Volume 116,Issue 4,2003 Table of Contents

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Review Article

Abnormal hemoglobins found in Hunan
  2003,116(4):483-486 [Abstract(7623)]  [View PDF 152.60 K (5035)]
Signaling transduction by IgG receptors
  2003,116(4):487-494 [Abstract(9028)]  [View PDF 269.70 K (6699)]
Pegylated interferons in the treatment of chronic hepatitis C
  2003,116(4):495-498 [Abstract(6817)]  [View PDF 146.50 K (3705)]

Original Article

Clinical significance and pathogenic role of anti-cardiac myosin autoantibody in dilated cardiomyopathy
  2003,116(4):499-502 [Abstract(6241)]  [View PDF 184.20 K (3672)]
Predictors of long-term clinical outcome of patients with acute massive pulmonary embolism after thrombolytic therapy
  2003,116(4):503-509 [Abstract(8387)]  [View PDF 219.81 K (4561)]
Smoking and hyperlipidemia are important risk factors for coronary artery spasm
  2003,116(4):510-513 [Abstract(7526)]  [View PDF 133.78 K (3524)]
β-carotene protects rats against bronchitis induced by cigarette smoking
  2003,116(4):514-516 [Abstract(7106)]  [View PDF 122.37 K (3539)]
Analysis of comparative genomic hybridization and loss of heterozygosity in 43 primary gastric carcinomas
  2003,116(4):517-523 [Abstract(6336)]  [View PDF 236.25 K (3556)]
Expression and identification of type 1 diabetes associated autoantigen IA-2
  2003,116(4):524-528 [Abstract(5689)]  [View PDF 205.41 K (3193)]
Identification of variations of gene expression of visceral adipose and renal tissue in type 2 diabetic rats using cDNA representational difference analysis
  2003,116(4):529-533 [Abstract(6744)]  [View PDF 188.83 K (3756)]
Roles of interleukin-10 in acute graft-versus-host disease and graft rejection
  2003,116(4):534-537 [Abstract(6009)]  [View PDF 148.29 K (3086)]
Serum procalcitonin and interleukin-6 levels may help to differentiate systemic inflammatory response of infectious and non-infectious origin
  2003,116(4):538-542 [Abstract(9008)]  [View PDF 167.67 K (4833)]
IL-17 induces autoantibody overproduction and peripheral blood mononuclear cell overexpression of IL-6 in lupus nephritis patients
  2003,116(4):543-548 [Abstract(7935)]  [View PDF 264.83 K (4462)]
Continuous veno venous hemofiltration in treatment of acute necrotizing pancreatitis
  2003,116(4):549-553 [Abstract(7432)]  [View PDF 180.80 K (4243)]
Effect of high glucose, angiotensin Ⅱ and receptor antagonist Losartan on the expression of connective tissue growth factor in cultured mesangial cells
  2003,116(4):554-557 [Abstract(7367)]  [View PDF 193.64 K (3815)]
The regulatory effect of memantine on expression and synthesis of heat shock protein 70 gene in neonatal rat models with cerebral hypoxic ischemia
  2003,116(4):558-564 [Abstract(7139)]  [View PDF 260.25 K (3563)]
The effect of lead on brainstem auditory evoked potentials in children
  2003,116(4):565-568 [Abstract(7541)]  [View PDF 145.26 K (3775)]
Decreased renal vitamin K-dependent γ-glutamyl carboxylase activity in calcium oxalate calculi patients
  2003,116(4):569-572 [Abstract(5704)]  [View PDF 141.82 K (3076)]
Simultaneous pancreas-kidney transplantation with enteric drainage of exocrine secretions
  2003,116(4):573-576 [Abstract(7885)]  [View PDF 132.57 K (4024)]
Genome-wide allelotype study of primary glioblastoma multiforme
  2003,116(4):577-583 [Abstract(7264)]  [View PDF 359.68 K (3586)]
A comparison of two different dosages of conjugated equine estrogen in continuous combined hormone replacement therapy with progestin
  2003,116(4):584-587 [Abstract(6276)]  [View PDF 148.28 K (3126)]
Effect of retroperitoneal lymphadenectomy on prognosis of patients with epithelial ovarian cancer
  2003,116(4):588-592 [Abstract(6874)]  [View PDF 165.48 K (3589)]
Efficacy of interferon alpha-2b and lamivudine therapy for chronic hepatitis B in children
  2003,116(4):593-596 [Abstract(7723)]  [View PDF 131.84 K (4231)]
Effect of Q-switched Alexandrite laser irradiation on epidermal melanocytes in treatment of Nevus of Ota
  2003,116(4):597-601 [Abstract(6453)]  [View PDF 215.83 K (3445)]
Postinfectious encephalitis (21 cases appended)
  2003,116(4):602-604 [Abstract(6946)]  [View PDF 99.41 K (4207)]
Clinical observation of serum IL-18, IL-10 and sIL-2R levels in patients with chronic hepatitis C pre- and post antiviral treatment
  2003,116(4):605-608 [Abstract(6448)]  [View PDF 140.22 K (3544)]
Clinical application of interventional techniques in the treatment of Budd-Chiari syndrome
  2003,116(4):609-615 [Abstract(7976)]  [View PDF 314.28 K (4235)]
Direct intratumoral embolization of hypervascular tumors of the head and neck
  2003,116(4):616-619 [Abstract(6861)]  [View PDF 146.22 K (3865)]
Using Tc-99m MIBI scintimammography to differentiate nodular lesions in breast and detect axillary lymph node metastases from breast cancer
  2003,116(4):620-624 [Abstract(7461)]  [View PDF 156.51 K (3507)]
Induction of type Ⅱ alveolar epithelial cells apoptosis in mouse by lipopolysaccharide does not require TNF-α
  2003,116(4):625-629 [Abstract(6636)]  [View PDF 194.98 K (3709)]
Effects of salvianolic acids on endothelial cells against damage induced by cholestane-3β-5α-6β-triol
  2003,116(4):630-632 [Abstract(6294)]  [View PDF 121.67 K (3608)]
Evaluation of the disc diffusion method with a comparison study for fluconazole susceptibility of Candida strains
  2003,116(4):633-636 [Abstract(9246)]  [View PDF 142.39 K (5684)]

Case Report

Successful treatment of isolated cerebellar cysticercosis with albendazole
  2003,116(4):637-638 [Abstract(5211)]  [View PDF 80.95 K (3020)]
Perineal endometriosis without perineal trauma: a case report
  2003,116(4):639-640 [Abstract(9135)]  [View PDF 66.04 K (4536)]