Volume 116,Issue 6,2003 Table of Contents

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Review Article

Fighting SARS in grand collaboration: Our strategies
  2003,116(6):803-804 [Abstract(5116)]  [View PDF 48.22 K (2897)]

Research Article on SARS

A retrospective study of 78 patients with severe acute respiratory syndrome
  2003,116(6):805-810 [Abstract(6842)]  [View PDF 882.27 K (4101)]
A hospital outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome in Guangzhou, China
  2003,116(6):811-818 [Abstract(7054)]  [View PDF 257.08 K (3963)]
Clinical analysis of 45 patients with severe acute respiratory syndrome
  2003,116(6):819-822 [Abstract(5478)]  [View PDF 157.94 K (3211)]
Early X-ray and CT appearances of severe acute respiratory syndrome:an analysis of 28 cases
  2003,116(6):823-826 [Abstract(7943)]  [View PDF 588.27 K (5479)]
Measurement of subgroups of peripheral blood T lymphocytes in patients with severe acute respiratory syndrome and its clinical significance
  2003,116(6):827-830 [Abstract(7646)]  [View PDF 143.21 K (4198)]

Hot Topic

The role of radiological imaging in diagnosis and treatment of severe acute respiratory syndrome
  2003,116(6):831-833 [Abstract(6118)]  [View PDF 142.36 K (3841)]
The responses of nursing system to the outbreak of SARS in a general hospital
  2003,116(6):834-837 [Abstract(7757)]  [View PDF 127.69 K (4777)]
SARS treatment: experience from a team in Guangdong, China
  2003,116(6):838-839 [Abstract(5507)]  [View PDF 250.42 K (3354)]

Original Article

A survey on the efficacy and tolerability of micronized fenofibrate in patients with dyslipidemia
  2003,116(6):840-843 [Abstract(6383)]  [View PDF 136.22 K (3467)]
Clinical outcome of patients with left anterior descending artery ostial lesions treated with percutaneous coronary intervention: case-matched comparison with bypass surgery
  2003,116(6):844-848 [Abstract(9550)]  [View PDF 161.18 K (5541)]
Optional therapeutic strategies based on clinically different types of acute pulmonary embolism
  2003,116(6):849-852 [Abstract(7497)]  [View PDF 153.66 K (3749)]
Lipid-lowering efficacy and safety of varying doses of Simvastatin in patients with early stage acute coronary syndromes: one-year follow-up study
  2003,116(6):853-856 [Abstract(5673)]  [View PDF 128.26 K (3475)]
The role of calcineurin in the lung fibroblasts proliferation and collagen synthesis induced by basic fibroblast growth factor
  2003,116(6):857-862 [Abstract(7646)]  [View PDF 234.98 K (4024)]
Expression and role of adrenomedullin and its receptor in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
  2003,116(6):863-867 [Abstract(6606)]  [View PDF 231.27 K (3233)]
Regulation of leptin on insulin secretion and sulfonulurea receptor 1 transcription level in isolated rats pancreatic islets
  2003,116(6):868-872 [Abstract(6536)]  [View PDF 177.98 K (3335)]
Changes in phospholipase D activity of leukocytes during human systemic inflammatory response syndrome induced by cardiopulmonary bypass
  2003,116(6):873-877 [Abstract(6350)]  [View PDF 176.17 K (2955)]
Dose-effect relationships in total body irradiation on the healing of cutaneous wounds
  2003,116(6):878-882 [Abstract(6828)]  [View PDF 165.89 K (3177)]
Inflammation unmasks gabapentin’s effect on Aδ-fiber evoked excitatory postsynaptic currents in substantia gelatinosa neurons of rat spinal cord
  2003,116(6):883-887 [Abstract(6511)]  [View PDF 183.68 K (3417)]
Malignant biliary obstruction: treatment with interventional radiology
  2003,116(6):888-892 [Abstract(7669)]  [View PDF 159.05 K (4483)]
Detection of viable myocardium by low dose of dobutamine cine MR imaging in miniswine
  2003,116(6):893-896 [Abstract(6305)]  [View PDF 162.99 K (3373)]
Expression of MAGE-A1 and MAGE-A3 genes in human salivary gland carcinomas
  2003,116(6):897-900 [Abstract(5962)]  [View PDF 144.92 K (3112)]
Phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase inhibitor, LY294002, induced senescence-like changes in human diploid fibroblasts
  2003,116(6):901-905 [Abstract(7125)]  [View PDF 187.28 K (4082)]
Cotransfection of TrkA and p75NTR in neuroblastoma cell line (IMR-32) promotes differentiation and apoptosis
  2003,116(6):906-912 [Abstract(7880)]  [View PDF 276.82 K (5032)]
Primary nasopharyngeal non-Hodgkin lymphoma and its relationship with Epstein-Barr virus infection
  2003,116(6):913-917 [Abstract(9360)]  [View PDF 221.17 K (5420)]
Reg Ⅳ, a differentially expressed gene in colorectal adenoma
  2003,116(6):918-922 [Abstract(6736)]  [View PDF 179.23 K (3926)]
Effects of fosinopril and valsartan on expressions of ICAM-1 and NO in human umbilical vein endothelial cells
  2003,116(6):923-927 [Abstract(5842)]  [View PDF 163.87 K (3326)]
Cloning and characterization of cholesteryl ester transfer protein isolated from the tree shrew
  2003,116(6):928-931 [Abstract(5248)]  [View PDF 212.24 K (3081)]
A cellular protein specifically binds to the 3’-terminal sequences of hepatitis C virus intermediate negative-strand RNA
  2003,116(6):932-936 [Abstract(5698)]  [View PDF 211.86 K (3027)]
Magnetic resonance imaging guided bone biopsies in the iPath-200 system
  2003,116(6):937-940 [Abstract(6377)]  [View PDF 154.29 K (3086)]
Protection of SA14-14-2 live attenuated Japanese encephalitis vaccine against the wild-type JE viruses
  2003,116(6):941-943 [Abstract(8398)]  [View PDF 104.56 K (5954)]

Brief Report

Expression of p57kip2 and cyclinE proteins in human pancreatic cancer
  2003,116(6):944-946 [Abstract(6018)]  [View PDF 116.79 K (3030)]
Analysis of TRAIL receptor expression using anti-TRAIL death receptor-5 monoclonal antibodies
  2003,116(6):947-950 [Abstract(7679)]  [View PDF 174.78 K (4813)]

Case Report

Myelolipoma of the lung: a case report
  2003,116(6):951-953 [Abstract(5216)]  [View PDF 152.41 K (2899)]
Spontaneous hematoma in the root of the small bowel mesentery: imaging findings
  2003,116(6):954-956 [Abstract(6048)]  [View PDF 118.17 K (3979)]

Short Communication

Burden of injuries and diseases in Yunnan Tin Miners
  2003,116(6):957-958 [Abstract(6272)]  [View PDF 73.36 K (3059)]