Volume 117,Issue 9,2004 Table of Contents

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Original Article

The accuracy and optimal slice thickness of multislice helical computed tomography for right and left ventricular volume measurement
  2004,117(9):1283-1287 [Abstract(7798)]  [View PDF 105.97 K (4225)]
Association between cholesteryl ester transfer protein gene polymorphisms and variations in lipid levels in patients with coronary heart disease
  2004,117(9):1288-1292 [Abstract(7839)]  [View PDF 101.85 K (4276)]
Establishing an animal model of unstable atherosclerotic plaques
  2004,117(9):1293-1298 [Abstract(7312)]  [View PDF 133.66 K (4027)]
Diffuse panbronchiolitis with histopathological confirmation among Chinese
  2004,117(9):1299-1303 [Abstract(6886)]  [View PDF 130.80 K (3650)]
Effects of bilateral subthalamic nucleus stimulation on resting-state cerebral glucose metabolism in advanced Parkinson’s disease
  2004,117(9):1304-1308 [Abstract(7514)]  [View PDF 109.65 K (3809)]
Continuous representation of human portraits and natural scenery in human ventral temporal cortex: evidence from functional magnetic resonance imaging
  2004,117(9):1309-1312 [Abstract(8124)]  [View PDF 130.81 K (4620)]
Pathogenesis and electrodiagnosis of cubital tunnel syndrome
  2004,117(9):1313-1316 [Abstract(8434)]  [View PDF 86.84 K (5434)]
Value of sympathetic skin response test in the early diagnosis of diabetic neuropathy
  2004,117(9):1317-1320 [Abstract(8297)]  [View PDF 85.75 K (4117)]
Cloning and expression in Escherichia coli of a new gene of Schistosoma japonicum encoding casein kinase Ⅱ beta subunit
  2004,117(9):1321-1325 [Abstract(7679)]  [View PDF 154.29 K (4245)]
Congenital infection of rabbits with Schistosoma japonicum and protective immunity of offspring
  2004,117(9):1326-1329 [Abstract(6552)]  [View PDF 214.43 K (3288)]
Biological activity of the virulence factor cagA of Helicobacter pylori
  2004,117(9):1330-1333 [Abstract(8824)]  [View PDF 114.35 K (4723)]
Effects of glycine and methylprednisolone on hemorrhagic shock in rats
  2004,117(9):1334-1341 [Abstract(7190)]  [View PDF 174.75 K (3472)]
Activation of endogenous neural stem cells in experimental intracerebral hemorrhagic rat brains
  2004,117(9):1342-1347 [Abstract(7259)]  [View PDF 169.14 K (4280)]
Cytokine-induced killer cells showing multidrug resistance and remaining cytotoxic activity to tumor cells after transfected with mdr1 cDNA
  2004,117(9):1348-1352 [Abstract(7821)]  [View PDF 112.80 K (4791)]
Effect of adenovirus-mediated p27 gene expression on the proliferation and apoptosis of HL-60 and Raji cell lines
  2004,117(9):1353-1358 [Abstract(7388)]  [View PDF 214.98 K (4116)]
Expression of multidrug resistance-related markers in primary neuroblastoma
  2004,117(9):1358-1363 [Abstract(6364)]  [View PDF 136.01 K (3315)]
Anti-tumor effect of recombinant retroviral vector-mediated human ANGPTL4 gene transfection
  2004,117(9):1364-1369 [Abstract(7194)]  [View PDF 162.68 K (4791)]
Expression of human nerve growth factor β gene in central nervous system mediated by recombinant adeno-associated viruses type-2 vector
  2004,117(9):1370-1376 [Abstract(6820)]  [View PDF 187.58 K (3600)]

Medical Progress

Drug-eluting stents: is it the beginning of the end for coronary artery bypass surgery?
  2004,117(9):1377-1387 [Abstract(8233)]  [View PDF 148.68 K (4485)]
Real-time myocardial contrast echocardiography and its applications in evaluation for coronary artery disease
  2004,117(9):1388-1394 [Abstract(6208)]  [View PDF 110.84 K (2933)]

Review Article

DC-SIGN: binding receptors for hepatitis C virus
  2004,117(9):1395-1400 [Abstract(8425)]  [View PDF 172.98 K (5593)]

Brief Report

Effect of atrial pacing therapy with selective pacing algorithms on paroxysmal atrial fibrillation
  2004,117(9):1401-1403 [Abstract(5841)]  [View PDF 79.70 K (2849)]
Effect of insulin lispro on glycaemic control in Chinese diabetic patients receiving twice-daily regimens of insulin
  2004,117(9):1404-1407 [Abstract(6073)]  [View PDF 86.77 K (3252)]
Expression of the calcium receptor CaR in the parathyroid of secondary hyperparathyroidism patients
  2004,117(9):1408-1410 [Abstract(6591)]  [View PDF 94.38 K (3301)]
Comparing two arsenic trioxide administration methods in APL therapy
  2004,117(9):1411-1413 [Abstract(5504)]  [View PDF 78.47 K (3231)]
Two subtelomeric chromosomal deletions in forty-six children with idiopathic mental retardation
  2004,117(9):1414-1417 [Abstract(7296)]  [View PDF 106.68 K (3627)]
Analysis of human transforming growth factor β-induced gene mutation in corneal dystrophy
  2004,117(9):1418-1421 [Abstract(6859)]  [View PDF 117.03 K (3455)]
Evaluation of embryonic alcoholism from auditory event-related potential in fetal rats
  2004,117(9):1422-1424 [Abstract(5375)]  [View PDF 82.55 K (2861)]

Experience Exchange

Analysis of 23 cases of pulmonary cryptococcosis
  2004,117(9):1425-1427 [Abstract(6263)]  [View PDF 92.68 K (3545)]

Case Report

Laparoscopic resection of insulinoma: two case reports
  2004,117(9):1428-1430 [Abstract(7216)]  [View PDF 77.24 K (3746)]
Treatment of twin-twin transfusion syndrome by fetoscopic laser photocoagulation
  2004,117(9):1431-1434 [Abstract(7892)]  [View PDF 124.51 K (4443)]
Extraction of a long-forgotten ureteral stent by ureteroscopic pneumatic lithotripsy
  2004,117(9):1435-1436 [Abstract(8264)]  [View PDF 90.65 K (4747)]
Human immunodeficiency virus and avascular necrosis of the femoral head: a case report
  2004,117(9):1437-1440 [Abstract(7634)]  [View PDF 182.92 K (4280)]