid pseudopapillary tumour of pancreas
  2005,118(11):922-926 [Abstract(6548)]  [View PDF 220.32 K (3837)]
Transplantation of human limbal cells cultivated on amniotic membrane for reconstruction of rat corneal epithelium after alkaline burn
  2005,118(11):927-935 [Abstract(10061)]  [View PDF 37.15 M (15727)]
Chitosan-DNA microparticles as mucosal delivery system: synthesis, characterization and release in vitro
  2005,118(11):936-941 [Abstract(15940)]  [View PDF 9.71 M (11052)]

Medical Progress

Mycobacterium bovis-Bacillus Calmette-Guerin and asthma
  2005,118(11):942-947 [Abstract(14302)]  [View PDF 286.34 K (10620)]

Brief Report

Protective effects of Ginkgo biloba extract 761 against glutamate-induced neurotoxicity in cultured retinal neuron
  2005,118(11):948-952 [Abstract(9235)]  [View PDF 4.52 M (4724)]
Sputum interleukin-17 is increased and associated with airway neutrophilia in patients with severe asthma
  2005,118(11):953-956 [Abstract(8479)]  [View PDF 203.95 K (4539)]
Experimental bladder defect in rabbit repaired with homologous bladder extracellular matrix graft
  2005,118(11):957-960 [Abstract(6699)]  [View PDF 1.84 M (3550)]

Case Report

Intramural hematoma of the aorta: a case report
  2005,118(11):961-962 [Abstract(6165)]  [View PDF 1.15 M (3550)]
Trauma induced thyroid storm complicated by multiple organ failure
  2005,118(11):963-965 [Abstract(8505)]  [View PDF 141.52 K (4339)]
Five cases of cystic osteoechinococcosis
  2005,118(11):966-968 [Abstract(5745)]  [View PDF 5.93 M (3093)]