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Children 6 cm taller, 3 kg heavier than 30 years ago
  2004,117(1):0 [Abstract(3694)]  [View PDF]

Original Article

New variables for measuring joint space width to evaluate knee osteoarthritis
  2004,117(1):0 [Abstract(1462)]  [View PDF]


How does negative affectivity contribute to medically unexplained dyspnea?
  2004,117(1):3 [Abstract(5706)]  [View PDF 42.77 K (3494)]
Minimally invasive medicine: a new theoretical system of medicine
  2004,117(1):4-5 [Abstract(5966)]  [View PDF 75.03 K (3409)]

Original Article

Medically unexplained dyspnea: psychophysiological characteristics and role of breathing therapy
  2004,117(1):6-13 [Abstract(8263)]  [View PDF 347.79 K (5235)]
Comparison of clinical course of patients with severe acute respiratory syndrome among the multiple generations of nosocomial transmission
  2004,117(1):14-18 [Abstract(6280)]  [View PDF 228.85 K (3781)]
The effect of protein kinase C on voltage-gated potassium channel in pulmonary artery smooth muscle cells from rats exposed to chronic hypoxia
  2004,117(1):19-23 [Abstract(7850)]  [View PDF 229.79 K (4107)]
Relationship between bone marrow-derived CD34+ cells expressing interleukin-5 receptor messenger RNA and asthmatic airway inflammation
  2004,117(1):24-29 [Abstract(6816)]  [View PDF 283.50 K (3583)]
Contribution of protein kinase C to passively sensitized human airway smooth muscle cells proliferation
  2004,117(1):30-36 [Abstract(6961)]  [View PDF 376.32 K (3805)]
The signal transduction pathway in the proliferation of airway smooth muscle cells induced by urotensin Ⅱ
  2004,117(1):37-41 [Abstract(7949)]  [View PDF 245.65 K (4129)]
Molecular biological analysis of genotyping and phylogeny of severe acute respiratory syndrome associated coronavirus
  2004,117(1):42-48 [Abstract(8996)]  [View PDF 754.55 K (6230)]
Carotid remodeling of hypertensive subjects and polymorphism of the angiotensin-converting enzyme gene
  2004,117(1):49-53 [Abstract(7191)]  [View PDF 237.81 K (3692)]
Combined stent and coil in endovascular treatment of intracranial wide-necked and fusiform aneurysms
  2004,117(1):54-57 [Abstract(7656)]  [View PDF]
Vagus nerve stimulation for refractory epilepsy: long term efficacy and side-effects
  2004,117(1):58-61 [Abstract(9287)]  [View PDF 178.21 K (4695)]
Bladder tumors: dynamic contrast-enhanced axial imaging, multiplanar reformation, three-dimensional reconstruction and virtual cystoscopy using helical CT
  2004,117(1):62-66 [Abstract(7727)]  [View PDF 235.54 K (4389)]
Mass screening of 12027 elderly men for prostate carcinoma by measuring serum prostate specific antigen
  2004,117(1):67-70 [Abstract(7223)]  [View PDF 235.54 K (3903)]
Polymorphisms of the coagulation factor Ⅶ gene and its plasma levels in relation to acute cerebral infarction differences in allelic frequencies between Chinese Han and European populations
  2004,117(1):71-74 [Abstract(7500)]  [View PDF 209.32 K (3847)]
Superselective uterine arterial embolization with pingyangmycin-lipiodol emulsion for management of symptomatic uterine leiomyoma
  2004,117(1):75-78 [Abstract(6518)]  [View PDF 220.07 K (3522)]
Expression of IFN-γ and its receptor alpha in the peripheral blood of patients with chronic hepatitis C
  2004,117(1):79-82 [Abstract(7817)]  [View PDF 197.73 K (4264)]
Nanoparticles as a vaccine adjuvant of anti-idiotypic antibody against schistosomiasis
  2004,117(1):83-87 [Abstract(6413)]  [View PDF 245.28 K (4069)]
Angiotensin Ⅱ induced upregulation of Gαq/11, phospholipase Cβ3 and extracellular signal-regulated kinase 1/2 via angiotensin Ⅱtype 1 receptor
  2004,117(1):88-93 [Abstract(5895)]  [View PDF 316.71 K (3649)]
Tumor blood vessels formation in osteosarcoma: vasculogenesis mimicry
  2004,117(1):94-98 [Abstract(9573)]  [View PDF 353.21 K (5469)]
5-aza-2’-deoxycitydine induces demethylation and up-regulates transcription of p16INK4A gene in human gastric cancer cell lines
  2004,117(1):99-103 [Abstract(9058)]  [View PDF 292.47 K (5527)]
Intrabiliary radiation inhibits smooth muscle formation and biliary duct remodelling after balloon overstretching injury in dogs
  2004,117(1):104-106 [Abstract(5940)]  [View PDF 166.06 K (3009)]
Macrophage migration inhibitory factor enhances neoplastic cell invasion by inducing the expression of matrix metalloproteinase 9 and interleukin-8 in nasopharyngeal carcinoma cell lines
  2004,117(1):107-114 [Abstract(8809)]  [View PDF 410.28 K (4968)]
Establishment and biological characteristics of human multiple myeloma cell line CZ-1
  2004,117(1):115-119 [Abstract(8361)]  [View PDF 300.64 K (4817)]
Prophylaxis of neonatal respiratory distress syndrome by intra-amniotic administration of pulmonary surfactant
  2004,117(1):120-124 [Abstract(8459)]  [View PDF 219.72 K (4621)]

Medical Progress

Influenza DNA vaccine: an update
  2004,117(1):125-132 [Abstract(8720)]  [View PDF 503.82 K (5359)]

Review Article

The role of inflammatory stress in acute coronary syndrome
  2004,117(1):133-139 [Abstract(9972)]  [View PDF 321.82 K (5644)]

Brief Report

Nucleoprotein gene analysis of the wild-type measles viruses circulated in Beijing in 2001
  2004,117(1):140-142 [Abstract(7636)]  [View PDF 120.72 K (3460)]
Chest X ray changes in severe acute respiratory syndrome cases after discontinuation of glucocorticosteroids treatment
  2004,117(1):143-144 [Abstract(7178)]  [View PDF 91.41 K (4649)]
Hypoxia-inducible factor-1α increased the expression of peroxisome proliferator activated receptor α in lung cancer cell A549
  2004,117(1):145-147 [Abstract(6333)]  [View PDF 140.15 K (3291)]

Experience Exchange

Laparoscopic radical prostatectomy
  2004,117(1):148-149 [Abstract(7947)]  [View PDF 81.26 K (3698)]

Case Report

Verruciform xanthoma of the penis: report of a case
  2004,117(1):150-152 [Abstract(8333)]  [View PDF 148.19 K (4582)]
Intrasellar tuberculoma: case report
  2004,117(1):153-154 [Abstract(5493)]  [View PDF 123.07 K (3124)]


2004 Wood Library-Museum Laureate Historian of Anesthesia elected
  2004,117(1):155 [Abstract(4840)]  [View PDF 76.54 K (2518)]
The first suspected case of SARS in Guangzhou this winter
  2004,117(1):156 [Abstract(5362)]  [View PDF]