Volume 116,Issue 7,2003 Table of Contents

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Research work on SARS has to be strengthened in China
  2003,116(7):963-964 [Abstract(5071)]  [View PDF 58.08 K (3018)]
Hyperuricemia and gout among Taiwan Aborigines and Taiwanese-prevalence and risk factors
  2003,116(7):965-967 [Abstract(7235)]  [View PDF 100.61 K (4672)]

Original Article

The chest X-ray image features of patients with severe SARS: a preliminary study
  2003,116(7):968-971 [Abstract(8585)]  [View PDF 172.67 K (5818)]
Chest X-ray imaging of patients with SARS
  2003,116(7):972-975 [Abstract(10773)]  [View PDF 180.69 K (6418)]
Pathological study on severe acute respiratory syndrome
  2003,116(7):976-980 [Abstract(5987)]  [View PDF 354.42 K (3867)]
The relationship between serum interleukins and T-lymphocyte subsets in patients with severe acute respiratory syndrome
  2003,116(7):981-984 [Abstract(7772)]  [View PDF 129.51 K (4071)]
Rapid loss of both CD4+ and CD8+ T lymphocyte subsets during the acute phase of severe acute respiratory syndrome
  2003,116(7):985-987 [Abstract(6238)]  [View PDF 109.85 K (3777)]
Establishment of a fluorescent polymerase chain reaction method for the detection of the SARS-associated coronavirus and its clinical application
  2003,116(7):988-990 [Abstract(5671)]  [View PDF 118.69 K (3551)]
Correlation of pulmonary functions of COPD patients to those of their first-degree children
  2003,116(7):991-995 [Abstract(5586)]  [View PDF 152.83 K (3150)]
Effect of volume replacement with hydroxyethyl starch solution on splanchnic oxygenation in patients undergoing cytoreductive surgery for ovarian cancer
  2003,116(7):996-1000 [Abstract(6253)]  [View PDF 168.71 K (3769)]
Treatment of lower urethral calculi with extracorporeal shock-wave lithotripsy and pneumatic ureteroscopic lithotripsy:a comparison of effectiveness and complications
  2003,116(7):1001-1003 [Abstract(7360)]  [View PDF 96.87 K (4319)]
Evaluation of the combination of multiple subpial transection and other techniques for treatment of intractable epilepsy
  2003,116(7):1004-1007 [Abstract(5017)]  [View PDF 130.37 K (2943)]
Transaxillary minithoracotomy in intrathoracic surgery for 316 infants and children
  2003,116(7):1008-1010 [Abstract(6454)]  [View PDF 94.09 K (3265)]
Inhaling β2-agonist with heliox-driven in bronchial asthma
  2003,116(7):1011-1015 [Abstract(7102)]  [View PDF 161.03 K (3771)]
Procedure and clinical assessments of malariotherapy:recent experience in 20 HIV patients
  2003,116(7):1016-1021 [Abstract(7427)]  [View PDF 192.24 K (3582)]
Epstein-Barr virus encoded latent membrane protein 1 induces TRAF1 expression to promote anti-apoptosis activity via NF-κB signaling pathway in nasopharyngeal carcinoma
  2003,116(7):1022-1028 [Abstract(7764)]  [View PDF 265.26 K (4240)]
Effect of human hepatocyte growth factor on promoting wound healing and preventing scar formation by adenovirus-mediated gene transfer
  2003,116(7):1029-1033 [Abstract(6993)]  [View PDF 239.03 K (3772)]
Caspase-3 and its inhibitor Ac-DEVD-CHO in rat lens epithelial cell apoptosis induced by hydrogen in vitro
  2003,116(7):1034-1038 [Abstract(6620)]  [View PDF 217.20 K (4021)]
Localization of the human language cortex by magnetic source imaging
  2003,116(7):1039-1042 [Abstract(6330)]  [View PDF 147.57 K (3451)]
FBN1 mutation in Chinese patients with Marfan syndrome and its gene diagnosis using haplotype linkage analysis
  2003,116(7):1043-1046 [Abstract(5958)]  [View PDF 163.38 K (3411)]
Diagnosis and surgical treatment of ruptured aneurysm in sinus of Valsalva
  2003,116(7):1047-1050 [Abstract(6971)]  [View PDF 127.36 K (4257)]
Single photon emission CT perfusion imaging of cerebral blood flow of early syphilis patients
  2003,116(7):1051-1054 [Abstract(6765)]  [View PDF 195.56 K (3748)]
Involvement of dynorphin A in the inhibition of morphine physical dependence by N-nitro-L-arginine in rats
  2003,116(7):1055-1058 [Abstract(6010)]  [View PDF 142.77 K (2820)]
Cardioprotective effects of morphine on rat heart suffering from ischemia and reperfusion
  2003,116(7):1059-1062 [Abstract(6952)]  [View PDF 149.02 K (3839)]
A correlative study between AQP4 expression and the manifestation of DWI after the acute ischemic brain edema in rats
  2003,116(7):1063-1069 [Abstract(7042)]  [View PDF 271.15 K (3786)]
Using a cDNA microarray to study cellular gene expression altered by Mycobacterium tuberculosis
  2003,116(7):1070-1073 [Abstract(10031)]  [View PDF 140.52 K (6047)]
Gene expression profile changes in NB4 cells induced by realgar
  2003,116(7):1074-1077 [Abstract(6673)]  [View PDF 144.60 K (3795)]
Association between HLA-DQA1, -DQB1 gene polymorphisms and susceptibility to asthma in northern Chinese subjects
  2003,116(7):1078-1082 [Abstract(6617)]  [View PDF 177.83 K (4092)]
Relationship between alterations of p16INK4a and p14ARF genes of CDKN2A locus and gastric carcinogenesis
  2003,116(7):1083-1087 [Abstract(6997)]  [View PDF 200.00 K (3669)]
Influence of skeletal muscle satellite cells implanted into infarcted myocardium on remnant myocyte volumes
  2003,116(7):1088-1091 [Abstract(6154)]  [View PDF 138.54 K (3591)]
Human DNA contains sequences homologous to the 5’-non-coding region of hepatitis C virus: characterization with restriction endonucleases reveals individual varieties
  2003,116(7):1092-1098 [Abstract(5601)]  [View PDF 269.35 K (3316)]
Effects of ursodeoxycholic acid on intrahepatic cholestasis in rats
  2003,116(7):1099-1103 [Abstract(6815)]  [View PDF 230.87 K (3578)]

