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Rational radical neck dissection for oral cancer
  2003,116(8):1123-1126 [Abstract(7530)]  [View PDF 106.33 K (4221)]

Original Article

Effects of raloxifene hydrochloride on bone mineral density, bone metabolism and serum lipids in postmenopausal women: a randomized clinical trial in Beijing
  2003,116(8):1127-1133 [Abstract(6989)]  [View PDF 211.13 K (3711)]
Effects of hormone replacement therapy on platelet activation in postmenopausal women
  2003,116(8):1134-1136 [Abstract(6112)]  [View PDF 121.92 K (3017)]
A high throughout assay for human papillomavirus genotypes with fluorescence polarization
  2003,116(8):1137-1140 [Abstract(7132)]  [View PDF 158.26 K (3788)]
Reduced-size orthotopic liver transplantation with different grade steatotic grafts in rats
  2003,116(8):1141-1145 [Abstract(6366)]  [View PDF 209.24 K (3341)]
NF-kappaB/I-kappaB pathway during ischemia reperfusion injury of rat liver
  2003,116(8):1146-1149 [Abstract(7981)]  [View PDF 177.50 K (4549)]
p14ARF upregulation of p53 and enhanced effects of 5-fluorouracil in pancreatic cancer
  2003,116(8):1150-1155 [Abstract(6831)]  [View PDF 224.89 K (3527)]
Identification of chromosomal imbalances in pancreatic carcinoma using comparative genomic hybridization
  2003,116(8):1156-1160 [Abstract(6395)]  [View PDF 270.84 K (3256)]
Successful xenotransplantation of microencapsulated newborn pig parathyroid cells in the treatment of hypoparathyroidism in rats
  2003,116(8):1161-1165 [Abstract(7345)]  [View PDF 175.79 K (3853)]
Stereotactic radiosurgery in the treatment of primary central nervous system lymphoma
  2003,116(8):1166-1170 [Abstract(7432)]  [View PDF 227.69 K (4210)]
Enhancing alkylating agent resistance through ERCC2 gene transfection in human glioma cell line
  2003,116(8):1171-1174 [Abstract(5945)]  [View PDF 156.34 K (3208)]
Low standard oral anticoagulation therapy for Chinese patients with St.Jude mechanical heart valves
  2003,116(8):1175-1178 [Abstract(6873)]  [View PDF 140.47 K (3737)]
Autotransfusion of shed mediastinal blood after open heart surgery
  2003,116(8):1179-1182 [Abstract(5601)]  [View PDF 126.98 K (3450)]
Hormonal and metabolic responses of fetal lamb during cardiopulmonary bypass
  2003,116(8):1183-1186 [Abstract(6157)]  [View PDF 188.09 K (3027)]
Diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of thymoma: an analysis of 116 cases
  2003,116(8):1187-1190 [Abstract(8090)]  [View PDF 142.73 K (4730)]
Effect of thoracic epidural blockade on plasma fibrinogen levels in patients with dilated cardiomyopathy
  2003,116(8):1191-1193 [Abstract(6178)]  [View PDF 116.84 K (2686)]
Polymorphisms in the coagulation factor Ⅶ gene and the risk of myocardial infarction in patients undergoing coronary angiography
  2003,116(8):1194-1197 [Abstract(6309)]  [View PDF 157.32 K (3527)]
Hypercoagulability existing in the local left atrium of patient with mitral stenosis
  2003,116(8):1198-1202 [Abstract(6467)]  [View PDF 164.65 K (3641)]
Growth inhibiting effects of antisense eukaryotic expression vector of proliferating cell nuclear antigen gene on human bladder cancer cells
  2003,116(8):1203-1206 [Abstract(6541)]  [View PDF 158.27 K (3477)]
Percutaneous vertebroplasty using instruments and drugs made in China for vertebral metastases
  2003,116(8):1207-1212 [Abstract(6155)]  [View PDF 210.24 K (3943)]
Sentinel lymph node detection by combined dye-isotope technique and its predictive value for cervical lymph node metastasis in patients with lingual carcinoma
  2003,116(8):1213-1215 [Abstract(8263)]  [View PDF 131.84 K (4384)]
Evaluation of success rates of immediate and delayed implants after tooth extraction
  2003,116(8):1216-1219 [Abstract(11949)]  [View PDF 139.95 K (9070)]
Apolipoprotein E genotype in patients with Alzheimer’s disease
  2003,116(8):1220-1222 [Abstract(7436)]  [View PDF 140.19 K (3729)]
Effects of transferrin on the growth and proliferation of porcine hepatocytes: a comparison with epidermal growth factor and nicotinamide
  2003,116(8):1223-1227 [Abstract(5645)]  [View PDF 159.51 K (3114)]
Leflunomide, a new disease-modifying drug for treating active rheumatoid arthritis in methotrexate-controlled phase Ⅱ clinical trial
  2003,116(8):1228-1234 [Abstract(7762)]  [View PDF 192.77 K (4306)]
Brain glucose metabolism and neuropsychological test in patients with mild cognitive impairment
  2003,116(8):1235-1238 [Abstract(7250)]  [View PDF 152.31 K (3628)]
Characterization of cDNA from the miracidial antigen family of Schistosoma japonicum (Chinese strain)
  2003,116(8):1239-1243 [Abstract(6067)]  [View PDF 253.29 K (2847)]
The status of drug resistance and ampC gene expression in Enterobacter cloacae
  2003,116(8):1244-1247 [Abstract(8953)]  [View PDF 198.43 K (5330)]
Combination and cleavage of HBV DNA fragments by triple helix-forming oligonucleotides modified with manganese porphyrin in vitro
  2003,116(8):1248-1252 [Abstract(6216)]  [View PDF 208.48 K (3345)]
Changes in respiratory and circulatory functions during sequential invasive- noninvasive mechanical ventilation
  2003,116(8):1253-1256 [Abstract(7364)]  [View PDF 132.23 K (4038)]
Pro-apoptotic role of NF-κB pathway inhibition in lipopolysaccharide stimulated polymorphonuclear neutrophils
  2003,116(8):1257-1261 [Abstract(7504)]  [View PDF 181.99 K (4016)]
Inhibiting severe acute respiratory syndrome-associated coronavirus by small interfering RNA
  2003,116(8):1262-1264 [Abstract(8428)]  [View PDF 159.19 K (4600)]

Brief Report

Digestive system manifestations in patients with severe acute respiratory syndrome
  2003,116(8):1265-1266 [Abstract(5709)]  [View PDF 83.53 K (3417)]
Modification of pGH cDNA using the first intron and adenovirus-mediated expression in CHO cells
  2003,116(8):1267-1269 [Abstract(6309)]  [View PDF 133.45 K (3148)]
Gene expression profiles of human bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cells and tendon cells
  2003,116(8):1270-1272 [Abstract(6551)]  [View PDF 119.43 K (3705)]
Pre- and postoperative changes of regional cortical cerebral blood flow in patients with cerebral arteriovenous malformation
  2003,116(8):1273-1275 [Abstract(6304)]  [View PDF 113.49 K (3065)]

Conference Information

International Science Symposium on SARS held in Beijing
  2003,116(8):1276 [Abstract(4819)]  [View PDF 305.86 K (2471)]


China launched an additional SARS research project of National 863 Plan
  2003,116(8):1277 [Abstract(5863)]  [View PDF]