Volume 117,Issue 5,2004 Table of Contents

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Original Article

Effects of Losartan on acute atrial electrical remodeling
  2004,117(5):643-646 [Abstract(7400)]  [View PDF 197.26 K (4138)]
Cardioprotective effects of mitochondrial KATP channels activated at different time
  2004,117(5):647-651 [Abstract(7344)]  [View PDF 248.56 K (3867)]
Single nucleotide polymorphisms of the SCN5A gene in Han Chinese and their relation with Brugada syndrome
  2004,117(5):652-656 [Abstract(8447)]  [View PDF 237.97 K (4832)]
Survey of children with obstructive sleep apnea syndrome in Hong Kong of China
  2004,117(5):657-660 [Abstract(9376)]  [View PDF 175.44 K (5106)]
Relationship between polymorphisms of genes encoding microsomal epoxide hydrolase and glutathione S-transferase P1 and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  2004,117(5):661-667 [Abstract(9258)]  [View PDF 323.07 K (4905)]
Endogenous erythroid colony assay in patients with polycythemia vera and its clinical significance
  2004,117(5):668-672 [Abstract(7268)]  [View PDF 251.20 K (3868)]
Major hepatectomy without blood transfusion: report of 51 cases
  2004,117(5):673-676 [Abstract(7241)]  [View PDF 176.75 K (3566)]
Depression among elderly Chinese-Canadian immigrants from Mainland China
  2004,117(5):677-683 [Abstract(11418)]  [View PDF 280.28 K (8392)]
Proliferative response of human prostate cancer cell to hormone inhibited by androgen receptor antisense RNA
  2004,117(5):684-688 [Abstract(7717)]  [View PDF 257.92 K (3889)]
A nomogram for prediction of absorption rate coefficient
  2004,117(5):689-694 [Abstract(8368)]  [View PDF 287.38 K (5504)]
Validation of real-time three-dimensional echocardiography for quantifying left and right ventricular volumes: an experimental study
  2004,117(5):695-699 [Abstract(7466)]  [View PDF 229.72 K (3889)]
Comparison of 99mTc-methoxyisobutylisonitrile myocardial single-photon emission computed tomography and electron beam computed tomography for detecting coronary artery disease in patients with no myocardial infarction
  2004,117(5):700-705 [Abstract(6767)]  [View PDF 271.73 K (3532)]
Genetic and environmental risk factors for primary open-angle glaucoma
  2004,117(5):706-710 [Abstract(8541)]  [View PDF 221.33 K (4550)]
Interleukin-1 receptor antagonist eye drops promoting high-risk corneal allografts survival in rats
  2004,117(5):711-716 [Abstract(7906)]  [View PDF 310.10 K (3956)]
Early activation of caspase-1 after retinal ischemia and reperfusion injury in mice
  2004,117(5):717-721 [Abstract(6552)]  [View PDF 297.57 K (3552)]
Expression of pax-6 in rhesus monkey of optical defocus induced myopia and form deprivation myopia
  2004,117(5):722-726 [Abstract(6818)]  [View PDF 239.90 K (3648)]
Autosomal dominant coralliform cataract related to a missense mutation of the γD-crystallin gene
  2004,117(5):727-732 [Abstract(7201)]  [View PDF 341.73 K (3823)]
Stereo morphology of temporal bone and ear
  2004,117(5):733-737 [Abstract(8879)]  [View PDF 217.87 K (5147)]
Effects of short-term adaptation to new complete dentures on perception thresholds for interocclusal thickness in experienced and non-experienced denture wearers
  2004,117(5):738-741 [Abstract(7408)]  [View PDF 187.14 K (4412)]
Klotho is a serum factor related to human aging
  2004,117(5):742-747 [Abstract(9646)]  [View PDF 318.48 K (6897)]
Clinical and genetic features of International Collaborative Group-hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer families and suspected hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer families
  2004,117(5):748-752 [Abstract(8451)]  [View PDF 239.96 K (4256)]
Transcriptional repression of hDaxx enhanced by adenovirus 12 E1B 55-kDa oncoprotein interacting with hDaxx
  2004,117(5):753-757 [Abstract(7655)]  [View PDF 271.62 K (3692)]

Brief Report

Limited posterior left atrial linear radiofrequency ablation for patients with chronic atrial fibrillation undergoing rheumatic valvular heart surgery
  2004,117(5):758-760 [Abstract(8058)]  [View PDF 128.29 K (3695)]
Treatment effect of uvulopalatopharyngoplasty on autonomic nervous activity during sleep in patients with obstructive sleep apnea syndrome
  2004,117(5):761-763 [Abstract(7452)]  [View PDF 120.00 K (3482)]
Multifocal electroretinogram in evaluating retinal function of diabetic macular edema after pars plana vitrectomy
  2004,117(5):764-766 [Abstract(7053)]  [View PDF 160.67 K (3558)]
A surgical approach to middle ear can preserve rat cochlear function
  2004,117(5):767-769 [Abstract(6982)]  [View PDF 119.16 K (3829)]
A novel Rad gene polymorphism combined with obesity increases risk for type 2 diabetes mellitus
  2004,117(5):770-771 [Abstract(5487)]  [View PDF 105.56 K (3128)]
Expression of AT1amRNA in rat hepatic stellate cells and its effects on cell growth collagen production
  2004,117(5):772-774 [Abstract(7077)]  [View PDF 137.07 K (3109)]
Overexpression of amyloid precursor protein inhibits neurite outgrowth and disrupts cytoskeleton in N2a cells
  2004,117(5):775-778 [Abstract(7415)]  [View PDF 184.69 K (3728)]
Polymorphic distribution of Y-chromosome haplotype and mitochondrial DNA in the Bouyei people in China
  2004,117(5):779-781 [Abstract(8531)]  [View PDF 122.89 K (4313)]

Experience Exchange

Evaluation of MRI in the diagnosis of hepatic tuberculoma
  2004,117(5):782-784 [Abstract(6622)]  [View PDF 142.37 K (3924)]

Case Report

Secondary silent sinus syndrome: case report
  2004,117(5):785-786 [Abstract(8078)]  [View PDF 88.76 K (4857)]
Oligodontia associated with femoral bifurcation, tibial hemimelia and cleft hand
  2004,117(5):787-788 [Abstract(7261)]  [View PDF 88.38 K (4290)]
Gene deletion analysis of a Chinese boy with Xp21 contiguous gene deletion syndrome
  2004,117(5):789-791 [Abstract(8578)]  [View PDF 140.79 K (3703)]


Eosinophils in asthma
  2004,117(5):792-794 [Abstract(5506)]  [View PDF 103.79 K (3332)]

Medical Facility

Enhancing our hospital with science and technology and taking people as basis
  2004,117(5):795-796 [Abstract(4870)]  [View PDF 70.80 K (2830)]