Brief Report

Clinical and imaging findings in patients with severe acute respiratory syndrome
  2003,116(7):1104-1105 [Abstract(7033)]  [View PDF 78.69 K (4339)]
Advantages of using an image-guided system for transnasal endoscopic surgery
  2003,116(7):1106-1107 [Abstract(6452)]  [View PDF 71.27 K (3462)]
The relationship between catecholamines levels in mother and fetus, and pathogenesis of pregnancy-induced hypertension
  2003,116(7):1108-1109 [Abstract(7051)]  [View PDF 73.55 K (3265)]

Case Report

Ethnic-specific splicing mutation of the carnitine-acylcarnitine translocase gene in a Chinese neonate presenting with sudden unexpected death
  2003,116(7):1110-1112 [Abstract(5856)]  [View PDF 118.66 K (2915)]
A tiny dural arteriovenous fistula
  2003,116(7):1113-1114 [Abstract(5610)]  [View PDF 66.16 K (3391)]

Short Communication

Highly efficient expression, purification of recombinant LTB protein and its activity against mucosal immunoadjuvant by nasal immunization
  2003,116(7):1115-1117 [Abstract(6082)]  [View PDF 99.94 K (3667)]

Conference Information

ASEAN, China, Japan and ROK (10+3) High-level Symposium on Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome held in Beijing
  2003,116(7):1118-1119 [Abstract(4991)]  [View PDF]