Volume 117,Issue 4,2004 Table of Contents

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Original Article

Birth of healthy children after preimplantation diagnosis of β-thalassemia
  2004,117(4):483-487 [Abstract(9154)]  [View PDF 523.64 K (5441)]
Insulin-like growth factor binding protein 1 and human embryonic development during 6-10 gestational weeks
  2004,117(4):488-491 [Abstract(7767)]  [View PDF 338.15 K (4279)]
Association of HLA-DQB1 coding region with unexplained recurrent spontaneous abortion
  2004,117(4):492-497 [Abstract(7697)]  [View PDF 473.13 K (4311)]
Effect of estrogen deprivation on follicle/oocyte maturation and embryo development in mice
  2004,117(4):498-502 [Abstract(8977)]  [View PDF 548.00 K (5599)]
Investigation of the frequency of chromosomal aneuploidy using triple fluorescence in situ hybridization in 12 Chinese infertile men
  2004,117(4):503-506 [Abstract(7153)]  [View PDF 454.14 K (4120)]
Comparison of three methods for the gene analysis of fetal cells from maternal peripheral blood
  2004,117(4):507-510 [Abstract(8120)]  [View PDF 544.49 K (4458)]
Apparent protective effect of high density lipoprotein against coronary heart disease in the elderly
  2004,117(4):511-515 [Abstract(7640)]  [View PDF 376.38 K (3714)]
Effects of right atrial and ventricular DDD pacing on cardiac function and ventricular contraction synchrony
  2004,117(4):516-520 [Abstract(7423)]  [View PDF 736.11 K (3552)]
Identification of syndrome X using intravascular ultrasound imaging and Doppler flow mapping
  2004,117(4):521-527 [Abstract(7095)]  [View PDF 587.57 K (3791)]
Electrical heterogeneity of canine right ventricular transient outward potassium currents
  2004,117(4):528-531 [Abstract(12538)]  [View PDF 313.00 K (9354)]
Morphological and electrophysiological study on the inferior nodal extension and transitional cellular band in the rabbit atrioventricular junctional area
  2004,117(4):532-537 [Abstract(8001)]  [View PDF 552.49 K (3777)]
Experimental study on the mechanism of sex difference in the risk of torsade de pointes
  2004,117(4):538-541 [Abstract(19685)]  [View PDF 324.91 K (12522)]
Dietary hypercholesterolemia aggravates contrast media-induced nephropathy
  2004,117(4):542-546 [Abstract(7355)]  [View PDF 806.96 K (3700)]
Effect of irbesartan on angiotensin Ⅱ-induced hypertrophy of human proximal tubular cells
  2004,117(4):547-551 [Abstract(7479)]  [View PDF 531.21 K (3898)]
Genetic study of a large Chinese kindred with von Hippel-Lindau disease
  2004,117(4):552-557 [Abstract(7511)]  [View PDF 896.69 K (4516)]
Polymorphism of the leptin gene promoter in pedigrees of type 2 diabetes mellitus in Chongqing, China
  2004,117(4):558-561 [Abstract(8852)]  [View PDF 331.60 K (4139)]
Construction of adeno-associated virus coexpression system for human angiopoietin-1 and VEGF gene
  2004,117(4):562-565 [Abstract(7501)]  [View PDF 346.18 K (4272)]
Peptide nucleic acids arrest the growth of gastric cancer cells SGC7901
  2004,117(4):566-570 [Abstract(8323)]  [View PDF 1.03 M (4297)]
Antioxidation of melatonin against spinal cord injury in rats
  2004,117(4):571-575 [Abstract(7852)]  [View PDF 454.09 K (4231)]
Comparative study on seeding methods of human bone marrow stromal cells in bone tissue engineering
  2004,117(4):576-580 [Abstract(7965)]  [View PDF 485.62 K (4125)]
Inflammatory reaction after focal cerebral ischemia in mouse
  2004,117(4):586-591 [Abstract(8778)]  [View PDF 788.30 K (4272)]
Effects of glucocorticoid and cysteinyl leukotriene 1 receptor antagonist on CD34+ hematopoietic cells in bone marrow of asthmatic mice
  2004,117(4):592-597 [Abstract(7695)]  [View PDF 674.68 K (4172)]
Etiological analysis on ocular fungal infection in the period of 1989-2000
  2004,117(4):598-600 [Abstract(7520)]  [View PDF 167.82 K (4109)]

Brief Report

Expression of aFGF, bFGF, and FGFR1 in ovarian epithelial neoplasm
  2004,117(4):601-603 [Abstract(7799)]  [View PDF 317.35 K (4007)]
Combined transplantation of G-CSF primed allogeneic bone marrow cells and peripheral blood stem cells in treatment of severe aplastic anemia
  2004,117(4):604-607 [Abstract(8012)]  [View PDF 263.88 K (3888)]
Comparison of Epstein-Barr virus infection and 30 bp-deleted LMP1 gene among four histological types of nasopharyngeal carcinoma
  2004,117(4):608-611 [Abstract(7690)]  [View PDF 566.76 K (3792)]
Expression of survivin, a novel apoptosis inhibitor and cell cycle regulatory protein, in human gliomas
  2004,117(4):612-614 [Abstract(8275)]  [View PDF 384.96 K (4309)]
Role of Fas-FasL in insulitis in nonobese diabetic mouse
  2004,117(4):615-617 [Abstract(6748)]  [View PDF 301.11 K (3390)]
Toxin-coregulated pilus-loaded microparticles as a vaccine against Vibrio cholerae O139
  2004,117(4):618-620 [Abstract(6389)]  [View PDF 200.70 K (3240)]
Effect of FGF-BP on angiogenesis in squamous cell carcinoma
  2004,117(4):621-623 [Abstract(6524)]  [View PDF 486.61 K (3421)]
Changes in monocyte counts and expression of mCD14 and HLA-DR in the peripheral blood of patients with severe acute respiratory syndrome
  2004,117(4):624-626 [Abstract(6946)]  [View PDF 212.21 K (3539)]
Association analysis of the cholecystokinin type A receptor gene in schizophrenia
  2004,117(4):627-629 [Abstract(6919)]  [View PDF 220.76 K (3195)]

Short Communication

Gene delivery to mice spermatogenic stem cells by EffecteneTM reagent
  2004,117(4):630-632 [Abstract(7012)]  [View PDF 450.95 K (3493)]

Case Report

Composite valve graft combined with replacement of the ascending aorta and aortic arch in a patient with Marfan’s syndrome
  2004,117(4):633-634 [Abstract(7548)]  [View PDF 143.78 K (4099)]
Primary aortoenteric fistula complicated by esophageal ulcer: case report
  2004,117(4):635-636 [Abstract(6298)]  [View PDF 266.34 K (3396)]
Systemic lupus erythematosus and thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura: report of three cases
  2004,117(4):637-640 [Abstract(9102)]  [View PDF 578.35 K (5683)]